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Published: September 2, 2013

This is my current sculpture.  Which is in process.

This sculpture is about the greatest quest that a person can make -- acquisition of one's entire self.

My sculpture is about a person's life journey to gather all of the shattered pieces of their true self.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder {PTSD} is the name given to a person who's had an event or series of events in their life, which had been like a hammer blow smashing their psyche {true self}.  The smashing causes them to break into separate pieces often called Multiple Personality Disorder (now also known as Associative Identity Disorder).  If all the personalities are added together,  they are what I call, your true self. 

Having five or ten different personalities is really not a problem.   If they all know each other and work together and are obvious to their owner, a person can communicate with all their different parts successfully.  Each of these shattered parts owns a different aspect of the true self. If all are under the control of the one person -- the conscious self -- then it could be a good life. 

On the other hand, if a person has a part (also known by psychotherapists as an alter) or more than one part that they don't know of -- a part of themselves that is a stranger to their conscious mind -- then that can be and often is a very big problem for them self and others they touch.  Therefore, if the parts are not all  known as one's self, then that unknown part will be in control of some aspects of that individual's life. 

The true self is then the slave of this small part rather than the master of the total self's destiny.  A single dark part will take control of the individual's life, without that individual's understanding -- perhaps not even having an awareness or remembering that they did something while that small part was in control.


Say a small part (or alter) is named M;  then M has a major control over the life of the entire person. The person unfortunately  doesn't know what M is doing and is no longer in control of the direction of their own life. 

My sculpture is about the courage it takes to make the quest to discover and gain knowledge of all one's broken parts and gather all the parts into one total self. 

I have a very appropriate name rolling around inside of my mind for this sculpture, but sadly I cannot stop it from rolling.  I am asking all of my friends for their opinions on what the name of this finished sculpture would be.

There will definitely be two more elements to this piece of art, perhaps three. 

I will not elaborate as to what they are at this time for reasons of confidentiality.  I do feel I've given enough information at this point for individuals, such as yourself,  to give me feedback as to what I might title this piece.  I do value the input  of you and your opinions which may help birth this developing art.    

Thank you.

PS  I see this work of art as a quest for self the rewards are the ablity to give and receve love the gratest love of all.  I see people put into relationships to give them love an wisdom but a fear of being hurt and of change of doing it wrong stoped one from wining this race by turning it into a game.  The photos attached is my work as it is now.  All this is out of my imagination I had a model but no longer.  I would like all of your thoughts as to the way you get the look and feel of this.  

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