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Hello fire and water photographers!

We have a "Hot And Cold" contest, that starts with this blog. The topic means, that you can submit anything related to the current season and time of the year (December and January).
Examples for "hot" would be candles, fireworks, fireplaces, ... so this part is mostly for the fire photographers. For the "cold" part, you could take pictures of snow, ice, frozen lakes and so on. Make sure that it has something to do with December/January and that it has fire or water in it. :)

The rules are very straightforward:
:bulletorange: Every member/admin may enter two photographs submitted after December 1 into the contest.
:bulletorange: The deadline is January 12. Submitting is open from now on, you can submit your entries here.
:bulletorange: Please follow dA's Terms of Service (and by please I mean you have to in this case).
:bulletorange: In your artist's comment, include something like "This is my entry for :devfireandwaterphotos:' <a href="">Hot and Cold Contest</a>.". (You can copy this and it will show up nicely.)

The judging will be just the same as in this contest: The admins, who don't participate, will vote on the pictures that make it into the final poll, where the three winners are determined by your votes.

So far the prizes are:
:bulletblue: Final poll pictures: A feature and :+fav: from as-red-as-fire

:bulletblue: All winners: Submission of the contest entry to "Featured", a feature from FireAndWaterPhotos and some of the affiliates (I will ask them then) and a llama from kristencavanaugh

:bulletblue: 3rd prize:
- 50 points from Nefarious069
- 10 points from kristencavanaugh
- 2 points from cobabara
- a llama
- 5 :+fav: from Virgy (JudyZenkai)
- a personal feature from Kiara-Vestigium

:bulletblue: 2nd prize:
- 75 points from Nefarious069
- 10 points from kristencavanaugh
- 3 points from cobabara
- a llama
- 15 :+fav: from Virgy (JudyZenkai)
- a personal feature from Kiara-Vestigium

:bulletblue: 1st prize:
- 100 points from Nefarious069
- 25 points from TimberClipse
- 10 points from as-red-as-fire
- 10 points from kristencavanaugh
- 5 points from cobabara
- 25 :+fav: from Virgy (JudyZenkai)
- a personal feature from Virgy (JudyZenkai) that will also be promoted in the group
- a personal feature from Kiara-Vestigium
- a personal feature from TimberClipse
- a stamp or photography request from TimberClipse
(The winner will need to contact TimberClipse for the prizes he'll give, though.)

If you can donate prizes for this, that would be great! You can donate llamas, features (for non-subscribed members, you can put thumbs in news, so you could do a news feature), points and everything else you can think of. If you want to donate points, you can write that here or donate on JudyZenkai's page and we will split it 1:2:3 for third, second and first place. :)

That's it, thanks for reading!

Thank you so much for featuring our contest!

Valid entries

Hi there!

This is the place where we'll list all accepted contest entries. It will be updated with new submissions until November 1, when voting starts.

Latest update: September 8

I'm moving right now, so I can't do the updates as timely as before. I'll catch up in October.

Your entry isn't on the list? Check if it fulfills the contest rules (in particular, mentions the contest in the artist's comment) and it's one of your two most recent submissions to the contest folder.

If you've checked all these, comment on this blog with a link to your contest entry and we'll add it. :)

This list is in alphabetical order, sorted by your names.
  1. plumwash by abcdefoxx by abcdefoxx
  2. splash by abcdefoxx by abcdefoxx
  3. Rain drops by Abgrundlich by Abgrundlich
  4. Raining Blood by Abgrundlich by Abgrundlich
  5. butterfly- frozen in time by acrux53 by acrux53
  6. web of crystals- by acrux53 by acrux53
  7. Twice Over by ActorzInc by ActorzInc
  8. Reversing Fall by ActorzInc by ActorzInc
  9. Autumn wears sparkles by AnaDeviant by AnaDeviant
  10. It's a world of bubbles by AnaDeviant by AnaDeviant
  11. Water drops 2 by B-Tek by B-Tek
  12. Water Drop II by Bette-Inna by Bette-Inna
  13. Water Drop by Bette-Inna by Bette-Inna
  14. potamophobia by Beyond-Hope-23 by Beyond-Hope-23
  15. Mature Content

