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I'm open for art commissions now! If you're interested, please send me a message of what you're thinking of! I accept money through paypal.

If you want the original artwork in person, shipping is an additional $2.50. If you only want a digital version (full resolution), then you don't have to pay shipping.

Watercolor $15  
Weiss Schnee RWBY Watercolor by firecloak Ahri League of Legends Watercolor Fanart by firecloak

Colored Pencil $15  

Lineart $10  
Draw my photos! Feel free to use any of my cosplay photos (either photos of me, or photos that I took) as reference pictures! You can also use photos from my Flickr (complete albums). You don't need my permission. I love seeing fanart of my work, and I want to help artists grow. You don't need to ask permission, but I do ask that you show me the final picture when you're done! I draw too, and I know just how important it is to use references when drawing! Human anatomy is difficult.

By dreamy-pheonix of my Derpy Rukia

By ~jigglysama of my Nude Holo Spice and Wolf

By ~KarBoy2314PL of my Nude Holo Lying in Snow

By ~KarBoy2314PL of my Nude Holo Asleep in Snow

By ~Lelance of CosplayHimeDezzi's Swimsuit Miku Cosplay

By ~KarBoy2314PL of CosplayHimeDezzi's Miku Hatsuna: Calm and Cool

By ~iYoysickle  of my MinatoxKushina, So Close

(I've also drawn my fair share of cosplay fanart myself.)
Got the idea of making this fanart post from beethy
I'm selling old cosplays to fund new ones! Please help me get rid of them~

Vivi Nerfartari from One Piece (with wig)
Leafeon gijinka from Pokemon
Vulpix gijinka from Pokemon
Taiwan from APH Hetalia
Nami from One Piece (both outfits)
Kagura Sohma from Fruits Basket (wig wig)

Buy them at my Storenvy!
If you like my work, follow me on FB!

If you want to see how I made a cosplay, check out my website:
Facebook 500-Likes Giveaway
Since I hit 500 likes, I decided to do a giveaway. The prizes are anime eyeglass-cleaning cloths. You should check it out!…

I've started to do some serious strobing in my photography. I've been using 2 speedlights and 2 shoot-through umbrellas, so you'll see a different type of light in my photos this time round!

Mechacon 2012:…


This is my first group photoshoot outside of a con. We spent half a day shooting at Perkins Rowe (Baton Rouge), and then grabbed a late lunch together! It was really fun, and I think the results came out great! I hope to do more of these shoots in the future.

Black Butler Outside Shoot:…

Japan Fest
I will be attending Japan Fest in NOLA next week too. I'll probably just cosplay a casual Rukia this time though. Rukia does wear casual clothes a lot when she's in her gigai, so it won't be that unusual. I'm going to limit the number of photoshoots I do though, because school is definitely draining away my time.
Mechacon's (Sept. 7-9 in New Orleans) in a week, and I'm totally excited for it! I don't have any new cosplays, but I will be re-wearing some of old ones.

Friday - Kikyo from Inuyasha
Saturday - Rukia from Bleach with Bya-Kumi as Sode no Shirayuki (Rukia's sword)

I'm also debating on whether I should bring my soul collectors or bow/arrow. The soul collectors are a hassle, and I haven't brought my bow and arrow to a con before, so I'm leaning towards the latter.

I will also be searching for a really tall Ichigo cosplayer (I'm 5'4", too tall for Rukia, but it'll be ok as long as my Ichigo is super tall), and an Inuyasha cosplayer. I probably won't find either one, but I'll definitely keep my eyes open anyway.

Friday night, I will be doing some night photography. Usually I don't do much at night so I figured, why not do some photography?

I plan on bringing a bunch of lighting equipment this time too. The last time I tried this, I only used 1 speedlight and the coverage wasn't that great, so this time I'm bringing a light stand and umbrella too. I wanna make sure the lighting is as perfect as it can be~ I may even attempt rim lighting. I even told the cosplayers I'm doing this with to bring 1-2 friends so they can hold the light stands for me xD.

Fortunately, I only have 3 scheduled shoots on Friday, all of which are with people I know (more unlikely to cancel on me), so it shouldn't be too stressful.

