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For a while I thought about leaving sketches and unfinished work off my DA but decided that I would instead post a bunch of it anyways. People can enjoy the old sketches for what they are, and see my stuff in super rough state, but also by posting these publicly means I can't just hide it. I may actually finish some (especially if people want to see a sketch taken to finish. just speak up! It might give me enough of a motivational kick.

Unrelated to art I've spent a weekend trialing out some photoshop plugins I made.

It's clear to many artists that Adobe just doesn't give a damn about us, and they just put all their focus into making the graphic designers and photo touchups their time. To demonstrate this point they just added grouped fonts to CC2015.5, meanwhile grouped brushes has been asked and pleaded from artists for FIVE YEARS and we're left dry. CC2014 and up is just not worth it for digital artists, and so many of us are left stranded in the abandoned CS5, CS6 or CC. I use CS6. Well in CC2014 they dropped flash support, which means some of the best plugins for artists got left behind.

Many of which seem like they should belong by default, like color wheels. Many of which are made by artists, for artists. Lots of artists don't know how to code, or certainly dont know how to code in the new HTML5 so that's the end of the road for these plugins and why newer versions of Photoshops is just no good for art, when all it does is add bloated and ignore the fact PS is a industry standard for professional digital painters.

I can't code either, not even in flash or java! So the plugins I made are crude but simple, aiming to bring more user friendly art-related tasks to the front. I happen to know lots of stuff inside photoshop, that might be buried or just a pain to remember where things are so I don't really use it too much.

The first one allows nearly the whole UI to be toggled with icons instead of hunting through the [Window] list or dealing with the tear off icons which can lead to a real headache and a pet peeve. For a mouse the fly out icons work good, but once you add a Wacom it becomes THE WORST. I hate having to be careful on how I move around in the UI, when it should be focused on speed. So I've made a way to solve this, in the past I just used shortcuts to activate windows but I like the simple button approach too.

Custom panels are usually a very personal thing, but I'm opening it up to more people if anyone's interested in "beta testing" this out, leme know!
maybe Cronoan do youuu use CS6?

An overview of the plugin
UI Toggler - Beta overview by FirebornForm

And a st.ash to click if you want to try it out! If people try it let me know your thoughts if youd change the order of the icons or if you think anything is missing.
UI Toggler - Beta
I don't often get sick but when I do, it's an ordeal.

My grandfather died about a month ago and I've been sick ever since. A whole lot of the family got sick from the same sort of thing with all the exchanging hands and standing around in the chilly air. I honestly think we got it from one of the people hosting the funeral but that's all unimportant now. My uncle got antibiotics for bronchitis but I've been through the ringer with just trying to get over it. The worst part about it is how it just never seems to go away fully, when there's days I feel like it's passed it just sticks around even longer. What started as soreness and a cloudy head turned into a fever of 103. When I got "better" the fever just decided to go the other way dropped into 97s.

Now I'm well over the fever part but still trying to deal with what's left of the sickness, which has been just constantly either stuffy or runny nose, had a sore throat for a while but I've solved that with lots of gargling salt water, but the mucous is the most irritating and persistent part of it. I've lost plenty of sleep having to cough up everything, and that's just last night. It's looking more like I've got acute bronchitis instead of just a cold which lasts for a few weeks (lucky me) but since it's viral all I can do is wait it out. TheraFlu usually works great but not this time, it's been next to useless. So all I'm left with is pounding away with vitamins or echinacea and rest.

I'd really like to be over this, next month I'm supposed to fly out to Ohio for another family gathering about my grandfather but at the rate it's going it looks like I'll be sick on the plane and we might start the whole process of getting the whole family sick again, only this time it'll be the extended family. woo!

Anyways if I seemed dead in activity, that's why. I've been doing some sketches in the meanwhile but major pieces are put on hold for now.
Hey Photoshop users out there!
This issue became so annoying that I decided to force a fix... using the power of the internet!

