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Published: October 7, 2015

Hello and Welcome to the commission info., the Commission is operating by me (Sean) and my gf (Nia), feel free to ask anything, take your time choosing your commissions

If you already order a commission
or if you want to know about the status of the commission (opening/closed/suspended)
you can check for the commission list here:

>>> Commission LIST <<<

we usually update it in once or twice a day

Commission Info

Check for the All the Prices below

You can contact me at: 

*Most Active: 

Discord (color) Icon ultramini Discord: Sean#9480
Gmail (2) Icon ultramini Gmail:
 You can comment or send note to me if you want to make a request

If you have Discord, Facebook, Skype, etc... or anywhere else that we can communicate faster, please consider using them

Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]  What I WILL drawLlama Emoji-37 (Teehee) [V2]

Normal art [SFW]

 Human, Furry, Animal, Birthday gift, Fanart, Pokemon, Digimon, Fakemon, OCs, shoujo/shounen-ai/ shoujo-ai, etc..

 Adult content [R18/NSFW art]

Please don’t ask why I draw those things, it's just works...Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1]

Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3] What I WILL NOT drawLlama Emoji-66 (Angry) [V3]

too much blood, creepy, gore, violent, offensive stuffs, etc...
(we can talk about this, if it not too bad then I will take it)

Commission Rules


I'll only start working on your commission after I've received the payment (100% or 50%)

USD and PayPal (2007-2014)(2) Icon ultra only
or click here:
-You can order up to 2 commissions in 1 slot

-Please describe your details and inquiries as specific as possible

-I have the right to turndown any commission that makes me feel uncomfortable or contains offensive materials.

-I will only start working on the commission after receiving the payment (50% or 100%)
-I will be sending preview pictures over time and I'll ask if I missed any details or if you want to change or fix anything, that’s your chance.
-I would love to have you to stay with me during the process if you can so I can work faster and do my best to meet your needs. A commission usually take 1-5 hrs or sometimes longer depend on the complex.

-After you have received your commission, you can ask me to fix if I miss or wrong something in your drawing, OC or other stuffs (just small detail fix, not too much or complicate) if needed.
-After we all done with the drawing, I'll let you check the last time and confirm the drawing. Then I'll send you the full size files in high quality/resolution

-Your commission will be done in 1 or less than 2 weeks (except comic commission)
[please do not rush me, I have my own life too, not just drawing your commissions everyday, everytime]

-I will return 100% payment if I can't make it or something happen that I have to turndown the deal

-You have full permission and are free to do anything with your commission, please give credit if you sharing it somewhere (just some respect with the artist)

-I’m not work just for the money, but for the good of yours and my works, so I'm certain that your drawing will be in best quality, not just a quick drawing shit for money

-Any tips is very appreciate

------------------------------*Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart) COMMISSION TYPES AND PRICES Pointing Emoticon of a Cute Little Dinosaur ------------------------------

NOTICE: There are different tiers/prices for each part of the drawing such as Line, Color, Shading, Background, etc...
Take you time choosing the one of your favorite

Llama Emoji-53 (I Liek Your Cheeks) [V3] 1.Icon/Avatar  Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

---Headshot or Half body only---

-Only line + Color = 20$
-(Line + Color) 20$+ light/cel shading 20$ = 40$
-(Line + Color) 20$ + detail/full shading 30$ = 50$  
-Free simple background only
   Good boySequel - Part 1 [NSFW] (Released) by FireEagle2015  Rayne [Commission] (Speedpaint) by FireEagle2015  Am I a good boy? by FireEagle2015  Yue [Commission] (Speedpaint) by FireEagle2015   Sparky [Art gift] by FireEagle2015 

Smile ! [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Hearts [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Little River [Prd] by FireEagle2015  Nya-sicle by FireEagle2015  Enne [Prd] by FireEagle2015 
Bakey~ [Prd] by FireEagle2015  Happy Birthday Ba li [Art gift] by FireEagle2015  BitWolf [ArtGift] by FireEagle2015  Ralsei [FanArt] by FireEagle2015  Cutie Aly [Commission] by FireEagle2015

Aly New Oc [Commission] by FireEagle2015   Innocent Asriel Dreemurr by FireEagle2015  Be Young  Be Kawaiiiiii by FireEagle2015  Rin Kaebyou by FireEagle2015 Leki [Prd] by FireEagle2015 
Neon [Prd] (Updated Version) by FireEagle2015  Lovely sweety by FireEagle2015
 -------->>> See More: Icon/Avatar Drawings <<< --------