Anyway, back to studying! I just started med school 2 weeks ago, and we have so many notes to study! And Anatomy is like a foreign language. I hope to be really studious this weekend, so I can goof off and have fun at the con xD
Current anime booty so far:…

I bought Fairy Tail cards today! They're AMAZING. Granted, they're bootleg because they use fanart, but I still love em.

Also bought a Luffy and a Chopper cellphone chain with 4 interchangable faces, as well as a regular Luffy keychain. Keeping Luffy (with 4 faces) for myself and the other two for Lycorisa

Also bought a Totoro bag. Totoro is really popular here, though not as popular as Mad Birds (which is everywhere).

All the anime merchandise is around $2. If anyone wants anything, make the request now, while I'm still in China! There's still 2 more cities I can do shopping in. (We can do the exchange at Mechacon (New Orleans) or Ikkicon)
Shopping List Check-off:
I will just continue to update this entry instead of making a new one every day

Went shopping yesterday and got. The anime stuff is all by TV Tokyo with Japanese words, but it still has "Made in China". I've been told this is because Chinese kids think Japanese characters look cool.

- Cute pencils
- Chopper nail clipper (myself)
- Chopper cellphone charm (Lycorisa)
6/13 Fairy Tail Tauros key

Seems like One Piece is the only really popular anime around here. I'll have to wait till I can go to Xiamen before I can hit some anime-specific stores (and get me some Fairy Tail goodies).

6/13 I shadowed a surgeon today, but my sister went shopping. She went to a store with lots of anime merchandise, including Fairy Tail figurines. Apparently someone bought a very legit Erza figurine (Heaven's wheel) with replacable blades for 800 yuan ($134). Now I wish I were rich too!
Full album on Flickr:… (Mostly One Piece and Fairy Tail)

The cosplayers were awesome, but the con was bleh. The lines were too long for everything.

Friday, I cosplayed Princess Vivi from One Piece with :iconcheekercosplay: as Luffy and had a photoshoot with :iconidontevencosplay: and Photopersuasion. Vivi isn't as popular a character, so I was afraid I wouldn't be recognized. Fortunately I got a lot of photos anyway, since I had a cute Luffy.

Saturday, I cosplayed Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail with :iconoorr: as Natsu and :iconsoynuts: as Gray. We had a group photoshoot with :iconshoji-aoyama: in the morning, and a private shoot with :iconminhvisual: in the evening. Forunately, :iconoorr: came with me and helped pose me; we also got some poses together. We practically acted out the Tower of Heaven arc!

Sooo many guys hit on me as Erza. I had to admit, it was pretty awesome, though it got pretty crazy come rave time. I had one person ask me several times if he could take me home, and another guy straight out asked for my number after he took a photo. (I left after that)
Full photo album on Flickr

Tag yourselves in my  facebook album

Louisianime 2012 Playlist.

Includes cosplay contest (most walk-ons, skits), Vic Mignogna's singing, and BOiKEM's Cosplay Photography panel!

:iconboikem:'s photos of me:

Kikyo from Inuyasha…
Rukia from Bleach…

The con was small, but I still had a great time with my friends!
Anime Matsuri 2012 was really fun! I got a lot of pictures taken and met lots of cool people.

Friday - We got there in the afternoon, and I just barely made it for a photoshoot with :iconinvincibilis: for my Vulpix cosplay, with :icondrifterfreed: as Ninetails. I only had ~2 hours of sleep because I was working on my Vulpix plush (started and finished the day before, actually). I'm definitely not doing that again, because my face looks pretty dead in some of the photos from that day >3>

Then I changed into Leafeon with my other Leafeon friend, :iconcosplay-angel:.

Saturday - I wore the pink outfit for Holo and did a photoshoot at my hotel with :icondrifterfreed: as Lawrence. The window lighting was very nice and soft. Then I changed into Holo's green dress outfit and went to the con with Lawrence. We met with :iconfallingfeathers: for a photoshoot. A lot of people called me the Wise Wolf, and one person even came up to me and praised my attention for detail in my Holo cosplay (she's a facebook fan, it seems). I had to admit: that was a pretty big ego boost (+1) there...

After eating lunch with DrifterFreed, I did a photoshoot for Rin :iconcosplay-angel:, and then I entered the cosplay contest. This was my second time doing this, and I really just wanted to do it, so I can get more pictures and hopefully a youtube video.