Remember the atrocious Photoshop shoelace bug...This is just a helpful heads up for anyone who works with Photoshop.
There's this annoying bug in Windows Wacom drivers with PS that runs into "shoelace" ends. You can read all about it by just googling Wacom shoelace bug. or watch this or
Wacom has known about the issue for YEARS and does nothing about it, its still present in Intuos3-4 and the current Intuos5 so don't think it will fix itself just by upgrading your tablet or updating your drivers it's always there! Updating to a new version to Photoshop doesnt help either, it's not present in super old versions like 7.0 but pretty much anything in the CS line has it, I think even CC has it as well.
There's always been a sort of push that Macs are better for art than Windows, most of them are superficial and I disagree with but there is ONE major difference. The Macs do not have this bug present and people have pushed Wacom to change it but it always
? Well you can get out of this Hell too!

Whenever you use step-backward or undo once, if you changed layers as well then it will go back on editing the layer before.

I've known about this little headache for quite a while, as I'm sure that everyone who uses Photoshop would run into it. For the most part I was tolerant of it but that quickly changed into table-flipping when working on a new piece. For some unknown reason that no one can answer this terrible Undo function was "by design" according to Adobe... I can think of no one on the planet that would enjoy it how it is, but there you go... adobe's stubborn monopoly on the market demonstrated as usual. Supposedly this might be fixed in cc2015? but that's pretty much the worst Photoshop I've ever used in my life, just an all around bloated POS.

-> Right click and download this script…
-> Install the script in your adobe/presets/scripts folder
-> Open Photoshop and find the script under the Menu->Files->Scripts
-> The script will step backward once and keep the layer choice, so (unless you want to keep manually picking it every time) set a keyboard shortcut for the script. Found in Menu->Edit->Keyboard Shortcuts.

You're done! Now you will never have to deal with the most annoying wrench in a workflow of all time, rejoice! Unless Adobe changed the .jsx extension then this should work on any Photoshop, I use CS6 and it works for me! I just used it to overwrite the old photoshop function because let's face it it's useless now that I have a proper undo.
From the team
A happy 20th anniversary to Chrono Trigger!

Want to see what I've been part of this time around? Well click the link for a free album, which is just a taste of the huge project to drop later at the end of the year. What you can expect from me is a stronger push on mood, character and narrative pieces.

Or check out the bandcamp if you want to listen right now :)…

Stay up to date with us on the project over at facebook.…
Well looks like HoH is finally almost here, it's taken quite a while and all the arts been done for months and months but they had to take a little longer to wrap up the music. I haven't heard much of it so it'll be brand new to me as well as anyone whos been on the project. Art and Music teams were separated and me being an artist I was on the art team =P

It's happening tomorrow sorry for the late notice I've been reconfiguring everything gearing up for a new PC!

Use this to figure out what your timezone translates into.…
The event is UTC which... I've never heard of, apparently it's replacing GMT?... I really wish people would just make up their damn minds on what time system the world uses.

The listening party will be hosted by these guys

Hit up the stream tomorrow! I'll likely be on there to listen, my name will be fenixblue instead of firebornform if you want to chat during the party. Seeya there!

One more thing to note. The party is scheduled to go for 3 hours so lots of music!
I've already stopped going to all major video game websites.

SO UH, video game journalism has gone completely insane as of the last few days and the press is being general assholes about it in every way possible. Right now there's a huge scandal going on that I stumbled over, at first it was pretty small and but it's shot to proportions that are hard to even believe looking at it from the outside.

The biggest thing going on is a MASSIVE censoring of this scandal, across ALL of the main stream websites. You weren't even safe to post about it in some places like Reddit or NeoGAF. Places you would expect to be free havens for discussion.  WELL GUESS WHAT, IT ISNT. And hundreds of thousands of people have been being banned, or having their comments deleted.

