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The Forgotten Atlantis

EDIT (2th Feb 09): Color, detail correction for prints.

Once a glorious civilization, the city of Atlantis sank beneath the sea after a catastrophic-proportion disaster. Millennia after, the knowledge and culture of the Atlantian had faded with time. The light of the once proud city shines still, penetrating the deepest depth in the ocean.

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Hello I work in a small company that we have created in texas right now. Were going to launch our tcg in late october with the first wave that is 2 starter decks 1 booster box with displays banners mats etc etc. Were going to have our playable mobile app to play the card game have internet announcements with our cinematic crew with after effects etc etc and to start a first episode of an anime with the launch of the card game and we saw your art and would like to know if your willing to let us use the art of yours For our card game and we will give you credit for it in our webpage also a link where people will see. your art and follow you and your artist name on the box of each booster set and pack..Let me know here is a link of our web page as well:
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Beautiful work!
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Wow, that is really beautiful.
Whenever I see underwater pictures like this one, I can't help but be curious about our own universe underwater (94% undiscovered) hope future artists get inspired by the future discoveries of humankind and develop imagination beyond our current reach.
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Epic!  Love the small details you put into this.
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Very very cool  :)
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Atlantis! <3 This is a beautiful representation!
I would love swimming there. :)
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Wow! This is really cool:D
Oh ! I looked for an illustration of the Atlantis and I found your artwork. I love it !
Could I use this to illustrate my fanfiction ( ? The credit will be sure under your image (or on your image if you want). 
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"In a single day and night of misfortune, the island of atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea."

--- Plato, 360 BCE. (Paraphrased)
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It's from the "Atlantis:The Lost Empire" intro.
Hello, My name is Athy, Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina and Im a composer for the Electric Harp. I composed a harp piece called "Atlantis" and I want to ask to you If can you give me the permission for use it on the sheet music of this piece as the cover front.
 Please let me know, I LOVE your art. I will put your name on the "thanks" section. and also send a copy of this sheet music. You can view my two last videos on:… and…. Please send me your reply to and thank you a lot! I hope that we can work together on this harp piece... Hugs from Buenos Aires and so sorry for my english... 
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A magnificnet and also moving image. The ruins of a once great civilization lost to the world. Great use of light and shading.
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featured in the special "Atlantis" here [link]
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With your permission, may I use this in a piece of work that I is in process of creation? If so I will put the credit where credit is due and put your name on it as well for your art. Please respond soon, I completely understand if you disagree and do not want me to use it, I will not if so. Thank you.
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O_O <--- this is how my eyes looks while watching at this artwork...
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So Beautiful <3
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