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Tea with a View
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I still feel like I should work into this a bit more, but it's taken so long to finish and I should work on other things too ^^

From lineart:
I did do a digital version, but never quite finished :(
For the traditional original I wanted to keep a more analogical colour scheme and also have it at twilight time.

The original artwork was created using alcohol based markers and water-soluble coloured pencils on A3 Bristol board.

I hope people enjoy it.
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LuckyLadyXandra's avatar
Oh my! This is absolutely too amazing to describe! Your work is so alive with color and detail! It's like looking at a dream! 
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bear48's avatar
this is exquisite story telling 
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rgunte19|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This one is better than other I saw with extra off-colors
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PDuncanson's avatar
PDuncanson|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great Image, however I can't help but think that that gentleman need a David Bowie style bulge. Just saying.
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TheArtisticBookworm's avatar
TheArtisticBookworm|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow. This is amazing! Great work!
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KLetitiaD's avatar
dude...oh my gosh... you're like ......freakin..... amazin
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FreyaAbendstern's avatar
wow absolutely awesome... all the details... omg!
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demota2007's avatar
I LOOOOOOOVE the colours!
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Cocoles's avatar
Awesomee!!! *.*
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MacGeekVer's avatar
DD well deserved! amazing detail!!
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WesleyDA's avatar
WesleyDA|Professional Digital Artist
This turned out really nice, if not a little odd lol
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AsatrArt's avatar
AsatrArt|Hobbyist General Artist
This is epic. :heart:
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whyneful's avatar
whyneful|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
another perfection.... envious once again... i love everything... the colors are great
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wilkowilko's avatar
wilkowilko|Professional Traditional Artist
Once again, you've done a great job, coming from a fellow traditional artist, it's great to see somebody taking the time skill and effort with real materials. 5/5 :-)

Now.... I better get back to finishing my latest piece.
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NaniLam's avatar
NaniLam|Student General Artist
so nice!
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Nikitto's avatar
Nikitto|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dear! I love your work and this one.. is EPIC seriously! I'm so in love with the details! Are you planning on making an artbook? I would be the first to buy it!
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REMMI-CHAN's avatar
REMMI-CHAN|Hobbyist Artist
this is beautifully done... great job!!!
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Raz-Veinz's avatar
Raz-Veinz|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So details and beautiful! What amazing is, it done with traditional :wow:
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tanwencooper's avatar
It's the rabbit on the right I love. It reminds me of Oliver Twist.

"Please Mr. Stagman. Can I have some more?"
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MinnieLaLa's avatar
MinnieLaLa|Student Digital Artist
oh! the colors are wonderful. hhahaha, funny tea cup :)i absolutely adore the details :)
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camizorus's avatar
Waaaahou ! I would like to be there !
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Tiresh's avatar
Beautiful :dummy:
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NormaLeeInsane's avatar
NormaLeeInsane|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is such a beautifully detailed artwork and the time you've put into it really shows.

I love the colours you've used and your colouring is so smooth. The fact that you have done this traditionally makes this even more amazing. :love:
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firedaemon's avatar
firedaemon|Professional Filmographer
Thank you very much :) I'm glad that you like the piece
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