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Dear Members and Watchers,

we would like to get to know you better! :D

Who are you, why did you join - what is it that caught your interest? What would you like to submit?

What else do you want to tell us?

- Come on guys, don't be so shy! -
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Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Hi there :)
I'm Anna and I had the chance to contribue 2 of my illustrations to the BL Calendar 2015 (thanks for the free copy of it!^^).
basically I'm a professional illustrator for the genre fantasy / sci-fi / boys love and self-publish my life work Terra Aluvis - a huge fantasy/BL/sci-fi novel series with soundtrack and illustrations - beside from doing commissions.
I like the taste of style of fireangels and alway liked to visit you guys on trade fairs (my very first contact with you was indeed like 10 years ago, when I bough a bishie-keychain! and it is still in use :D).

So far from me ;)
EmiBlankPhantom's avatar
I'm Emi from Mauritius island.I've seen the group mentioned recently and the BL/GL/yaoi/yuri based content attracted my attention.I though of joining as a mean to encourage me to draw more of these kaomoji set 1 19/19 since i've had some characters that needs to be shown.Will try taking part in the calendar projects and hopefully contribute when needed kaomoji set 2 33/67 
My gallery is quite deserted for the time being,but i'm currently finishing un-finished illustrationskaomoji set 2 60/67 
Thank you for letting me join :love:   

And seems i've got a liking to emoticons too kaomoji set 2 34/67
suicidollxp's avatar
Hi, i'm from far away on an island in the Indian ocean, my first publish manga was a yaoi nobody in my country dare to write yaoi , but i also draw and make various other things. I really like to stalk your galleries ^___^ my fav type is scifi yaoi XD
beanscurd's avatar
Hi, the alias is beanscurd~~
I participated in FA2013 calendar last time. I hope I can take part again next time :3
I like beautiful things~ especially ikemen, or bishounen :P
I love drawing and I still have this dream to be a freelance illustrators, with ikemen and bishounen ofcourse..

I'm not part of any circle or group or team, I am a one-man, all alone.. '''OTL...

I love utapri, SnK, Karneval, Magi, maybe will add Free! to the list later.. lol~

Please be my friend :3 and we can talk a lot~~ :D
Merenwen-luinwee's avatar
I'm Sabrina, I'm a part of the dutch doujinshi group Open minded (sadly soon to be disbanded) soon hopefully starting an education in comic design.
I started watching because I'm very interested in your projects, and I've been hoping to respond to one of your calls for artists some time :}
(with a bit of luck and elbow grease I might try and submit something for the chocolate project :) )
Ealynn's avatar
I might give you that elbow grease :D
Merenwen-luinwee's avatar
ohoho X3 better make that a king sized jar XD I'm looking forward to it though :}
Ealynn's avatar
Heheh, will do!
EruNuo's avatar
D= Plus I'm too stupid to put icons into my postings. buhu.
EruNuo's avatar
Heya there, my name is Nina and I'm an artist from Germany. I'm drawing for several years now and started out with BL in 2005. Things I love to draw are pretty men, uniforms and naughty stuff ;)
It was ::Soen:: who made me join Fireangels and I'm very happy and proud to be part of this label!
Thus far I have been published in the first Vol. of Lemon Law, in the Bi-Color and Lemongrass Artbooks and in the Calendars of 2009 and 2010. Also I illustrated Anne Delseit's (::railail::) "In maiorem dei gloriam".

Outside of Fireangels I'm working on my first Manga "Guns and Swords", which is also a Boys Love Story.

My most favorite publications of Fireangels are Fear Tango and In maiorem dei gloriam.
I'm looking foreward for many new projects!

Fireangels forever! <3<3<3
/schleim >D
Moemai's avatar
Nobody? Oo

My nick is Moe (but my name is Sonia XD) and I joined because I loved your projects! I'm kindof into Yaoi too, though I like several things, and I'm about to be published, I wish I'll be able to publish my own yaoi later too^^

there it is... I'd be glad to know people a bit more! Love your art!
Fireangels's avatar
Well someone has to start ;)

So, welcome and thank you ^^ I hope that a few of the other contributors will put their stuff in our gallery as well, so that you guys get a better impression of our past (and future) books.

And I'm looking forward to your yaoi-things ^^
Moemai's avatar
I hope! I'll do my best too^^
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