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OH MY GOD!!! SO AMAZING!!! Okay, okay, okay, this looks AMAZING!!! There are almost no criticisms I can give this art work, and what li...

Oh wow!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just everything works about this, the poses the characters are in, the mask in the background, the we...

Wow, This is amazing. One of my major problems withi it is that tahu is smoking a cigar. Aside from that, amazingly exicuted and aside ...

I must say, infinite levels of awesome are registering. It's reading as insect. That was abvious thing. But I really like how closely i...

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Greetings, Animators, artists, composers and actors!  Firebyte27 here with a message for those of you who want to see your OCS fighting other people's OCs, I am teaming up with fellow artist and small time animator Matterhorn as an actor on his series/collab, Brawl of the worlds.  As the title of this journal suggests, we're short on actors, animators, ocs, and original composition!  If you have even the slightest interest in any of this, go to this link on discord to join our server!
(this one!)
At the moment, Matterhorn isn't accepting any other OCS for the tournament, but I will be accepting OCs to add into my series of scripts that may or may not become part of this.  That remains to be seen.  But if you want your OCS to be considered for this, than you must join the server.  Or you can join it if you want to voice a character, or just want to hang out, or just want to make music for it, or just wanna help us animate it!

#animation #helpwanted #musicians #artists #discord 
Now, come on in, and join us!
Toa Gladias: Astronissa of Light
Princess of the aristocratic Av-matoran, and distant descendant of Takanuva, Astronissa is Desatorus's childhood friend, and romantic interest for the story.  And while she may look like a normal Av matoran(albeit with more posablity than the actual av matoran, thanks to some much needed CCBS) she has the true spirit of a toa, and wishes to change the system that has forced the Toa into gladatorial sport.  She will eventually change as did Takanuva before her, into a full grown toa, with larger Katana and a new mask.  But for the moment, she is nothing more than a rebel without any hope of changing the world.  Astronissa is slightly Naive, and can be a bit scatterbrained, but she's extremely confident and believes in her convictions, and has the power to make the change she wants to see!
Weapons: Twin Light katana
Mask:(Currently)Mask of Comprehension(Future)Mask of Shielding
Toa Gladias: Palamatheus of Stone
Palamatheus is a master of two things; booby traps, and acting like a gentleman.  Hailing from a group of nomadic rahi hunters, Palamatheus was raised by some of the greatest warriors, and hunters on spherus magna, but no one knows exactly where his sophistication comes from.  Not that I doubt that nomadic hunters and gatherers have manners, I'm just saying that it's kinda like having a barbarian insist on wearing a tuxedo into battle.
Weapons: Modified Rahi trap and hunting sword
Toa Gladias:Metalus of Shadow
Hailing from a far off wasteland known as the grave of the ancients, Metalus was born an orphan and raised among a gang of thieves.  He despised all of them except for one named Taletras, who became something of a brother to him.  Unfortunately, Metalus's nobler ambitions didn't mesh with those of the leader of the thieves, Xemulutas, and he was sold off as a slave for the arenas.  Before he was forced to part with the group, Metalus and Taletras made a pact that they would both become Toa.  Metalus as a character is best described as confident, brave and arrogant, but he's not without his honor.  Any promise he makes shall be followed to the letter, even if it means that Metalus has to do something he hates.  And he's not a complete tight arse, and enjoys a good belly laugh every now and then.  He's also going to be the leader of the Toa Gladias one day, but don't tell him yet, because he doesn't know!!  His swords allow him to absorb light, and also create shadow constructs.
