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This Entry will be updated, depending on FAQs or news that are important for everyone.
26.01.2014: added Facebook to community-list + minor tweaks

:damphyr: Fireangels
is a German publisher for Boys Love and Girls Love-Manga.
Although we're located in germany we don't restrict to German artists. Over the past seven years we published the works of artists from all over the world: Germany, Austria, Australia, Italy, Spain, Brazil, USA, Indonesia and many more.

:damphyr: www
:bulletpurple: (Website) - (german)
:bulletpurple: (Fireangels Community) - (ger only)
:bulletpurple:… (Fireangels @ Animexx) - (ger only)
:bulletpurple: (Fireangels @ yaoi-gallery) - (eng)
:bulletpurple: (Fireangels @ tumblr) - (ger)
:bulletpurple: (Fireangels' Artists @ tumblr) - (ger/eng)
:bulletpurple: (Fireangels @ twitter) - (ger/eng)
:bulletpurple:… (Fireangels @ facebook) - (ger/eng)

:bulletpurple: ( (ger) here you can order our products

:damphyr: Prints
- Comics
- Novels
- Merchandise
The main focus is on comics. You can either contribute submissions to our anthologies (Boys Love & Girls Love) or have your own title/series published.
We also create Artbooks and a big collection of  merchandising (e.g. posters, cups, keychains, buttons, pillows but also shoulderbags, purses and pencilboxes).

:damphyr: Accepts
original art only.
We don't accept any fanarts, except to our own titles or our mascots.

:damphyr: Payment
is very important to us, however being a small German publisher also means that the printruns are smaller and no artist will be able to live from the royalties we pay. We point this out because we want to be fair and have good relations with the artists deciding to contribute something.

:damphyr: General Information

In this group you can find a list of our projects. You are welcome to hand in a short story/comic to the listed projects. The best stories/comics submitted will be published in the related anthology. The authors and artists will be offered a contract for their contribution and will be paid a royalty.

Usually your story must not have been published before. If it was published on the internet, you are to take it offline before it is published (except single pages for advertising).
If your work has been published from another company before we can talk about it and clear out the terms of it being published in germany if you wish.

The importance of the quality of drawing and storytelling are equal. Please do not neglect the plot by focussing on either beautiful pictures or profound words only.
Artist should carefully read the tutorials on scanning and raster to prevent irreparable mistakes.

Rating: There is no limit. However, rape, shota/lolicon (statutory rape) and furry are not accepted.

Comic: 12,5x18cm; +3mm bleed;
1200 dpi; bitmap;
400dpi, greyscale; (no RGB or CYMK);
*.tif - separate data with text

Of course we are not only looking for submissions to our anthologies, but for single volumes and longer comic-series as well.

First contact: If you want to have your work published, please mail us:
- a synopsis of the plot
- a list of the characters (plus descriptions including the age, scetches)
- samplepages - either of the respective story or other works
- a short vitae of you

Mail everything to

:damphyr: Questions? Please ask :)
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ShasmyProfessional Digital Artist
Hi~ I want~ But is my artwork could be accepted!? [link]
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We would need to see more than one illustration to make a real decision, but if you like you can become a member and just submit something to any of the future contests :)
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Must the manga to be published be in english?
And also, what if your only interested in taking part of projects and anthologies? (as in short storys and/or artwork)
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It would help if you could provide english text because english is the only language we speek (besides German) and otherwhise we just won't understand a word ;)
But we do publish in German.

If your only interest is in taking part in projects and anthologies that's perfectly fine. Not every artist with us automatically has to draw huge manga-projects. In fact least of them do ^^
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my apologies.
I meant must they be in german?
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raspberryMCMLXXXIV Traditional Artist
Ich habs, so meine ich, irgendwo schon einmal gelesen, aber finde es nicht mehr :( (ist ja auch schon spät ^^;): in welcher Leserichtung veröffentlicht ihr Manga? Japanisch oder "westlich"?
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Beides :)
Deswegen steht es vermutlich nirgends explizit - es ist ganz egal ^^
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raspberryMCMLXXXIV Traditional Artist
Gut zu wissen, danke! :)
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