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Lil' story I

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 7, 2009, 5:38 AM


Hey guys.

It's been awhile.

Anyway, it's a great feeling to do freelance for a living. I remembered just barely a year ago, my family and friends weren't too fond of my decision. Many months away, I'm quite glad how it works out.

I started doodling around with Photoshop 5 some seven eight years ago. I still remember how I was attracted to the PS filter, in fact I still keep all the images I did those time. It became a hobby, I would show-off the crappy images to my friends in school. Back then, the art scene wasn't as popular as it's today. I guess the internet age has only just begun as the impact wasn't as widespread as the present.

And it wasn't about another year before I tried the airbrush tools. I remembered it was Chinese New Year eve and I wanted to show-it-off to my relatives. Haha. So, I decided to draw a goat as it was the goat year, then. I think it turned out pretty okay (definitely not by today's standard =P). I guess that's the reason I've decided that starting this year, for every Chinese New Year ahead, I'd dedicate something for the family.

Years of drama ensued. I shall write more whenever I could.

If you receive the message:

"Hey. I think i saw your picture on this website/blog here CLICK HERE"

or anything likewise, from anyone (even your own friends),


Official DA report:…
Hi ya, I would just love to yell a very big THANKS to all those who have taken their time to provide their feedbacks on my work, as well as those who have inspired me to work harder.

I might not have replied to each and everyone of you but suffice to say, I have read each and single one of your comments. They are all helpful, one way or another, may it be a critism or a compliment.

But I guess that is what art is all about, eh? As everyone has their different views and likings, art provides a common ground for people of varied and very personal taste to come together and just enjoy.

Haha... well once again, thanks. Don't forget to have a nice day!
Want to wish everyone a great, great year 2008 ahead. :)

If any wishes and any promises made that has not seen actions, this is the year and the time to do it.

And this shall be my new year resolution.
I just wanted to say thank you very much to everyone who took their time to leave comments at my pages. I would like to apologise if I'm unable to thank everyone personally but I read all of the comments. And I really appreciate the support and kind words from you guys. It's really helpful, and trust me, it helps me more than you can imagine.

In the end, I feel bad that I wasn't keeping up with the community well. But I promise that will change. I'll do more artworks as well as to share anything useful (whether it's theory or technique). If I can be of help to anyone, feel free to drop me a note. I'm happy as long as I can help.

Thank you! =)
I'm back. Sorta.
Another year, another memory.

Yes, this year means so much to me. I remember, when I 'succesfully' painted a goat right about a year ago, same time as it's right now. And, I can look at myself, from a third person view, how I've evolved, in terms of painting ability over this short time. Even the goat looked ugly now, it's my pride back then, something that even my mum and friends alike adored.

And till lately, I've witnessed the destruction of my own dream, my dream career of being a graphic designer, upon realising that this isn't the path I'm going to be. But who knows?

Right now, I'm involved with a Half Life 2 MOD team. I'll post a few up very soon. But, then besides art, I learn alot from other aspect as well. I understand myself better. And still, alot of promise to fullfill. (I'm just tired of compromising)

I'd love to elaborate, but my instints tell me its going to be even more boring than reading a bible. So..

Anyway, happy new year to everyone out there. And may we drown in our pool of round tonight.
But still, a happy xmas to everyone out there.

Mum and dad, I'm sorry.
I've become a slave to Ragnarok Online!..


wen ur feelin bored and stupid. =]
it could b awhile till i could paint anythin at all or even finishin the one im workin on cuz my optical mouse decides it's a good timin to take a break..


I'm lost in life.. I dun know what's the meaning of life.. and I've no idea what to pursue in life.. if I get tons of money, so what?.. and with it, I get tons of joy, so what?.. these things are not meant to last.. nothing is permanent..

I used to love thinkin of travelling round the world.. have a taste of all the local delicacies.. and someone to share with all these things.. but that needs money..

two weeks of havin an internship with a graphic company and it felt like an eternity already.. two weeks and i take 5 days leave.. i couldn't bear it.. the emptyness.. the boredom.. the lack of inspiration and motivation.. local corporate design not sth i'd like to do..

i forfeit before i even had a glance of good things to come.. now im thinkin what should i choose, engineering.. accounting.. computer science?.. they all sounds the same.. jus earn different bucks..

im lost.. truly.
I'm going to make a tut.

Should I make it the one of my previous stuff
~or should I make one for a new one?

How about a tut for some fruits?..
I need some dignity.…

..and for not being noted for that, this is sad. :|
in case you haven realize


im fcuking back from mah vacation
I'm going off to my holiday vacation tonight.. now a few more hours left.. so yeah, please don't miss me while I was away alright..? like you would, anyway. Be back on Monday.

Choo choo. :bye:
A very good friend of mine, Acshaph has joinned da..
do drop her a line so she won't feel so lonely here... :]

Yes, do it now!!!
I'm to busy to type.

Friday. Hope. :o
I tuned to new agey ambient lately and got most of my inspiration painting while listening to them.

Lately ambient:
Ryan Farish - Is Anybody Out There?…
David Friedman - Moonrise / Wandering the Void…
Kit Watkins - Sand Time Ripple…
Jeff Oster…
Chris Hale - Slow and Low
Nine Inch Nails - A Warm Place

Marilyn Mason - mOBSCENE / The Bright Young Things
JJ72 - Formulae
Chevelle - Send the Pain Below
John Mayor (whose music I used to hate)

And sometimes, when everything looks stale:
The Vines
LotR - The Bridge of Khazad Dum "near the end part"
Linkin Park
Linkin Park - High Voltage (again, cuz I love this)

Or when I'm down:
Smashing Pumpkins - Soots and Stars

Or even my all time favourite melodic new age:
Milo Black - The Arch,1391,g0…

Without them, I can't live..

As for the rocks piece, right now jeonado is working on it, we are doing a collaboration and it should look great!~ :)