Weapons: Dark megasabers
Mask power: Memory eater
Toa Gladias: Desatorus of Fire
In a dystopian future where the world of bionicle is ruled by a dictatorship instituted by the Turaga, the name of the Toa has been taken from the noble warriors the defeated the Makuta, and instead been given to individuals who compete in gladiatorial sports for their tribes, their own personal glory, and the amusement of the Turaga. Desatorus hails from the fire tribe, and is the eldest son in an impoverished family of miners who toil away in volcanic caverns with hazardous conditions and almost no compensation for injuries or lost life. Desatorus grew up listening to his father tell he and his seven siblings tales of the bravery and power of the Toa of old, and aspires to be just like them. And unlike others, he actually has some of the qualities that would be necessary for the position: Desatorus is both brave, and kind, he's level headed when put under stress, he's chivalrous, he tries to be reasonable when he has a disagreement with anyone, and does his best to tolerate some of the more blockheaded decisions his fellow toa may make.  Though he isn't without fault: He's a really bad leader, possesses no understanding of comedic timing, and while he does try to point out other's faults, he comes across as rather condescending, and he's really easy to take advantage of.  Though, one should not doubt his skill as a warrior, as he is more than happy to kick your ass if you piss him off.
Weapons: Arm mounted shields, broadsword, and flame staves(not pictured)
Hello, fellow deviants!  It is I, firebyte27, and in honor of the release of the Bumblebee movie, I'm taking art requests!  But before you go off and comment that you want me to draw Blackarachnia &$#king silverbolt, please read the following
1. I will not draw a scene of your character doing something completely random.  Just a picture of the character standing like this:Transformers OC-ish: Diamondbolt by firebyte27
2. I will not draw the following: Characters from the michael bay movies, NSFW content*, group shots, characters kissing, and any and all characters from the michael bay movies.  My art style isn't meant for walking murder bots made out of scrap metal.  Though, I will consider drawing characters from the bumblebee movie as it isn't being produced by michael bay, and therefore easier for me to draw.
3. Please expect me to take a few artistic liberties, and simplify characters.  Remember: This is my art style, not yours, so don't expect a million sharp edges and panel lines.
4. Please don't spam me
5. If you're not happy with the final product, being constructive will earn you my thanks, where as unreasonable complaints will cause you earn a blocking both on twitter, and DA
6. I will not draw the same character more than once.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about how you can get me to draw your character.
Step 1: Own a twitter and/or deviantart account.
Step 1.5: if you do have a twitter, follow/find me taryan_the_toa
Step 2: Either like and retweet the tweet pinned to the top of my twitter feed.  If you only have a deviantart account, favorite the journal, then create a journal entry in which you both tag me, and provide a link to this journal in order to get the attention of your followers!
step 3: Comment either on this journal, or on my twitter who you'd like me to draw, and include a full color image of the character in question, or just a link to the character.  I'll allow you to choose up to 4 characters you want me to draw, but not all at once
Step 4: I'll try to reply to you as soon as I can, but just know that I might stop taking requests if I get over 50 of them.

