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Hello, also posting this here for maximum coverage xp I am planning to do a 200 MP/BP/SP Story to get some more rewards from my Boucles. (hopefully soon too, that's why I am posting this beforehand, I do have the ability to write fast OvO) SO I am offering some extra spots for your Boucles for stuff (NOT USD) A Twin (Magician/Mercenary) or Breeding Anomaly (Enchanter/Knight) Reward gets you one spot and a Guaranteed Successful Breeding (Berserker) Reward gets you five spots! I am even open to Rewards that would only be unlocked via these Exp! For Rewards you can use this form to get your spot pretty much automatically (Or let me know below and I can put them down for you manually) Also am open to look at slots/genos fitting anything here -->** or ANY fertile Bataille geno (yay to the War Horses!) - Bonuses for some specific LFs Listed here:
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Up for trading some of the extra cubs I have from June ( + 1 I have from previous trades ) - any cub gotten from here cannot have a personal pre/suffix added - (feel free to add sire/dams suffix if option given in slots permission) Likes: - Ram Faces - Asian (mix) Males with either Tigre or Valkurie line (also other new-ish/rare lines) - Shorties - Big Ears and/or (Extreme) Bobtails and/or Maneless - also a fan of shiny markings (pearl, steelshine, conf in any form) or grey on dark-ish bases Dislikes: - required personal pre/suffixes - Non Ram Faced Classics Generally I prefer any non classic subspecies over classics - for Ram Faces I don't care though I am open to look at most things as long as they don't fall exactly into my dislikes 18124 x BEC Gilded 27175… Cubs are all Official : ( 23.64% Classic / 76.36% Asian ) Medici Line [ + 2 Surefoot, + 1 Conformation ] Huangdi Familia [ + 2 Surefoot, + 1 Agility ] Inbreeding: 0% (no
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So, with an initial missunderstanding and new restrictive rules I don’t see myself having fun with this gene anymore rather than a headache if I wanna trade them Any Boucle here is or can be a Phien Carrier, so I cannot accept currency - including pralines - for them I also have no real use for MP, so I am not accepting offers of that ^^, I am open to Twin Rewards and Geno swaps for these, I am open to trade a couple of them for a geno that interests me more since I generally am not really into basic Classiques ^^, I am open to look at everything but please don’t feel disappointed Swoop - finally a sheet with stuff I am trying to get slot wise ( also definitely open to genos though ) I am open to refuse offers, I put in quite a bit of time, breedings and rewards/pralines the last 5 months for these and I would like something back that I can be happy with (PS.: if I still owe you
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not sure where the deal journal is, but here's your mimic caterpillar!…
thank you ^^ 
( yeah, I re-purpose the journal where I look or offer Stryx stuff waay too often ^^, ) 
Once upon a time, EspressoShots gave you a slot to  He Bai 13778AS by SheduMaster
He is finally ready to breed, so you may use the slot if you like.
oh thanks for the notification :3 
Hi there Dragon!

Just wondering if you were still active in the Zarkantas group?
hmm, not really atm but tbh I´m probably not gonna be super active at all for a few weeks ^^, 

why do you ask ^^ ? 
I was looking through the group and stumbled across a particularly lovely import that had your name on it X3