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Ghostbusters Proton Rifle

A custom designed Ghostbusters Proton Rifle - version 5
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Wow! That's Awesome.
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Slime Blower incorporated into it?
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It's slime-injected which gives the stream psychomagnatheric properties.  It does make the rifle a bit moody though.
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Yeah, don't use it around Punk Music.  ;)

The Slime Spinnerets from the video game certainly seemed interesting and useful to me.
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Depends on the "punk".  Ramones are okay but stuff like Green Day just makes the rifle lethargic.
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I was thinking anything with Henry Rollins in it.  ;)
I'm not gonna mince words: every prop is F#cking Brilliantly designed
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outstanding design! I love all your precision cable work and the details are impeccable!
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Thanks, this was commission based on my first two Proton Rifle designs which were both build-ups from the Nerf Rattler.  The person requesting the commission wanted the same build-up so I took the opportunity to push the design further and try to get more out of the gun.
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Looks so cool. 

What did you use for basis?
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The base gun is a Nerf Rattler Super Soaker water gun.  The front grip has been extended and screwed into place on a PVC pipe that runs into the gun body to give it stability.
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