I'll draw anyone:Cannon transformers, Transformers OCs, Non-transformer OCs that I will then proceed to draw as transformers, Kamen riders who I will draw as transformers, Etc.  Whatever, just no bayformers.

*=I can't draw NSFW content because we don't live in a universe where tumblr never decided to go catholic, and I'm a perfect artist who can and wants to draw naked people.
Kamen Liar
This was one of the ideas I had for my fanfic Kamen Rider Sol. It was supposed to be an evil robotic imitator, and ironically came to me before I knew that the monsters in Kamen Rider Zi-O were basically going to be the same thing.
Ashe the Megelvak
Ashe is a member of an original fictional species I made called the Megelvak, who are sort of like a fusion of Midna from LOZTP, the trolls from homestuck, and the matoran from Bionicle. I’ll get into specifics at a later date, but just know that they run on a caste system that ranks them by the color of crystals that naturally grow on their bodies, and each has various spiritual and elemental abilities linked to the color of said crystals.
Ashe is at the higher end of this system, having bright red crystals that correspond with fire, and are second highest in the caste system next to maroon. Her caste is mainly devoted to the training and conditioning of the classes beneath them, but Ashe herself would much rather be leading the charge, rather then being a drill sergeant.
Kamen Rider Hermit
I drew this for a friend and fellow Kamen Rider fan on discord. She just told me to make a Kamen Rider themed around the hermit tarot card, and this is what I ended up with
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid pow card
This was… an experiment, drawing Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, in the style of Ok KO let’s be heroes, on a pow card.
Why are most evil clones just the original characters with either a desaturated, or monochromatic body/outfit, and red eyes?  Does that mean that evil's true color is black and white?
WIP: Jennifer 'Jen' Kobayashi
This is a work in progress of one of the protagonists from my story, technomancers:Defenders of Aurania: Megelvia rising.  She's a 15 year old half demon of Japanese-american descent.  As the daughter of an Oni, she stands at about 7 and half feet tall, is strong enough to lift a small freight train, has the power to literally smell the sins of others, and see through mystical illusions, speak in daemonic, and also commune with most Yokai.  In her free time, Jen enjoys camping, archery, hiking, playing a fictional game called Senvasu which is like a fusion of scrabble, dominos and battleship, and hanging out with her friends, and fellow technomancers.  The codex brace that was given to her on the day she became a technomancer harnesses her passive ideal of accuracy(I'll explain ideals and the class system at a later date), and her personal connection to the mystical aspect of water to make her into the water-bound archer, or Hydromancer for short.  This grants her a bow and arrow that manipulate water.


firebyte27's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
I'm 16 and live in Illinois. Ever since I was 5, I've loved Legos. What kind, you ask? Specifically, Bionicle! I'll just strate out admit it: I have loved Making my own Toa. Now I can display them to the world. Ever since 4th grade, I have been obsessed with drawing comics. I started off by making a series of comics called gamma force. It wasn't until I was in middle school that I started to make a series of heroes fighting against a villain named herobrine. The original cast of protagonists were Ryan, a boy wizard who's ancestors were practioners of magic, Ninja prince, a short tempered ninja warrior, Link, a waffle devouring swordsman, and Alec, a short tempered and OP black sorcerer who was part of an alien race called the darklords. As I got older, my drawings began to resemble Japanese anime or manga more and more(well, at least I think the characters started to go in that direction. It's completely left up to the person looking at my drawings to decide whether or not they qualify as anime or not.) One thing that may surprise you all to know is that my talent for drawing anime-styled characters was completely self taught. Not once did I pick up a book of instructions. It was all just from looking at manga others had created. Now granted, I still can't draw human ears, but that's an entire matter I've compensated for by giving all of the characters which would have ears like ours hair that could cover the ears. However, if they had pointy elf ears or animal ears, I would just draw those poking out of the hair. As I read more and more manga, and saw more and more let's plays of video games, I began to add to my characters based around the personality's they each possessed. Another thing to add is that the character Ryan in ultra worlds is in fact a personification of the real me. The me in the book is just me, but with powers that I can not obtain in the real world. Likewise, the character Alec is real as well, and is in fact a legit representation of the real Alec, but like the Ryan in the book, the book Alec possesses powers that he could not possess in the real world. Yes, the real Alec is my little brother, and yes he is stronger than me, but he is not an alien sorcerer from another planet. If you look closely enough, You can actually see things from my characters that were inspired by video games I played or watched others play on the youtube, people who are my friends, Manga I read, Anime, movies and tv shows I watched, and story's I read. I was also inspired by a very, very, and I mean VERY talented friend of mine, Nicholas F.! He was the creator of some of my favorite characters that i have made bionicle mocs of. Like TT2, Kickstart, and TT19. Ever since my first attempt at making a comic 6 years ago, I have majorly improved. And Hope that I can continue to show the entirety of DA my drawing talent. A bit more about myself, to begin with, any of my friends can and will tell you that I'm usually wearing a hoodie, even in the summer. I love the character mettaton from undertale, and I also like the smash bros series, and steven universe, favorite gem in steven universe being Peridot!!

Here's some of the things I like!


And now, a very important side message; All of my characters can be featured in your artwork, just make sure you either insert my icon or tag me in your deviation description! Or else, I will find out, and I will sue you!!!



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