What IS the scandal?
The tripwire that set off everything is being referred to as the Quinnspiracy or QuinnGate. Who this scandal starts with doesn't really have any importance, what IS important is how through Zoe Quinn's actions shes left a trail of total corruption that's blown wide open for everyone to see. Jouralists literally paying the developers of indiegames they write stories about through Patreon is just the start of it. It forces "journalists" out into the light for all of their hypocritical actions and treat their own readers like shit, repeatedly tweeting insulting stuff or dodging the subject entirely. These people are professional trolls who only respond to who they feel like and generally twist everything into their own favor.

This is not news of the gaming world being bought out and journalists being sell outs, but this goes much deeper than just shoving a games ad in your face while you read a review about said game. These people have had their own agenda going on for years.

Look at the "journalists" trying to shove their agendas on AAA developer Blizzard.… You can clearly see them trying to twist Blizzard into doing their bidding but a PR rep calls them on their bullshit and cuts off the interview. Where this new unadulterated pure corruption came from is the press and indy developers because indies have NO PR agents, so all their left with is personal people. Well they've gotten far too cozy with each other, and I mean that literally. Zoe and her clique have done actually illegal shit and are generally pretty open about it laughing with their friends about DDOSing a charity, and filing false DMCA claims on youtube (that's an actual felony)

Read this to get an idea of the corruption in sites

All of these sites are not journalism, they are corrupt yellow journalism. Sensationalist bullshit sites that only spins the stories in their favor which is why you haven't seen a single article on proven facts of how much scum is really in gaming "journalism".  They think a mediablackout is going to make the problem blow over but it's only served to piss more people off (like so). This sort of phenomenon is a real thing, it's called The Streisand Effect. The harder you try to suppress information, the more it spreads like wildfire.

If you go to any of the websites you will generally see some bullshit article about how zoe is being victimized for some sexist misog-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... No one cares about what sex she is in or what she identifies with, what her race is or any of that other shit. People care that they are disgusting liars who have broke basic journalism ethics and do nothing but shove their agenda down our throat until we conform. Well we're not going to conform because fuck that shit of becoming one of the most vile examples of a hypocrite I can think of... instead The Streisand effect cotinues and I pass this knowledge onto anyone who reads this.

People who pretend to be feminists known as Social Justice Warriors are not anything close to good for the industry. Here's a great video showing the difference between real positive productive ones and the make believe ones in the gaming press.

Here's an interview about the charity for women in games being shutdown. These people want to do real good for the industry and they are getting targeted by Zoe and her nasty clique. They have been on indiegogo and have been repeatedly getting DDOSed while Zoe advocates it and may even have strong ties into doing it herself.

So you're going to tell me that these "feminists" are advocating for good? If so fuck you the hypocrisy is so far off the charts it's unreal that they even do this stuff publicly.
On that note, the gaming clique is catching like of people calling them out on their bullshit and documenting them. These people will constantly delete their own tweets so people cant catch more dirt on them, ban you ignore you or set their tweets to private only.

Like this and shortly afterwords Patrica Hernandez completely obliterated her twitter account when a mountain of damning tweets of her breaking ethics and being an asshole to her readers. I've never used twitter in my LIFE and I still think these tweets are important. Why? Because they show a massive amount of people in the industry that not only sell this shit, they have an army of drones parroting everything the press leaders tell them to.

The "Feminists" that the industry is overflowing with right now, claim they want better representation of women in games. Well they are actually Marxists, twisting and breaking down everything so you're just an empty slate and so they can bend you to their will. The people who are brainwashed into following the Marxists are so far off the deep-end that they are actually sociopaths who will many times advocate harm for disagreeing with them.

Ironically enough, the best place for news on this silent-war bullshit is 4chan (If you can take their environment) In /v/ and /pol/ (if you want the crazy stuff) because THE MEDIA wont fucking cover it, they're too busy covering their own asses over such huge fuck-ups they've been making letting everyone trace everything back.

