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“Alrighty then… who’s up first?”
The full moon rose high in the sky, nearly giving away his position amongst the shadows of the room. Ares had been anticipating this job all day, and now he could finally act on it. The thumping of the stairs only excited the still ghost more as he went over the task again in his mind.
Stop the mon, and do it “quietly”.

Clambering up the stairs went a Scrafty, Most likely someone this Reuben person hired off of some sand dune.
Ares unzipped the zipper on his mouth, and hawked a loogie of Toxic spit at the unsuspecting victim, resulting in a loud thud, and a sigh of disappointment.
Is that all these people got? One shot and boom! Knockout. Ares moved the unconscious mon right on top of the stair case and waited.

After a couple minutes, a Meowstic sprinted up the stairs, nearly catching Ares off guard, but with just enough time to regain composure, shot a ray out of his eye, shot right into the targets face, and watched as they stumbled over the Scrafty, hit their head on the floor, and with one swipe of his claws, fell unconscious.
Heaving the two on his shoulders, Ares started down the stairs, his shift was over.
This one looks like another hunter, sweet.
Wonder how the kid is handling things outside…

A Krokorok, a Mawile, and a Geodude started stampeding up the second floor, not giving Ares enough time as they nearly ran him over before stopping mere inches away, the Krokorok towering over him in front.

“And just WHAT have we here?”
Must be more native mon, lazy piece of…
“Don’t suppose you’d be willing to let me through would ya?” Ares asked, putting his victims behind him.

The only answer he got was blinding sand in his face.
“Hey! Get back here!”
Nearly stumbling over his two victories, he began to float up, through the ceiling to the next floor, catching the arriving three pranksters off guard. With one swift motion, he unzipped his mouth again, spat toxic at the Geodude, shot a confuse ray at the Krokorok, causing him to turn around into the Geodude and have them both tumble down the stairs, crashing loud enough to startle anyone in the building.
Ares and the Mawile stayed very still, waiting for a reaction from anyone in the building…but nothing happened.
Lucky me!

Now caught in the struggling jaw of the Mawile’s second head, Ares struggled to lock eyes with Mawile, and with one glance of his confuse ray, was released, followed by a quick swipe of his claw.

Looking around, Ares was pleased with the minimum damage caused, until…
“Great, now I gotta lug all these mon outta here.”
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