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Getting Back on Track

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 23, 2013, 11:40 AM
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My post grad program really threw me for a loop with three projects suddenly meeting head on. Hours and hours of programming later (Javascript and I have a strange relationship... that isn't really healthy) and things seem to be back under control to the point that I can start getting back to what is normal in my life. Daily sketches getting back in hand and backlog getting straightened out. Stay tuned while things get sorted. 


One Wish

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 30, 2013, 12:30 AM
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The mini-comic, featuring Evanya and her dagger turned human (well elf at least) Heart, is done to the best of my ability within the time limit I had. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.
There is one or two conclusion/wrap up pages that might be added at a later date but this is all 9 of the originally planned pages. There were several other parts to the contest leading up to the mini comic posted over in the KH-R group (starting with this post here:…)

Cat and Dagger by FireCatRich

This leaves only one more thing on my to do this going into the weekend. The give away pin ups shall be taken on with great gusto!

Fan Expo in Toronto

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 21, 2013, 5:01 PM
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Hello everyone! I'll be at Fan Expo in Toronto this Saturday enjoying the convention. I'll also be having dinner downtown for anyone that wants to meet up, but doesn't necessarily want to go to the convention. Drop me a line if anyone was interested in meeting in person and having food. =)

To do list is nearly done, two more items in the works:
1. Give Away Pin ups
2. Draft, Line, Color Comic for KH-R

So stay tuned for those in the next week or so!

The To Do List

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 7, 2013, 8:06 AM
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1. Drawing Systems Poster and Submit for Printing
2. Paint 3D design model
3. Commission Wrap Up
4. Give Away Pin ups
5. Draft, Line, Color Comic for KH-R

That should be all of it! 

School out Aug. 15th

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 30, 2013, 6:09 PM
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This is just a general life/work update. My first program finishes in approximately three weeks. I'm getting all my final projects worked out and ready for printing. I start my second program in September, but that means I have a few weeks off to make sure everything is just so before it starts. I've managed to hack away at my commission list and I believe there is only one outstanding piece to be finished this weekend. The give away pin ups are the next in line after the class/paid work is finished.

In the mean time I'm also drafting a short comic to be finished and posted by Aug 30th for the KH-R group. Evanya and Heart will have their first pages together. I'm rather excited but its been a long time since I drafted a proper comic. We'll see how that works out. 

I will be on the hunt for art trades and sketch gifts to do in my down time and keep my blogs updated. The situation on Tumblr has me pretty grumbly. I don't approve of heavy handed censorship. Its user choice of content in my opinion. I'll keep you all updated on any new gallery/blog choices I make in the relatively near future.   

Out of Town

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 25, 2013, 11:40 PM
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EDIT: Back a day early. Trip got cut a bit short. Everything back to normal now. 

I'll be at Sherkston shores resort this weekend. I expect to be back Monday night. Have a good weekend and see you all then!

Giveaway Results!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 17, 2013, 7:28 PM
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Everyone that participated had their names written down on little slips of paper which were tossed into a hat and pulled at random by my personal Canadian. One from each gallery/blog as promise:

Tumblr: Bamboopie

FA: Krystal_Aristokats

dA: Rina-ran

If you are one of the three lucky winners you should all send me a note (on either FA or dA) or send me an email at firecatrich(at) with at minimum of one reference picture of the character you would like a pin up of and a few words (or pictures) of clothes you would like to see them in/taking off/etc. I eagerly await your messages and hope to get started on these over the weekend.

Thank you everyone that entered. Love all of you. If you did not win, the next give away will come around sooner than you think. Do not dispair! There will be pinups in the near future too.

24 hours left!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 16, 2013, 8:01 PM
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Click the image below for more information!
Its giveaway time! by FireCatRich

Another Quiz Journal for Arts!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 7, 2013, 8:35 PM
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10 questions multiple choice questions for a chance at free arts!…

Free Art with a Short Quiz

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 5, 2013, 9:13 PM
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Win some freebies from Rina-ran here on dA!…

All Gamers

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 20, 2013, 7:49 PM
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Hello fellow out there! If you are familiar with Extra Credits of Youtube, you've probably already head around the 'Games for Good' project. We need to change the conversation around games and now there is a way to move toward this goal.

If you haven't you should go check out their rocket intro video: 


Journal Entry: Fri Jun 14, 2013, 5:27 PM
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Cookie Monster Cupcakes by cakecrumbs

Suds by Mr--Jack

Impresses me by Eltasia

This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours?


Journal Entry: Sat Jun 8, 2013, 1:00 AM
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The current distraction... I really should be working right now.

Its RaffleTime

Journal Entry: Fri May 31, 2013, 12:13 PM
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Free chibi raffle! Put up by nanamon.…


Journal Entry: Tue Apr 23, 2013, 8:04 PM
*Tumblr* - *Twitter*

Two weeks off between semesters. I will be getting myself in order and drawing! My commission list is clear at the moment at least so a bit of personal work seems to be in order. Stay turned (especially on my tumblrs for rough work).

Questions and Freebies

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 30, 2013, 6:21 PM
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Hello everyone! I've been a bite quiet both here on tumblr and on my art galleries. I appreciate all concerned messages and I am happy to report that I'm settling in at school even if the start was a little rougher than I had expected. Degree granting school round 2 seems to have a different set of complications than the first go around.

