:damphyr: open call for Art / Ausschreibung

:bulletblue: Illustrations
:bulletblue: Manga

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deadline: - open end -
There is no deadline assigned for this. That means you can hand in sketches and concepts for your submissions anytime. The final due-date will be arranged individually with the respective artists.

:bulletblue: manga: 13,1x18,6cm (incl. 3mm bleed/trim) with 600-1200dpi in b/w or 400dpi in grayscale as a *.tiff
:bulletblue: illustration: A4 with 1200 dpi, CMYK or in mangasize in b/w or greyscale
www.fireangels.net/english/tut… the Tutorial)

:bulletblue: manga and additional illustrations (artworks feat. your characters) will be printed in b/w / grayscale
:bulletblue: cover in color
We generally prefer illustrations not to be in color but we also need colored artwork for various purposes, so please ask when you hand in your sketch.

Everything is possible from everyday life to a dreamworld but it has to contain a certain maturity and of course grown up BL/Yaoi; no "first love" stories and no excessive sparkling (shojo-style flowers, ect.); all main-characters have to be 18 or older.

:bulletblue: Manga
35 to 100 pages (you can also hand in roughs, scetches, character-designs or extra artwork to your manga)
:bulletblue: Illustrations
We also need illustrations to fill the color-pages we put in at the beginning of our anthologies, and single blank pages between manga-submissions (b/w)

:bulletblue: mature content = 18+
However this does not mean that the story has to contain explicit sex scenes. You can selfsencor your art if you're more comfortable this way. The maturity of the story can be created with other elements.

Rape, furry and shota are not allowed. (There will be another blog-entry defining these items)

Any questions? Please comment.

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