I don't even use twitter but I'll still use these hashtag to show the support of the message.


I'M MAD AS HELL AND IM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. It's time to become based again.
Well my "Next big project" was meant to be _______ (Still secret sorry guys =p) But my brother dropped a contest in my lap. Did you know that the people at Epic Games are making a new Unreal tournament? I did but I haven't been actively involved with it until earlier this month. When they decided to host an open contest for everyone to try their hand at submitting some concept art for the next UT. How cool is that? I love UT and this is a big chance to put something in the game that they wouldn't have come up with. In fact that's why they're hosting the tournament at all, they want ideas!

I'll be posting these up soon, I did a few of them but most of them are rougher ideas. A couple I pushed hard to polish up, we'll see if I make the cut! I'm really curious to see how Epic treats rougher concepts vs ultra refined ones. Is it the idea that matters, the execution or the technical skill of the concept art? I'm sure they're going to host a big stream talking about a bunch of them. I don't expect all of them to be critiqued but that would be really nice, there's so many different artists though it would take hours and maybe days to cover all of them.
Check out all of this art for our smash bros tribute!

Joelchan  taking Mario, so retro you'll swear he worked for Nintendo Power
Joelchan has a take on DKC that is overflowing with stylization and personality She is one of the biggest Zelda fans you'll ever see! Doing the fated confrontation of the triforce holders leading the charge in an all out assault.
hybridmink putting some attitude back into Samus for Metroid, none of that frilly Other M Samus. recreating the scene from the very first Pokemon movie with epic flash and effects!
LightningArts my brother has made a warzone for the Starfox team to fight through
onikafei putting a carefree touch on Kirby, which says something because Kirby is light hearted already!
onikafei having a quiet calm before the storm at night with Fire Emblem
onikafei doing the iconic hometown of Ness for EarthBound/Mother representation. Watch out for Giygas's forces on the horizon!
Maiss-Thro putting the epic scale of Kid Icarus in proportion for what he's up against!
PandaInSpace having a nice relaxing Pikmen scene. It's nice to just take a load off after having to do all of the labor work eh? Those little guys are hardcore.
ls-kuroyami and The-Hedgehog-Shadow having some innocent childlike fun with Yoshi!
ls-kuroyami and The-Hedgehog-Shadow going for everything and the kitchen sink in the big Smash Bros final destination picture, this one is really ambitious and links all of our art together into one piece!
SurfTiki bursting with character personality with Mario vs Bowser!
SurfTiki Hasn't forgotten R.O.B. but thinks other people might have with just a memory left by a kid's scribble somewhere
garlagan going oldschool with Game and Watch
Cronoan has got your back with some gorgeous colors for the Ice Climbers!
0Riku-kun0 going for a different take on Metroid and more a side we don't see often pulling from her origin story.

And of course I did F-Zero :)…

This pretty much wraps up our art, but there's music to come in the future. After all it's a smash bros tribute album
Go get your favorite desktops now and bookmark it for the fall release!
Ah traditional, I always avoid it like the plague because I can make faster adjustments and get colors without any mess on digital ect. But there's been a problem just being strictly digital for years now, I have the beginners lines problem. Not drawing enough with my elbow/shoulder, and above all drawing with sketchy scratchy lines. Ultimately everything takes longer to do on cleanup because I don't have the control or confidence to make clean lines, straight or curved.

So begins my quest to finally fix this, about time.
I'm going to be doing ink-only in my sketchbook for a while. I used to do pen drawings many years ago before I got a tablet, often times it would be a better result because it forces me to decide on what I want to draw so digital has become too much of an easy-way-out. This time however I'm going to set another hurdle to clear. Even when I used to do ink drawings it would be very sketchy or scratchy, this time I'm going to make a conscious effort to do complete ones not just hatched together. By giving myself this restriction that I can't be as sketchy, in the end it should pan out to be better drawing technique.

