:bulletpurple: Gallery
The contributors are invited to submit their works to the respective folders in the gallery.
Means China Blue pictures go under China Blue. Fireangels mascots go under Fireangels. Non specific images, or themes that don't have a folder yet go under Misc. - we'll work on creating all the necessary folders asap.

:bulletblue: Gallery - Contest-Submissions-Folder
This is the only folder everyone - even not-members - can submit their artworks to. This is due to the fact that Contests are open to anyone. However you only ought to submit artworks meant for publishing.
Specifically: You need to write at least a line in the submission's description, stating that it meant for publishing/as a submission to a contest and add the watermark accordingly!

:bulletblue: Gallery - Fanarts & Favorites
Fanart does not mean "any" kind of Fanart, but actually Fanart related to our books or other products. e.g.  China Blue pictures not drawn by slippeddee go under FANART or FAVORITES. Same goes for Emerald Rising, Coined, In maiorem dei gloriam, ect.
Please do NOT submit random Fanart. This is not a Fandom-Group.

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