I recorded the entire cosplay contest (Youtube playlist here), and I got a friend to record my walk-on as Holo (and Lawrence) from Spice&Wolf. To my dismay, the music stand is blocking me entirely in the first half of the video. But I did find a better recording of us by BrockLee (at 10:33). I also found a lot of sweet photos of me onstage (knew it was a good idea to enter the contest!) After that, I went to the FLOW concert and got their autographs. Fortunately I was able to skip in the autograph line (yay for talking to strangers waiting in line with you! Or in this case, strangers waiting for FLOW to get onstage). Haha, that's how I met DrifterFreed too (skipping in line).

Sunday - I went to the dealers room again and bought a Fairy Tail emblem patch. All I bought were Spice&Wolf playing cards and a Fairy Tail emblem patch. Didn't spend too much money here.
Ikkicon VI (2012) was in Austin, TX, and it had just moved to a new hotel. The con itself was not organized: the panels didn't start when they were supposed to, they didn't have projectors, and the main events was in a tent on a parking lot.

Despite that, it was still one of the funnest conventions I attended because this time, I had a cosplay partner this time! I redid my top for Holo (looked at a top I already owned for the pattern). I went as Holo, and my partner was :icondrifterfreed: as Lawrence (anime: Spice and Wolf). I only bought one cosplay this time, so I was really counting on Lawrence to be there.

Fortunately, he found me about 5 min after I put my wig on, and about 5 min later my photographer :iconfallingfeathers: showed up too. On Saturday, :iconboikem: found me doing a photoshoot for someone else, and he later found me and Lawrence (again) to give us a photoshoot. I was lucky that everyone found me before I had to go look for them xD

I basically spent all my time with either Lawrence or doing photoshoots for other cosplayers, so I consider myself very lucky that I actually had someone to tag along with this con. 'Cause the last time I did a couple cosplay for Konan/Pain, my Pain left immediately after the 2-hr shoot, and we didn't hang out at all xD

I also got a new camera, Canon EOS 60D, and I'm having a lot of fun with it, so expect more pics! Maybe I'll even be as good as :iconfallingfeathers: keke...
Oni-con 2011 was really fun! I went with the anime club at my college.

I did a short photoshoot for Holo with :iconfallingfeathers: and a Konan and Holo shoot with :iconfoayasha: and :iconvariak:. It was completely cloudy Friday, which was PERFECT for photos, especially my little compact ones xD. In fact, I met up with a Pain there, who bought his Pain cosplay because he heard about a "Konan with wings" from a friend (who must've read my facebook post on the Naruto photoshoot event page). Had to admit, I felt a little famous there... We spent 2 hours taking photos, with :iconriho88riho: as the photographer.

I got to try out my new videocam, a Canon VIXIA HF20! I recorded most of the cosplay contest…, and I made a cosplay fanvideo…. This was my 2nd CMV (cosplay music video), and I think it's a big improvement over my first…. I'd much rather take good videos instead of low-lighting photos. (gotta leave that to the photographers with good equipment :) I did take some pretty sweet photos of people outside with my compact camera though. I have to admit, some of them came out really nice! I might be getting a better camera around Christmas, so we'll see where I go with that.

The venue was crowded, so I did most of my video-recording on Friday. The cosplay contest was in the evening this time, and it started 2 hours late. The cosplays were amazing, and I was really impressed. There were about 70 walk-ons and several well-rehearsed skits. Most of the skits were dances, which are my favorite to watch. It was a lot more than the Louisiana conventions that I'm used to.

As long as I have a ride and roommates, I'm game for more Texas cons! I might be going to Ikki-con too!

Photos on Flickr:…
Cosplay music video:…
Cosplay contest playlist:…
My school's anime club is organizing a Oni-con trip, so I decided to hop in! I won't have to drive, and we'll be sharing hotel rooms, so it won't be that expensive. I'm definitely bringing my mp3 player this time in case someone snores loudly. It's the weekend right before Halloween, so maybe I can tell passerbyers that it's just a Halloween party if they ask why everyone's so dressed up xD

The biggest convention I went to was Mechacon, so I'm really excited for Oni-con. I've never been to a Texas con before! I'm not making any new cosplays, but I am updating my Holo cosplay with a new high-temperature fiber wig, red lenses, and a new tail. I got the wig recently, and it's amazing! It doesn't have a tendency to tangle the moment I put it on my head like my long kanekalon ones. It was so smooth, and it simply having a long, straight wig on my head was a new experience in itself...