I'm still likely to do painting by night, so my DA wont be completely dead. By splitting traditional by day and digital by night maybe it'll make me more focused on each. That's the goal anyways. :)
This is just a helpful heads up for anyone who works with Photoshop.

There's this annoying bug in Windows Wacom drivers with PS that runs into "shoelace" ends. You can read all about it by just googling Wacom shoelace bug. or watch this… or…

Wacom has known about the issue for YEARS and does nothing about it, its still present in Intuos3-4 and the current Intuos5 so don't think it will fix itself just by upgrading your tablet or updating your drivers it's always there! Updating to a new version to Photoshop doesnt help either, it's not present in super old versions like 7.0 but pretty much anything in the CS line has it, I think even CC has it as well.

There's always been a sort of push that Macs are better for art than Windows, most of them are superficial and I disagree with but there is ONE major difference. The Macs do not have this bug present and people have pushed Wacom to change it but it always falls on deaf ears it seems. People have either given up and lived with it or moved to a different program to do line work like Sai, Painter or Sketchbook Pro.

Well... now there's an indie coder that has come along and solved this issue at last. GuillaumeStordeur has taken the things people loved about the smoothing of Sai and Sketchbook Pro/Zbrush's "Lazy Mouse" mode. It's called

This tiny program launches with photoshop so you dont need to waste time to open it separately which is great! But the main draw of the program is that it will overwrite photoshops settings. This is essential for killing off the shoelace bug that's been crawling around in photoshops code for ages. All I need to do is use the preset "Pressure Gain" and the bug is gone! Amazing. LNP is fully customizable so you can mess with the settings or create your own presets. I have it set up to turn on and off through a keyboard shortcut so I don't need to fiddle around with juggling multiple windows open.

As a PS user, Lazy Nezumi Pro is well worth the price for just getting rid of the dreadful shoelace bug. I thought I was stuck with that for life!
So I've been inactive for a bit, kind of a once a year vacation binge of videogames and getting new music. Went to a huge concert/hangout with my brother LightningArts called MAGfest, maybe someone has heard of it? First time meeting Almalexiel and bassistofclosson so it was really cool seeing them and hanging out. I've bought a new tablet (Intous4 this time around) and I need to relearn a big chunk of my workflow to this new thing. I used all of the side keys and sliders on my Intous3 but decided to take the plunge into learning a more productive (IE Faster) workflow on the Int4. Right now that's not the case... and im even slower since I have to retool the tablet keys. I kept the Int3 around just in case for now, I might hate the Int4 and go back!

I met a whole lot of the team at mag12 and that was really cool. Hanging out with Rocktendo, Steven, Wildcat and plenty of others. I had planned, finished and almost printed out special Spectrumofmana stickers to give out with the album we were selling in physical form at Mag12's ThoseWhoFight, Super Guitar Bros, LonelyRollingStars, and VikingGuitar's booths (All awesome people with amazing music.) Turned out that the printer wasnt having any of it, and just refused to print and "Became possessed" as my brother put it. It wouldn't stop printing out about 30 copies of one document...

So the mini mana revamp of the Spirits is going to be my submission, my brother is flying back out on the weekened and then it's back to study mode.
It's round 2 time retaking Noah's Art Camp. Am I masochistic on how painfully crushing this was the first time? Maybe a bit, but it was a sure fire way to get a boost of skills. Unfortunately Chris's classes and methods don't translate that well to me just yet. Bur rather than sitting around doing nothing I'm taking up freehand again after watching Sycra's videos on how much I should be drawing and havent been. I've been kind of letting myself slack off a lot on the drawing side focusing only on the painting side, but I noticed a while ago in summer that I need to step up my game on drawing technical ability. This included trying to relearn how to draw *right* IE using the elbow and shoulder not the wrist! I still do fall back into wrist habits but it's just something I need to keep doing.