2.Original Character Reference Sheet: (OC Ref) 

---Full body and Single character only---

-Only Line 20$
-Only Line 20$ + color 15$ = 35$ 
-Line 20$ + color 20$ + light/cel shading 20$ = 60$
Line 20$ + color 20$ + detail/full shading 30$ =70$
-(this price is when you already have your own OC designed, i repeat "your own OC designed" and DO NOT steal other artist's OC, send me the drawing or other ref of it)
-Line 20$ + color 20$light/cel shading 20$ + 10$ OC designing = 70$
-Line 20$ + color 20$ + detail/full shading 30$ + 10$ OC designing = 80$
-(this price is when you don't have your OC designed yet, tell me what you need and it's gonna take some time to design your OC)
-Equipments and other stuffs are Free (need references if too complex or haven't been designed)
-Free simple background is recommended 
+more $ for Extra thing (back/front, headshot, poses, status mode, expression,etc... )
for ALL NSFW versions 

  Etis [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Oliver Starling [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Zippy [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Vinik [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Gort [Commission] by FireEagle2015
  River [OC Design] by FireEagle2015  Deylz [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Sobe [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Kine BreSol [Commission] (SFW) by FireEagle2015  Kartoon [Commission] by FireEagle2015

  Aqua Symphony [Commission] (SFW) by FireEagle2015  Ribi [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Kaidatsu [Commission] (Speedpaint) by FireEagle2015  BitWolf [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Alto [Commission] by FireEagle2015
Kacey [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Juniper[Commission] by FireEagle2015  Winter [Commission] by FireEagle2015  LyricWulf Fire Form by FireEagle2015  Latte [Commission] by FireEagle2015

  Char [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Umbrarum [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Raiden [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Toxeon [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Teufel Hound [Commission] by FireEagle2015
  Niilo [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Lumi [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Breecoon [Commission] by FireEagle2015  
 -------->>> See More: OC Ref Drawings <<< --------

  3.Action Character:

---Full body or Perspective View---
-Only Line 25$
-Only Line 25$ + color 25$ = 50$
-Line 25$ + color 25$ + light/cel shading 20$ = 70$
-Line 25$ + color 25$ + detail/full shading 30$ = 80$

Other (optional):
-Free simple background
+25$ detail background
+25$ more extra characters
+5$ for ALL NSFW versions 
Coffee time [Commission] by FireEagle2015  KoriNoOkami [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Cuddle time [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Time for Adventure [Art Gift] by FireEagle2015  Beach service [Commission] by FireEagle2015 
A lovely day on the beach [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Have a Good Night~[Commission](Speedpaint) by FireEagle2015  Zeraora [P] [SFW] by FireEagle2015  Rice - Akagi by FireEagle2015  Happy Birthday Rice [Art Gift] by FireEagle2015 
White bunny by FireEagle2015  Huggie Wuggie [FanArt] by FireEagle2015   Milo [ArtTrade] by FireEagle2015  Surprise hug [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Zero Two [Fan Art] (Speedpaint) by FireEagle2015 
  Super Hellfire Skullcat [FanArt] by FireEagle2015  A good Lucario [P Release] by FireEagle2015   Levin [Commission] (Speedpaint) by FireEagle2015  THREE [Art Trade] by FireEagle2015   Eevee the Kitty [Commission] by FireEagle2015 
Scorbunny by FireEagle2015  M-Sylveon [SFW] by FireEagle2015 Dragon's hug [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Lyric x Kacey [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Hot milk [Thumbnail] by FireEagle2015
  Halloween Wulf [Request] by FireEagle2015  LyricWulf [Fan Art] by FireEagle2015  The Magic Duo [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Saxxy Alto [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Under the sea by FireEagle2015 
Adventure~ by FireEagle2015 
Good boy Sequel - Part 2 [NSFW] (Released) by FireEagle2015  Good boy Sequel - Part 3 [NSFW] (Released) by FireEagle2015   What Am I to you ? by FireEagle2015  Nia's treat by FireEagle2015
  Peaceful day ~[Commission] - Speedpaint by FireEagle2015  Little Luku [Art Trade] by FireEagle2015  PandaTooth[FanArt](Speedpaint) by FireEagle2015  Glaceon on a Popsicle [Prd] by FireEagle2015  The Blue Angel [Commission] by FireEagle2015 
Jun Gong [Prd] by FireEagle2015   Sinterraux Yevon Solaris[Commission] by FireEagle2015  Morning tea [Commission] (Speedpaint) by FireEagle2015  Splatfest [Commission] by FireEagle2015 Mizzium (ArtTrade) by FireEagle2015 
Chikato [Art Gift] by FireEagle2015  Syna Frost [Prd] by FireEagle2015  Dad and Son [Commission] - (Speedpaint) by FireEagle2015  Bedtime [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Macro fun with Bun [Commission] by FireEagle2015      
 -------->>> See More: Action Character Drawings <<< --------

