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Cloud vs. Link

Link had defeated Majora's mask and finally returned to hyrule. He kept all of his masks and items so all the opponents he met on his journey home were a bunch of wimps, except for one. Link had grown up again and had gotten another Big Goron Sword. He was about to leave the top of the mountain when suddenly a man who had blonde hair like Link's in black clothes appeared. The man also had a big sword; in fact this sword was even bigger than the Big Goron Sword!

The man asked Link "What is your name?"
Link was about to say a reply but instead his old companion "Navi" appeared and told Link "Hey Link! Run, this guy is a mercenary named Cloud sent to kill you!"
Link was glad to see Navi after all those years but knew that he had to listen to his old friend. Link pulled out his hook shot that he got again from the place he hid it for so many years.

As Link was firing the weapon Cloud jumped at Link at made his attack. Link saw the attack coming and unsheathed the Big Goron Sword and blocked. The two blades crashed and Cloud jumped back. He swung the mighty buster sword with an uppercut knocking Link into the air.
Cloud jumped up and met his target and began slashing at Link trying to defeat his opponent. Link had lived for 14 years yet looked like how he did when he first drew the Master Sword all those years ago. Cloud slashed at Link with a downward strike, knocking the Hero of Time to the ground.

Link did a flip and landed at the entrance to the Goron village. Link looked up and saw cloud swinging his sword till it was covered by a blue aura. Cloud then used some of his material to dash towards Link from up high. Cloud was about to slam his sword down when Link used a powerful technique that he had not used for a long time.
Link threw his sword skyward and spoke for the first time that day in the land of Hyrule. "Din's Fire!!!"

Suddenly a huge ball of flames shot from Link and went soaring towards Cloud. Cloud slammed his sword against the huge attack, knocking it back towards Link. Link smiled and slashed his sword at the attack knocking it back towards Cloud again. The process when on till suddenly the ball disappeared and so did Link. Cloud landed back on the ground surpised by this. He was sure that he had Link.

Suddenly a huge wind brushed against Cloud. Behind him Link appeared from Farore's wind and grabbed Cloud. Link then threw Cloud toward the gust where Din's Fire awaited him. Cloud did not have enough time to block the attack and was struck by the powerful blast. The blast sent Cloud back to where Link was. Link was wearing the Gold Gauntlets that he took from Ganon's castle a long time ago. These gloves gave the wearer the strength to lift up objects that were as heavy as one of the creatures called weapon.

Link slammed his fist towards Cloud sending the mercenary into Kakiriko Village. Link teleported to the village and looked around to see where Cloud was. Suddenly Link couldn't move. He looked down and saw ice holding him down. Cloud came up behind the warrior and raised the buster sword above his head. Link knew that if he didn't act soon he would never see any of his loved ones again. Link then used the technique "Nayru's love and created a diamond like shield around him.

Cloud's sword slammed down on the shield creating a small crack in it but not damaging the warrior. Link was trying to break the ice still so he was still vulnerable to attack. Cloud began beating the shield causing it to crack more and more. Link then heard some of the ice crack near his leg and began to see a ray of hope. Link continued breaking it as the shield was beginning to shatter. As Cloud final shattered the barrier Link freed his legs and his arm that held his sword. Cloud slashed once more and Link did a back flip hoping his plan would work.

The buster sword struck the ice holding Link's upper body causing it to break. Link landed a couple feet away and brushed off some of the remnants of ice on his shoulder. Link then turned his attention to the village and then nodded his head towards Hyrule field. Cloud knew what Link was trying to say by this and nodded back. The two warriors were to battle, but both knew that no matter what the innocents needed to be safe.

The two warriors stood in front of Hyrule Castle town and stood in their fighting stances. They eyed each other and stood there waiting for the other to make their move. Suddenly a bolt of lightning struck the earth and a man with silver hair came out. Link and Cloud were surprised on why this person had come. The man looked like Link but only a darker version. It was the person that fought Link when Link was in the water temple. It was the person who hired Cloud to kill the great warrior. It was Dark Link.

Hope that u all enjoyed! I will make a sequel to this fight.
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Aryandiani-Maecy Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
*Fan girl scream.* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! That was awesome! 
Oh, and Cloud... Your dumb... Did in not set off a bell in your head when the guy that hired you looked EXACTLY like the guy you were hired to kill, but more... Ummm.... EVIL!    
Aryandiani-Maecy Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Oh, P.S. MANDATORY update! Please...
Zman312 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012
Please continue this! Its pretty freakin awesomely epic! :D
firebird97 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanx. I am trying to work on Firestorm right now then next is a fight that involves Revan and another character. Got any suggestions for that fight?
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