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Fox-box by peterku
Ak-74 by AkulaArt
LNAO Enforcer by Napasitart
Custom Nerf  Painted Movie Prop by DemuzArt
Modernized FG42 by OverseersMastermind
Ithaca Model 37 by JXL-2003
HK SL8-1 by JXL-2003
HK HK33 by JXL-2003
[Affinity] Seryan RiG-3 Assault Rifle by MikePrivalis
Qrow R-18e by Parabellin
M4A1 practice 3d work by AkulaArt
Yamato NRS Katana by Parabellin
Fan Art
Halo Weapon Idea: MTZ49 Megataser by MickeeYoofers
2024 AD dystopian future same old one sided war 2 by DemuzArt
Technically meets requirements by Baron-Engel
2024 AD dystopian future same old one sided war by DemuzArt
Third Party Generated
Rpk-63m Lsw by CumradeMockba
Elder ARa by prokhorvlg
Wiolant Spacer Carbine Mk.2 by Luke-Man
Bioblaster by Gunnut51
Marine RECON tec sword by bagera3005
Khaleesi K-10a1 Submachinegun by FlakPaw
Force-A-Nature (Drawing) by RatRobot
TEC-9 (Drawing) by RatRobot
Pixel Gun - IRF ATLAN Project A426 Energy Smg by AsarraDraws
[Affinity] Kaneesian 6K4 'Raconis' LMG (Remake) by MikePrivalis
[Affinity] Targan P23.0 'Aidoru' Assault Rifle by MikePrivalis
[Affinity] J41I 'Astranos' Multirole Stealth Jet by MikePrivalis


Black Valor by DemuzArt Black Valor :icondemuzart:DemuzArt 16 3 Rifle Girl Colour by DemuzArt Rifle Girl Colour :icondemuzart:DemuzArt 24 1 Crip  Blood Unit by DemuzArt Crip Blood Unit :icondemuzart:DemuzArt 34 3 No ifs or buts just Demuzing art by DemuzArt No ifs or buts just Demuzing art :icondemuzart:DemuzArt 24 4 Sgt SMOKING Black cosplay cut by DemuzArt Sgt SMOKING Black cosplay cut :icondemuzart:DemuzArt 3 0 SGT SMOKING BLACK by DemuzArt SGT SMOKING BLACK :icondemuzart:DemuzArt 2 1 SGT SMOKING BLACK  villainess by DemuzArt SGT SMOKING BLACK villainess :icondemuzart:DemuzArt 18 5 SGT SMOKING BLACK and Thompson mg by DemuzArt SGT SMOKING BLACK and Thompson mg :icondemuzart:DemuzArt 1 1 Just buy it Demuz art  by DemuzArt Just buy it Demuz art :icondemuzart:DemuzArt 5 0 Consumer battle Demuz art  by DemuzArt Consumer battle Demuz art :icondemuzart:DemuzArt 6 3 Demuz art battle bikini redone shaded by DemuzArt Demuz art battle bikini redone shaded :icondemuzart:DemuzArt 11 0 Future gal Demuz art  by DemuzArt Future gal Demuz art :icondemuzart:DemuzArt 12 1 redone Demuz art work by DemuzArt redone Demuz art work :icondemuzart:DemuzArt 18 2 Demuz art light skin girls with machine guns. by DemuzArt Demuz art light skin girls with machine guns. :icondemuzart:DemuzArt 3 0 Weapon Lanco Corporation by SatenkoDmitry Weapon Lanco Corporation :iconsatenkodmitry:SatenkoDmitry 46 0 The Gun [2d concept art] by SatenkoDmitry The Gun [2d concept art] :iconsatenkodmitry:SatenkoDmitry 35 2



Submitting your work


Please feel free to join and upload your gun art! Just be sure to categorise it correctly:

Real: If it's a real, existing firearm, then it goes in here!

Fictional: If it's a design of your own, it lives here.

Third Party Generated: Anything made with Pimp My Gun, AR15 Builder or anything that doesn't require you to make the gun from scratch belongs here. Make sure it's in Scraps category though. Otherwise they will be removed without any warning or declined/ignored.

Fan Art: Guns from films or games? Here!

Sci-Fi: Futuristic or 'non-realistic' guns, despite being your own design, should go here.

The Featured folder is for highlights from all of the folders. If you believe a certain piece of yours is exceptionally good and deserves to belong in the Featured folder, choose the 'Featured' drop down when submitting your art. I will then be prompted to say yes or no; if I choose no, don't be disheartened - simply upload it again in one of the other folders and keep practicing! It may also be because you already have one or more works in the featured folder, and we want some diversity in there, not for it to be populated by only a handful of artists.

If you're unsure about whether your work belongs in this group, ask yourself one question. Is it a firearm? If not, then it doesn't belong here. Below is a little clarification as to what is accepted in this group.

For the purposes of this group, the description of a 'firearm' is a man portable, explosive (or similar in the case of sci-fi) powered projectile weapon. Handguns, machine guns and even rocket launchers are allowed. We'll even accept mortars. Vehicle mounted weaponry is not accepted, however weapons such as the FN MAG (the 'Gimpie') or the M2HB (the 'Fifty Cal') will be accepted as can be used in a 'man portable' role.

Generic pictures with guns in them; characters holding guns, do not belong here. Vehicles, spaceships, artillery, armour etc don't belong here. There are other groups for them.

If you're still unclear as to whether your piece of art is a special case or is on the boundaries of suitable weaponry, message us and we'll let you know if it fits our description, or just upload it and see if it gets removed. We'd prefer the former, we get tired of removing stuff that doesn't fit the criteria.

Thanks for reading and happy designing!
Hello there FirearmArt members.

Few moments ago I noticed this "warning comment"… from :iconnalothisal:

It says: "… PSA for everyone, there is a download circulating in the form of pimp-my-gun.exe. If you find it, do not download it. This is my personal aftermath of the virus attack on my computer. Don't get scammed! ".

Go check this journal linked in his comment and stay safe.

Thanks :iconnalothisal: for informing us.
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Alex-Arrow Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2023  Professional General Artist
I recently added a couple deviations but wasn't sure to use "Real" or "Fiction", as they are fictional custom versions of otherwise real-life guns.
rockandrollpilot Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2022
weapons are just the best tool to kick ass
artist-19845 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2021  Student Digital Artist
Berthier model 1890 cavalry carbine by artist-19845  
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Too Much Recoil 2nd amendment for life Too Much Recoil 
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Thank you for access =)
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Hey everyone - I offer SFW and NSFW 3d art, animations, and prints. View my information here:
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I have gun art!

..But it's not as good.
KahunaSniper Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
If you guys are interested in the real firearms, make sure to check this site out.…
Hawkhatter Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016
Hello! I have a design that I want 3D modeled, but idk if tall do it for free or your experence, cause the weapon I have is very.. Complex. So can y'all tell me if it's free and halls experence at 3D modeling? Also do y'all do vehicles ;) (Wink) 
new10cc Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016
Its been a couple of years since I was on Deviant art design but my account is still here luckily. But are the drawing tools still here for you to put together a component gun? Im not about to run out and learn CS5 or the like to play on the site.

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