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Mountains 're Nice

Get lost in the Dondero Mountains just like kilwala.
Cover art for brand new album, for the anniversary of Chrono Trigger

Prints here!…
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I love this Little furball So much! ❤
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Ok, gorgeous. My husband is a die-hard Chrono fan, so I bought a print of this for Christmas for him this year. Ordered it just yesterday ;D Congrats on being such a fantastic artist.
From Denadoro Mountains, so beautiful
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You're welcome! n_n
This is the life

... boy you are nosy. Here take this
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This is SO BEAUTIFUL. You have certainly captured that fantastic feeling of the Denadoro Mountains. ❤ I'll be purchasing a print of this with my next paycheck, thank you for the link! I'll be sure to check out the album as well!
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Thanks a lot and I hope you enjoy the print! I'm thinking about getting one myself.
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oh my gosh, this print is offered as a SHOWER CURTAIN?! 8D

...My bathroom is gonna be so fancy. :3
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Shower curtains are definitely something new for me in art prints. I saw it on soc6 and said well why not add the option, it's big enough for it!
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Haha! Please take a picture for us when you get that curtain! Much more art is coming, too. :)
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Is this all done in oil?? This is fantastic!
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It's actually all photoshop. I turned one of the defaults into something akin to oil, was pretty enjoyable to paint with.
Thanks! :)
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Great stuff; love the ambiance!
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This's the life.
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Man, you sure are nosy

Take this
[got a fan album!]
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Hahahaha if I could fave comments, I would fave this one.
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Lovely landscape and a great representation of the scenery from the game.
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Thanks! This was done in a spur of the moment inspiration and only after the fact did we look at it and say "this is the cover"
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This looks like it might be concept art from the game.  Nicely done!
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Always great praise hearing that it might of been or could of been concept art. Thanks!
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