There have been quite a number of questions about art school (which I picked/why/etc.) and my situation in general (moving to Canada/culture changes/weather changes) so over the next couple of days I am hoping to get all the traditional work that I have been working on compiled, scanned, and uploaded. Somewhere in there I'll hopefully answer everyone's questions.

That being said, if you still have some questions that I haven't addressed or would like answered (or been too shy to ask) please feel free to send me questions here or on tumblr. I'm ready for it, give me your best shot!

So, the request barrel/watcher requests is moving over onto my tumblrs. It just seems to make sense to have it there. If you already watch there, great! Just drop me a little 'ask' with content you would want to see on either of my tumblrs. It helps keep things fresh for me so I really like to know what people would like to see!

My tumblr:

A to Do List

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 24, 2012, 10:31 PM
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Because I need one:

1) KH-R Crack Pair Activity
2) Christmas pieces X2
3) Hash out winter folio (?)

Christmas is Coming

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 1, 2012, 12:07 AM
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Hello everyone!
So the holidays are coming again. Seems to be every year about this. =)
At any rate I will be spending 10 days in California visiting with the parents/friends/etc. Over this time I wont be able to work on my normal winter folio but I do want to keep busy so it seemed like a good time to gather up some for a Christmas give away! I know I don't do freebies very often but please read *ALL* the rules for the give away. If you are cool with all that then feel free to toss in a ticket so to speak. I will be posting something about this on my tumblr over the next couple of days. =)

1. The give away is free and done by request to my watchers/followers. If you don't watch/follow me anywhere.... hello! Welcome to my DA page. =) Accounts are free and I also have a bunch of other gallery/social outlets you can poke me on. They are pieces that stand as is, no previews no redos as they say... probably winter themes in there.
2. I reserve artistic license with clothing. If you frequent my gallery then you are more than likely away than often times characters are sometimes in 'scandalous clothes' if you aren't okay with this please don't enter. If its not subject matter that can go up DA, this might not be the give away for you though.
3. I reserve the right to post these give away images in any or all of my galleries with proper links and acknowledgements.
4. I reserve the right to refuse an entry for any reason which I *DO NOT* need to disclose to anyone. This became a problem with one person, so now there has to be a rule.
5. I can't guarantee that everyone that enters will get a piece. I love you all out there but I do have to sleep. They will be picked and done as I have time over the vacation and leading up to Christmas. I will make an effort but I can't promise anything!

Whew! So now that the rules are out of the way, here is how to enter. Leave me a comment here on DA, my twitter, tumblr, other galleries... you guys know where to find me.

1. Leave your name (the one you want the acknowledgements so read as)
2. What you want, a short (3-5 sentences maybe) of what you want. Any sort of reference material of characters (links to images and such). I might come talk to you if I need more details otherwise I'm just going to wing it!

Merry Christmas! Happy holidays and new year. =)

Art School

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 23, 2012, 10:00 PM
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I got into my first choice! Excuse me while I do my happy dance.


Its just the first year, introductory program but I would really like to see if this is something I can do/want to do as a living.

Happy times!

Looking Around at Groups

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 18, 2012, 10:50 PM
*Tumblr* - *Twitter*

EDIT: Thanks for all the notes and good vibes! I appreciate the support. Much love to all of you! I will answer all the notes and check out the recommended groups over the next few days. If you still want to send a suggestion or just want to chat drop me a line. I'll be around all weekend! =)

-*Insert Drama Llama here*-
For all of you not interested in llamas, please skip down to the next section!

So recently I've had some experiences with an extremely hostile group (to be fair it is one person being exceedingly hostile in the public places where the group gathers and a group that can't or wont step in in a meaningful fashion) here on DA. Its been one of those things that when you expect people to act at least tolerant and be friendly to a degree that the group can function peacefully that it turns around into this not so civilized thing. Its even worse when they are part of running a group. They become protected by the other admins and its not really a surprise that sitting down and talking about it with them doesn't resolve anything. In fact it just made it lay in wait until the hostilities could be spurn upon me once again in a place I didn't expect. I think its worse when it branches outside of DA to other social outlets and actively preventing people from talking to each other in what I'd consider the 'public places' of the internet. I'm told this isn't an isolated thing for this particular hostile person, but I'm not sure if that is supposed to make it okay or not.

There has to be a point that it stops and that looks like its going to have to come from me from since its not coming from anywhere else. Even if its just taking a break, I need to do something. I have tried stepping back from the situation, going away and cooling off. It has been my experience thus far that all my peace making gets thrown in my face and that never leaves anyone feeling good about the situation. I guess I need to answer the question of if its worth it to stay in a group that you can never go into their public functions. I don't draw well when I'm unhappy and it seems really silly trying to stay in a place that has only lead to this continually unhappy feeling. No one likes being singled out and treated poorly, right? I like to love and be loved!

-*End of Llama*-

All that aside, I have been looking around at other groups to expand my social life here! I thought the best place to start my search would be to ask all my followers! You guys are the reason I keep coming back to DA. Its generally this very supportive place and I can get proper feed back. What groups are you guys into? Any recommendations? I'm looking for something social like critique or role play or something along those lines. Leave me a comment or drop me a line in the notes!

Even if you don't have any recommendations and you feel like just saying hi or chatting a bit I'll be around all weekend. =)