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Tutorial: Hotkey-ing Brushes

A few people suggest that I make a tutorial on how to assign hotkeys to different brushes in Photoshop. I think it's a great idea as I'm sure it helps many artist to save plenty of times when painting.

"Action" is a powerful tools. Besides brushes, you can use the same method for dodge / burn tools, pen tool, etc. Feel free to ask me any question and I'd gladly answer them.

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Thank you very much for sharing this solution! Very efficient ^^
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i want to kiss u for making this, litterally searched everywhere to find this out by accident too... 
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Mhh nice. I have to be honest I always made this "right click then select" thingy. You can use the F keys for this actions, but can I use like 1to 10? they are closer. Just curious :D
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nope just f2-f12, and with or without the combination of ctrl and shift.
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But why is this? Wasn't photoshop all about making a custom work environment? I never use the feature of opacity change it is applied to at the moment. My F1-F12 Keys are needed for other stuff. Its just that I would like to have the brush size up/down and brush hardness up/down on the keys from 1-4. Of course I could use right click, then use the slider to change the size, or alt + right click then drag it to the size I want, but both of this requires to stop drawing. The default shortcuts for size up/down is "ö" and "#" on my keboard. Pretty much on the other end of where my hand is. Very unconvinient, if you ask me. But thx for reply!
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Thank you, thank you, thank you :D
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Thank you so much!
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Thank you so much for this.
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thank you very much !! this has been extremely helpful and gonna save me a lot of time .
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Actions are the business tbh and this is a good introduction to using them.

I use several self created actions for little things like say I created a vector path between 2-3 points, I use upto 3 actions to decide what to do with it - Stroke: With Pressure Sim., Stroke Without Pressure Sim & Stroke Fill, so it inks the line/space I created- it also deletes the path as well.
Another one I use is for Block fills - It selects the Bucket tool, Expands the selection by 2 Pixels, Fills the selected area and then Deselects - combine with the Quick Selection/Magic Wand tool this is a great time saver. I have one the contracts the selection too for Masking.

Its the little things that make a difference :P
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I love this so much. Thanks for the great tip!
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thanks - never thought of that :)
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awesome! thx ery much!
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I did save my preferred brushes in the tool presets but to have a hotkey for those is cool! thanks for this!
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Thanks! This will be so helpful! ^__^
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In general I´d say nice tutorial and it could be really helpful, but I only use about 4 brushes per painting so just cycling through them via hotkeys work just fine for me ;)

Still nicely done!
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This will be very helpful as I use some brushes all the time.
Thank you and also for the link for the blur brushes, which look great.
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so simple and yet so very effective
thanks this will save me a LOT of time :D
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Very helpful! Thanks for the tut
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Thanks a lot!
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Thanks for this!

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Wow, never thought on using Actions like this! Genious!
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That brush looks really cool. By any chance you want to share it?
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Sure, it's Blur's good brush. Go here -

They have the english edition as well as the chinese.
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