There's a Naruto vs Bleach photoshoot on Friday, and a Pokemon shoot on Saturday, so this may be the first time I won't be wearing Konan on Saturday. (I usually wear Konan on Saturday because it's the cosplay that gets the most attention) For the past two conventions, I've always missed the Pokemon shoot because the Naruto shoot is always on the same day, so this time, I'm absolutely determined to make the Pokemon shoot!!! I'm definitely gonna be getting pictures with my fellow Pokemon people!!

Anyway, I can't think of any other pictures of Konan to take unless I have a Pein or Nagato around. (If I ever see a Pein -or a Lawrence from Spice&Wolf-, I'd probably go ballistic) There's a beach right by the convention center, so I'm pretty sure we can get some good shots over there. Maybe if I'm really lucky, I'll run into some really good photographers too!

So this time, I'll try to limit my photography to just photoshoots and cosplayers that I want pictures with. The hallshots in low lighting usually look really grainy anyway. I might make a cosplay video like my Mechacon one:…. But this time, I'll shoot in HD, and only under good lighting conditions. Of course, I'm still more a cosplayer than a videographer, so I won't be doing that the whole time xD

My (tentative) cosplay schedule:
Friday - Konan, Taiwan (?-depends if there's a Hetalia photoshoot)
Saturday - Leafeon
Sunday - Holo
Mechacon was so fun! I think my Leafeon costume was the most popular this time. I was surprised that so many people were calling out to me as Leafeon =^^= I think that blonde wig and the 3 extra leaves worked wonders this time. Saturday, I was Konan, Taiwan, and Chihaya. The reception for Konan was nice; a lot of people came up to me and said they remembered me from Louisianime! (which made me really happy xD). I was really surprised at how many people showed up for the photoshoots too. My only regret is not being able to make the Pokemon photoshoot on Saturday. They got some really good pics out of that one. Sunday, I was Holo from Spice&Wolf, and I was surprised that so many recognized her too. I think it was almost on parr with my Leafeon cosplay, actually.

My roommates were amazing too. I was able to connect with them really quickly! Of course, being otaku helped too, I bet o3o. (Only downside was the snoring. And my roommate sleepwalked outside at 4am, and I had to let him back in lol).

I've gone to 3 conventions by now, and by now I think I've accumulated about that many creepers as well. And when I say creeper, I mean the people who think,

"Can you go out with me even though I've only seen you once, and I've never facebook-chatted with you?"

or worse,

"I'm going to keep flirting with you even though you clearly dislike it!"

I know two people which fall into the 1st category, but there is one that falls into that 2nd category. While I admit it's (very) flattering, I don't like having to deal with those type of people =.=u

I had one such thing happen to me a few days ago on facebook. The first thing I thought was, "Welcome to the club~ Now get in line after the other creepers"
I'm going to Alaska in 2 days (Marine Biology in Alaska program at my college :), so I'm pretty busy packing.

When I come back, I have about 2 weeks before Mechacon (1 week and then school starts). In that time span, I have to:

- Layer 2 long wigs so they don't tangle and die
- Sew purple ribbons to the edge of Holo's cosplay
- Finish sewing Chihaya

My Holo wig came in early, but it's already gotten tangled even before I can wear it! I think the only way to save it is to layer it. The wig has too much hair, so it tends to tangle easily. My way of layering is cutting vertically into a wig, but I'm not sure how effective that'll be... I'll have to youtube some layering tutorials or something xD

Mechacon 2011 Lineup

Naruto Shippuden - Konan…
Hetalia - Taiwan…
Pokemon - Leafeon gijinka…

In progress:
Spice & Wolf - Holo… - need to layer wig, add purple ribbons to the edges, and cut red slash
Idolmster - Chihaya… - need to layer wig & finish sewing xD

I probably sound crazy trying to cosplay 5 characters, but I have a hotel room this time, so I should be okay! xD

The wigs tend to mess up my bangs, so I'll try not to cosplay Taiwan (only character that I use my own hair for) at the end of the day.