So much of the course is the same experience, but instead of juggling mana I'm doing some AlteredBeasts, and Year200X. Here we go again!
We finally finished a year and a half in the making tribute to my favorite game Secret of Mana.
That tribute is

Months ago on the 20th anniversary we uploaded about 5 different pieces of art and 4 songs. WELL NOW we have 50+ pieces of art and 3 whole discs of songs! A great deal of this stuff was done by the time we hit 20th anniversary but we needed an extra month or so to fully polish it off.

Things to know about if you are a mega Secret of Mana fan.
-This ONLY covers Secret of Mana / Seiken Densetsu 2, no other parts of the series.
-The album has the ENTIRE sound track, split into different themes of WAR (Heavy metal) PEACE (Soft instruments like piano) and SPIRIT (Whatever fits!)
-We have hard copies while it lasts! We made about 500 and as of now we've sold 50.
-There are shirts to go along with the release, 9 of them!…
-There is an 86 PAGE ARTBOOK covering all the WIPS, and finished pieces.…

Go get it!

Well it's taken a while but I've finally uploaded practically everything on mana I worked on, but that doesn't mean there is no more Secret of Mana artwork to be found.
You can still check out more pieces my brother LightningArts and djantir did for the project! We nearly did fan art of the entire game all said and done...
Well it's been some kind of a ride going through Noah's Art Camp but I think it was well worth it even though the class was very different then what I expected or hoped it would be. So now I'm going to be updating all of the 12week course assignments that I was still juggling while working on the huge Spectrum of Mana project… ! These past 3 months were pretty intense. I've signed up for Chris Oatleys MagicBox, and now I will take the next big step forward with Chris...

But first, i'll post tons of art studies and assignments!

See all the assignments over in the gallery here!…
It's the 20th anniversary today, so what does that mean? Tribute art and music! The full album is going to over 3 hours long and there will be so much art you wont believe it, but it's delayed so for now have a little sample.
Get all sorts of info and updates on the project on our facebook page…

Here's a big list of brand new art done for the anniversary
Water Palace, check.…
Mana Tree, check…
Mana sword, check…
Kakkara Desert, check.…
Thanatos, check (click the spectrum of mana link download!)
ManaBeast, check…

Big prints of piece's I've worked on or…

This is only the start, this journal is going to be updated like crazy getting closer to release.

Unused pieces.
Tree Palace -…
Haven't made an update on deviantart in a while... but that doesn't mean I've been sitting around! I hope people are ready for an explosion of artwork for one of my favorite games.

I've been on the upcoming super albums for SOM. 3disks! SpectrumofMana as one of the key artists. My brother is the project leader and we have always played the game co-op. How big of mana fans are we? Well how's playing the game over 30 times count. I think it goes to show we are superfans of the game. While I have played the other Mana series none come near the greatness that is the original Secret of Mana.

We're celebrating everything for the game in time for the anniversary coming up!
Over 3 hours of music, 60 different musicians, different artists, tons of art. Many pieces of the music and art are collaborations.

Check out the facebook page here,…. We'll have a full blown website ready by launch.
Well well, looks like im going to be on DA again. I was probably active for a grand total of a month all said and done through different accounts. So I've been here before but never really committed much to it, people may know me as "fenixblue" or on here "ifenixblue". I always thought DA was too massive and everything would get lost in the sea of art. Well one of the problems I have personally is exposure. I've been a bit of an introvert where I make things but never really show them off outside a very small group of family and friends, but you know if I never submit anything to the public then i can't build up anything either! I've been showing some more stuff gradually over at facebook, and while that's all well and good facebook isnt the best community for just getting pure art out there to the world. It's helped me expand the "close friends i show things to" but this will be the next step.

I've been gradually joining other art Print-on-demand sites but the current one I have the most on is red bubble, over here… They have a much better variety of printing options then on DA. So if you're looking for some of my stuff in high quality prints check it out, thanks!

All said and done what I'm getting at is I'm actually going to have a DA account and use it! imagine that.