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6 OF JUNE 1944




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Thais drawing is amazing!!!!
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May we never forget the brave souls that where lost to insure our freedom and to keep the peace for everyone around this world on that very day.
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One thing I can't stand about D-day:blood, deaths , bombs, more bombs, guns and yea.
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EPIC!Wait, the helmets looks wrong.Still, it's awesome.
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There should be snipers on the bluffs...
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Interesting style and great tones; however, there are numerous problems.  The shape of the American M1 helmets doesn't look right; they more resemble the Red Army helmet.  I'm guessing this is Omaha Beach?  There were not any German defenses like that on the bluffs (something Saving Private Ryan got wrong too).  There was no air support along Omaha.  Also the lighting, although well done, makes this look like its in the afternoon rather than 6:30 in the morning.
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There was paratroopers :(          Metal Slug Scared Soldier (Icon) 
Theakker5's avatar
Not on Omaha Beach......
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Omaha Beach was the code name for one of the five sectors of the Allied invasion. I just found a eye witness of a sunken plane, and a eye witness of a medic plane.And there were zeppelins too...
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What are you talking about? Are you 10 years old?? Zeppelins???? Do you know what the fuck a zeppelin is? You're thinking of barrage balloons, balloons attached to ships to indicate which boat goes where. Your lack of knowledge is unbelievable.
Theterrablade198's avatar
I saw a eyewitness :(
Theakker5's avatar
An eyewitness who said paratroopers landed on Omaha Beach???
Theterrablade198's avatar
Yes, but not exactly.A sunken plane.
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Fantastic work! Happy 70th Anniversary of D-Day. 
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Very dramatic and great work! :wow:
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Great Work! Really captures the day well!
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"You are about to embark upon the great crusade..."

I have to give a speech about D-Day in school soon. Hope it goes well!

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"we the happy few"

Great work mate!
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Talk about hell on earth.
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