4.Futuristic/ Techno suit design:  

---Full body and Single character only---

-Only Line 30$
-Only Line 30$ + color 30$ = 60$
-Line 30$ + color 30$ + detail/full shading 30$ = 90$

-Free simple background only

Saberleo [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Agent IX [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Techno Protogen [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Techno Tails [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Tel Wright [Commission] by FireEagle2015 
  Telka [Commission] (Speedpaint) by FireEagle2015  Techno Eevee #1 (Speedpaint) by FireEagle2015  Patrol Police in action by FireEagle2015  Elvin Damian Codrey [Vietfur Artbook Collection] by FireEagle2015  

 -------->>> See More: Futuristic/Tecno suit design drawings <<< --------

5.Full Suit - Fursuiter Art

---Full body/Half Body---
This is a special commission for Fursuiter only
If you are a Fursuiter and want a drawing of your suit, please provide pictures/images of you wearing them and I will recreate them in my style 

-Only Line 20$
-Only Line 20$ + color 20$ = 40$ 
-Line 20$ + color 20$ + detail/full shading 20$ = 60$

-Free simple background only
-Full Suit and Solo character only
Vincent Cheng [FanArt] w/ Picture Ref by FireEagle2015  Shirataki Onetto [FanArt] w/ Picture Ref by FireEagle2015  Little Narchi [Fan Art] w/ Picture Ref by FireEagle2015  Amaneko Raiu [FanArt] w/ Picture Ref by FireEagle2015  IcyY [FanArt] w/ Picture Ref by FireEagle2015  Naz [FanArt] w/ Picture Ref by FireEagle2015  Little Naz [Art gift] w/ Picture Ref by FireEagle2015 
Vincent Cheng [FanArt] (Speedpaint) by FireEagle2015  Shirataki Onetto [FanArt] by FireEagle2015  Little Narchi [Fan Art] by FireEagle2015  Amaneko Raiu [FanArt] by FireEagle2015  IcyY [FanArt] by FireEagle2015  Naz [FanArt] by FireEagle2015  Little Naz [Art gift] by FireEagle2015 

 -------->>> See More: Fursuiter Drawings <<< --------

--------------------------------------------OTHER COMMISSION TYPES--------------------------------------------

  6.Animation: (price negotiations)

-Depend on the idea, the complex and the length, price may variant
Vixen Feur (animated) [Commission] by FireEagle2015  FireEagle2015 Animation Intro by FireEagle2015 Happy Birthday LyricWulf !!! (Flash) by FireEagle2015  Hot tea [Animated Request] by FireEagle2015  TV and Chill~ [Commission] (GIF version) by FireEagle2015
  Animated eyes blink - non shading by FireEagle2015   Halloween Wulf [Animated] by FireEagle2015 

 -------->>> See More: Animations <<< --------

7.Expression: (price negotiations)

-Depend on the complex and number of poses/expressions, price may variant
20 Shade of LyricWulf [Mine - Meme Video] by FireEagle2015    Face Expressions [Commission] by FireEagle2015 Miles Seawind - Expression [Commission] by FireEagle2015
Sean's Emojis by FireEagle2015 Camotli's Emojis by FireEagle2015 Vanille's Emojis by FireEagle2015 Ancesra's Emojis by FireEagle2015

 -------->>> See MoreExpression <<< --------

8.Short Comic: (price negotiations) 

-Depend on the idea, the complex and the length, price may variant

Halloween shooting day [ArtGift] by FireEagle2015