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:damphyr: open call for Art

It's once more time for Fireangels' merchandise-contest! :D

Deadline: 31st of January 2016

We are looking for:
New Illustrations for our Boys & Girls Love Merchandise, which we intend to sell at the Bookfair in Leipzig. This includes: Sling bags, pencil cases, purses, buttons, key chains, postcards, poster, notepads and cups.

Each item has different specifications that you need to keep in mind. You find them listed below for each item.

The overall theme for the pictures which will be part of this contest is BBoys Love & Girls Love. This also includes chibis and single illustrations of bishounen and bishoujo. The most important trait of the submissions is the fact that the pictures are nice to look at and  sexy!

Concerning the postcards you are allowed to include special occasions, such as birthday/holidays or ‘get well soon’ cards.

Of course you are allowed to use the designs of the Fireangels Mascots and as well the designs of the fire-beasties  (Which have been created for such cases :) )!

How sexy is okay?  
A very good question ;)
We don’t expect you to draw hardcore porn - hardly anyone would be willing to stroll the city with a bag displaying a couple all sweaty in action. Other items, however, e.g. posters or such could work with an image like that.
It can be teasing, playful or unclothed. But please keep in mind that you might need to censor if it’s too unclothed. If you’re not quite sure about your image you can contact and ask us anytime.

We created a list with sizes and templates of the various items. However it would be best to plan your illustration to match as many different products as possible. Here's a small tutorial that'll show you how to achieve that: Illustrations planned correctly

For all the details, go here:
Posting on Tumblr
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When it will be possible to know which drawings you have chosen ?
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 We have created a picture to be submitted to you for the Merchandise-contest.
We sent all to you on Note.

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This interests us.^^

You need the final drawing right, do you'll see that the drawing is good for each product model?
we send it without models?
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You can also send models if you have some in mind. But in the end we will check with each template ourselves if the drawing is good for the products or not :)
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Can we send to you through Deviantart/
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yes! stash is fine :)
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ok, thanks!! ^^
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