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This is just a helpful heads up for anyone who works with Photoshop.

There's this annoying bug in Windows Wacom drivers with PS that runs into "shoelace" ends. You can read all about it by just googling Wacom shoelace bug. or watch this… or…

Wacom has known about the issue for YEARS and does nothing about it, its still present in Intuos3-4 and the current Intuos5 so don't think it will fix itself just by upgrading your tablet or updating your drivers it's always there! Updating to a new version to Photoshop doesnt help either, it's not present in super old versions like 7.0 but pretty much anything in the CS line has it, I think even CC has it as well.

There's always been a sort of push that Macs are better for art than Windows, most of them are superficial and I disagree with but there is ONE major difference. The Macs do not have this bug present and people have pushed Wacom to change it but it always falls on deaf ears it seems. People have either given up and lived with it or moved to a different program to do line work like Sai, Painter or Sketchbook Pro.

Well... now there's an indie coder that has come along and solved this issue at last. GuillaumeStordeur has taken the things people loved about the smoothing of Sai and Sketchbook Pro/Zbrush's "Lazy Mouse" mode. It's called

This tiny program launches with photoshop so you dont need to waste time to open it separately which is great! But the main draw of the program is that it will overwrite photoshops settings. This is essential for killing off the shoelace bug that's been crawling around in photoshops code for ages. All I need to do is use the preset "Pressure Gain" and the bug is gone! Amazing. LNP is fully customizable so you can mess with the settings or create your own presets. I have it set up to turn on and off through a keyboard shortcut so I don't need to fiddle around with juggling multiple windows open.

As a PS user, Lazy Nezumi Pro is well worth the price for just getting rid of the dreadful shoelace bug. I thought I was stuck with that for life!
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GuillaumeStordeur Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014
Thanks for posting this! :)
To make things clear, the shoelace bug is 100% caused by Photoshop (at least in Windows, I haven't tried the Mac version).
I use other painting software with the exact same tablet and driver settings and don't experience it.

Lazy Nezumi Pro helps by smoothing out the position and pressure information of your lines. Let me know if you have any questions about it.
Also, this weekend it's on sale for 25% off! :)
FirebornForm Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014   Digital Artist
Yeah, I've tried other programs and its just photoshop. I used to use Sai or IllustStudio if I wanted smooth line work but I dont need to juggle programs anymore so thats very cool.
Thanks for making the program! I know it's on sale this weekend I've been trying it out in the 30day trial for about a few days but when I saw that it was on sale I grabbed it asap.

My main question right now  is how to set LNP to do a super smoothing taper on both the start and the end. By default it was great at tapering off the end of the stroke but while fiddling around with the program settings I couldn't get it to super taper the start of the stoke only or start and end of the stroke. I'm sure it's in the graph but I couldn't figure it out as it seemed that it only had options for the "Last Stroke"
GuillaumeStordeur Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014
One way to get super taper at the start is enabling Pressure Speed Scaling, and having it reduce the gain at very slow speeds. Then, simply start your stroke slowly, and it will be thinned out. Resume drawing at normal speed and the rest of your line will look normal.
Try these settings (start with the Subtle Pos Smooth preset):
Slow Gain: 0.05
Fast Gain: 1.0
Fast Speed: 200 (adjust to your liking)
Speed Smoothing: 0.2 (adjust to your liking)

But, I agree that this isn't super easy or intuitive. I'll try to see if I can make this happen more easily! Thank you for the feedback. :)
FirebornForm Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014   Digital Artist
Thanks for your suggestions, they worked though it was a little strange to have to start slow for thin lines. I would think slower = thicker, faster = thinner. Anyways I recently saw you updated the program with a pressure adjustment for the beginning strokes. "Sample interpolation" I think? It thins out lines very nicely.

Just a note, I'm sure you're already aware of there's a bug in the new version where it looses pressure sensitivity more often. I recommended your tool to another artist but he couldn't get it working at all with photoshop. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to this tool more and more.
GuillaumeStordeur Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014
With the new version, pressure smoothing will work the same at the start and end of lines. You don't need to enable interpolation for this to work.

And no, I wasn't aware of this problem. This update was actually supposed to make PS more stable (sigh, working with PS is extremely frustrating). What exactly happens when you experience this bug? A full pressure stroke? How often exactly does it happen?

And if you could get your friend to send me an email (with LNP logs), I'll be happy to try to fix the problems he's getting.
FirebornForm Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014   Digital Artist
So I did over 100 strokes and didn't get the full-pressure stroke so this might be negligible. and just a bug in photoshop itself or wacom's drivers not your fault.

Oddly I didn't get the bug stroke until I tried to draw a straight line with shift. I hit undo and the next stroke I freehanded was bugged but then went back to normal behavior. I'll definitely keep an eye on what's triggering it because I was getting it a lot more often the other day with normal strokes and had to disable the software (shortcut key to f1, thanks for building in shortcuts!) Perhaps the bug is tied to the undo option I definitely use that plenty.

I  told my friend to email you, though he got through his linework he was working on without LNP still it'll be good to have in the future so we'll see if he sends over the logs
GuillaumeStordeur Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014
Thanks for doing this test! :)
Yeah, that seems to match my experience. It's extremely hard to reproduce for me most days. And then some days I get it more 
often. I've tried so many things to fix this... and looking at the logs, I see all the pressure data being processed like it should, so it's like PS is just ignoring it and I have no idea why. PS is just strange sometimes.
Hopefully this doesn't happen too often for too many people.
FirebornForm Featured By Owner May 20, 2014   Digital Artist
Unrelated but I recently formatted and reinstalled LNP. The distortion feature is really quite amazing! Not sure how I'll ever use it but it's an impressive feat of "correction" coding.
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