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the end of the story by firedrive24 the end of the story :iconfiredrive24:firedrive24 3 2 coloring for practice 3 by firedrive24 coloring for practice 3 :iconfiredrive24:firedrive24 8 0 coloring practice 2 by firedrive24 coloring practice 2 :iconfiredrive24:firedrive24 6 2 coloring for practice by firedrive24 coloring for practice :iconfiredrive24:firedrive24 9 3 voltorb used self destruct by firedrive24 voltorb used self destruct :iconfiredrive24:firedrive24 1 4 don't make it mad........ by firedrive24 don't make it mad........ :iconfiredrive24:firedrive24 1 0 background by firedrive24 background :iconfiredrive24:firedrive24 0 0 A yoshi adventure 4 O.O by firedrive24 A yoshi adventure 4 O.O :iconfiredrive24:firedrive24 0 3 for barn flakes by firedrive24 for barn flakes :iconfiredrive24:firedrive24 7 4 stick man by firedrive24 stick man :iconfiredrive24:firedrive24 0 3
A yoshi adventure 3
The very next chapter
Things had become somewhat boring in that old cell. The original guard was replaced by a new one also a koopa who was intent on staying silent.
Casey knew that for as long as he'll be here things would never improve but one thought kept going through his mind. For one the obvious, why the king even stopped defend him at court. Then he thought about what the king had up his sleeve that sending him away to another part of the world would do him any good.
Things seemed grim for Casey now he was distraught with the thoughts of him anywhere else but the destination he had originally set upon himself. The guard was snoring…..
The next week or two (at this moment and time he lost count) went by without much delay. Casey found himself sleeping at least half the day every day until at the end of his first month the king himself came in.
"Wha, what are you doing here?" Casey said
"I've been told you've been quiet here most of this month. Also I'm here to announce your
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a yoshi adventure 2
2. Casey tried the best he could to escape his jail. Only to find out that it was recently made so the structural integrity was at its peak. Would they really go this far out of there way just to catch him?
"Sigh, I've played right into their game and now who knows where they're going to send me." Said Casey
Reluctantly he wandered around the cell wasting as much time as possible he would be there by himself with his thoughts for a while. A couple of weeks they had said before but until then he had just a couple of books and some pictures (of course none of them had where he was going on it). The guard came in and sat down. Some unlucky guy with the responsibility of watching an inmate with little chance of escape so he figured that at least he still is making coins. Silence… just two individuals with different lives clear as day and night, clears as in prison and out of it. The guard finally broke the silence between them.
"Listen, why would you do things like that hmmm?" "Steali
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a yoshi adveture
A Yoshi adventure by firedrive24
This story is a little serious especially when it comes to the Mario universe. So this story starts very briefly in one of the kingdoms mentioned in super Mario bros 3. This story is a little bit of romance tied to redemption, but is heavy on action and story. Even the little ones that have nothing to do with the main story have a spot light. Also note that the technology is equal to today's time as well, as in they have cars and TVs and power generators and such. Let's begin shall we.
1. In the desert kingdom the land is fertile near the oasis where civilization has thrived for eons.  The kingdom is home to just over 6 million residents, toads, humans, koopas, and such. The palace wall is made with the materials found surrounding the desert. Which is to say is very formidable against outside invaders. But problems are problems. A particular human by the name of Casey is a rouge, a bandit, and a thief rolled all in one. Sure he hasn't harmed a
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Chapter 2-2 vol 1
Well here we are. Where you ask? At a major turning point in my life without any interactions. Just me.
Using my antibodies to stop this disaster the science team noticed that my DNA is reletivly different from most humans. They decided to consult thier superiors about their latest project. Later asking me if I wanted to participate in a science expiriment that may give me some "sight" of the world around me. I'm thinking that this could be risky but realise that reptile and B.F. were taking part in it and signed up too. Three months of extensive training (and free food as B.F. would put it) would prepare our bodies for the pain of the surgery. When that day finally came we where put in suspended animation, somthing close to being frozen and not aging. The process began with opening our skin in the back to expose our vertibre and implant a columbine generator and steel plating alloys for strength and flexibility the generator uses the energy not used by our bodies and magnifies it to 1
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chapter 2 Vol 1
I woke up in the hospital several days later to the fact that my family is dead, not surprsing. It was then I learned that the people who attacked us where driven on the fact that this virus was spawned from African's which isn't true. 20 out of 37 of our attackers admitted to this and where told the origins of that virus. To quell tensions across america the public service annonced the origins on their private tv signal, the radio, and publicly to reduce the tension. Ok back to me. I couldn't see anything but didn't panic, now I needed to learn brail and attend a collage for the blind. They also say I was lucky not to have been afected by the virus since my mom was and wondered why. Soon after running expirements on my blood showed antibody production against the virus meaning I'm immune to this virus and they can use my antibody production to coax other immune systems into producing this spicific antibody. So in short i just stoped a world wide epidemic at a cost to those i care abou
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Jason Marbourrow 2
Chapter 1 Vol 1 CONT.
So any ways we walked to the party and where instintly greeted by Reptile's parents (oh and by the way there aren't any anthro people here just plain old humans.......OK mabey later on but thats enough secrets). They said that reptile's step into womenhood (apperently it has nothing to do with age) would prepare her to be a wonderful parent. so I told them "aren't you jumping the gun, I mean she's only 18?". They simply smiled and said "to be prepared for the worst means the best is evan greater". A concept that would make my later rewards that much sweeter. Anywho there was music (and evan african rap...awesome), and games (pin the tail on a live sarcasticly of course), and finaly the ceremony. Reptile started to cry so me being friends with her (some of you already know where this is headed) I go to comfort her followed by B.F. with many sarcastic remarks on the whole situation. I ask "reptile you OK". She responds "yes, many of the women in m
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time once again for e3.

time for the developers to prove themselves. hey madasivid i'm excited how bout you??


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