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KH: 358-2 Days Wallpaper

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Published: October 13, 2009
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What the hell, I can't even properly title this "358/2 Days" xD

Just a Kingdom Hearts wallpaper I assembled together. My laptop desktop size is only 1280x800, making that the maximum size of this wallpaper. =O Sorry that it doesn't come any larger! Even if your desktop is bigger... I think that if you center this image and set the background to black, it MIGHT still look natural. :D

The image of Roxas was too sexy to not use.
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This is AMAZING! I used my paint.NET sorcery to stretch the left-hand side out so it fit a 16:9 ratio. It looks AMAZING.

Here's a dropbox link for the 16:9 version I whipped up:…
(it's 1423x800)
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TheGothiestFraggleHobbyist Digital Artist
omg thank you I was looking for the perfect wallpaper that had this image AND THIS WAS IT :icontakeherhomeplz:
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AnimeGangHobbyist Artist
I'm totally uising this!! :D
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kim102Hobbyist Digital Artist
i use this wallpaper <3 its so anwesome
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thanks for the awesome wallpaper=D
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BiohazardiaStudent General Artist
Awesome wallpaper! Thanks for making ^^
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I LOVE ROXAS (this is SO my new desktop) :love: :love: :love:
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Kobi123Hobbyist Digital Artist
awsome wallpaper, tell me, how did you do the square effect?
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FireBomb9Student Digital Artist
Hmmm? Oh nah, it's nothing ahah, thank you though miss~ ;D
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You're welcome!
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Omg, this is sooo cool.... It´s so bumping the boring grey riku/sora desktop out of the way :nod: nice job ;P
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FireBomb9Student Digital Artist
Thank you for the comment and fave, my fruity friend =D
PapouJunkie's avatar
Fruity eh? No one has ever called me that before ;P I just might eat myself now... :iconoggmire: And you´re welcome :nod:
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PyroKismetHobbyist Digital Artist
IM USING IT TOO *clings*

Man it is a sexy pic XD;
FireBomb9's avatar
FireBomb9Student Digital Artist
Thanks lol, for the comment and fave~!

Epic icon, btw xD
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This is like my ultimate favorite!

I still wanna know where the hell we're getting all this ice cream from, Roxas D: There's no stoooore >>;
Ah well.

I love the sexy picture. xD It's my wallpaper now too xD It's really awesome looking, though. Once again, you amaze me with the talent you have~! Very nice! I love it! :D

I still have to draw a lot of fanart of our inside jokes and then some...>>;
Ohhhhh joy. xD

I really like how the image kind of flows into the jacket, by the way >>;
The whole freakin' thing kicks ass! :D

<3 Axel
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FireBomb9Student Digital Artist
I want to know too. Sometimes it looks like they pull the ice cream out of their ass, so I'm starting to think that maybe, they really DO just pull this stuff out of their ass!

Ohh, did you put it up on your desktop, really? Woo, I did too xD It's like an upgrade from the wallpaper you always seen on my laptop. Remember that rainbow-ish one? I wouldn't call it talent, though...

What kind of jokes did you still have to draw? You oughta make a list. I could try to tackle one~

Thanks for liking and using it~! =D
Hortense-Violette's avatar
Haha! Oh, Roxas xD How the hell could Axel manage that if he's a pyro? >>; I mean, Axel shows up late and Roxas just hands him an ice cream. I'm like WTF man?! xD

Heh, yes. I'm sure my dad is going to change it back. It will be a never-ending war, I assure you :] Well, I think it's amazing what you've done, so there. ^^;

Ne? Oh, well, you know. The 9 stuff. Lawl, our jokes. If you want, you can help me doodle them or what not.
And I have some other fan art to draw.
Xain >>;
And 9.
But 9 jokes need to be sooner x]

No problem! It's an amazing thing that was done.
By the way, I love the edit for Pride. It's up and running!
And Estelle replied. She said as soon as she finds a picture, she'll send me details and have me refer it to you, if that's all right.
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FireBomb9Student Digital Artist
Well, he uses portals, and he's... Wait a dern minute hurr, if he's a pryo, wouldn't the ice cream melt sooner due to his body heat... or something? HOW DOES IT WORK, LEARN ME PLZ

It will be a war I shall cheer on for you on the sidelines as I do nothing but eat ice cream. Like literally.

Wtf where the hell does Xain come into this? xD I'll see if I can manage something... >.>

Ohh that picture? I still have to reply to the note you sent. Yeah, I'm still good to go for Estelle~
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