    breathe II by binxxxxx
    by binxxxxx
  16. Mature Content

    breathe by binxxxxx
    by binxxxxx
  17. Snow White Drop by anniejo82 by anniejo82
  18. A Flower's Tear by anniejo82 by anniejo82
  19. Pink petal with water droplets by BreeMoody by BreeMoody
  20. Melting snow. by BreeMoody by BreeMoody
  21. And the drop goes Ping by brokenbokeh by brokenbokeh
  22. wet focus by brokenbokeh by brokenbokeh
  23. .november.rain. by candymax by candymax
  24. .little.worlds. by candymax by candymax
  25. Splash of Joy by Caszs by Caszs
  26. Liquid-Ambar by cibervoldo by cibervoldo
  27. :thumb184181020: by clarax78
  28. :thumb199048827: by clarax78
  29. Water Droplets by cocoagirl654 by cocoagirl654
  30. When the Clouds die... by ColourfulWinter by ColourfulWinter
  31. :thumb90617811: by dichan85
  32. :thumb96389002: by dichan85
  33. Grass Reflections by jonesblachowicz by jonesblachowicz
  34. -magnification by jonesblachowicz by jonesblachowicz
  35. Like Glass by Ely-AutumnDream by Ely-AutumnDream
  36. The Mystery Of Life by Ely-AutumnDream by Ely-AutumnDream
  37. Zink Drop by ExtwoBlog by ExtwoBlog
  38. Mille et un univers by Fant0me by Fant0me
  39. 0_O_o by MarcosRodriguez by MarcosRodriguez
  40. On a tightrope by MarcosRodriguez by MarcosRodriguez
  41. Water by funnyzzz by funnyzzz
  42. Ice-Cherry by funnyzzz by funnyzzz
  43. MacroWorld VI by GeminiGM by GeminiGM
  44. Write Error II by GeminiGM by GeminiGM
  45. Hibiscus drop 5 by GemSpottedfire by GemSpottedfire
  46. last chance by Liebegaby by Liebegaby
  47. Before the Impact by Liebegaby by Liebegaby
  48. :thumb121510032: by Glottis78
  49. :thumb257676871: by Glottis78
  50. A Winter's Tale by Gryphonia by Gryphonia
  51. :thumb197530460: by Hamtoast
  52. :thumb196878429: by Hamtoast
  53. :thumb235028038: by humannotdancer
  54. :thumb252749623: by humannotdancer
  55. gold and silver by Ingelore by Ingelore
  56. Candy by JustinKelly05 by JustinKelly05
  57. Trilobite by JustinKelly05 by JustinKelly05
  58. sunny rain by Kasumi-Amaya by Kasumi-Amaya
  59. Pear Bloom II by Kieran-Blaine by Kieran-Blaine
  60. Magenta Droplet 2 by kingyousy by kingyousy
  61. Droplet Thirst by kingyousy by kingyousy
  62. .. umbrella .. by KISStwilightFAN by KISStwilightFAN
  63. drops on clover by Kristinaphoto by Kristinaphoto
  64. Dewdrops by Krisztinaaa by Krisztinaaa
  65. by Krisztinaaa
  66. :thumb250638704: by kyraaskari
  67. :thumb211225425: by kyraaskari
  68. Droplet of Summer by LA34 by LA34
  69. Wave of sorrow by LaRoseDePetitPrince by LaRoseDePetitPrince
  70. Autumn dream by LaRoseDePetitPrince by LaRoseDePetitPrince
  71. M2777 - Mirror effect. by Lothringen by Lothringen
  72. Guttation by Lyraina by Lyraina
  73. Echo Your Foundation by MaddLouise by MaddLouise
  74. Drop Shot by MattNick by MattNick
  75. Waterdrops by marcialbollinger by marcialbollinger
  76. Summer Rain by marcialbollinger by marcialbollinger
  77. Stand out by MimixD by MimixD
  78. - ocean - by mirtilly by mirtilly
  79. :thumb257078002: by missemee
  80. :thumb257237827: by missemee
  81. Wave by mrsfahrenheit by mrsfahrenheit
  82. Rain by mrsfahrenheit by mrsfahrenheit
  83. Flaming Begonia by Narkya by Narkya
  84. Water Drops by NastiuFa by NastiuFa
  85. Water Drops by NastiuFa by NastiuFa
  86. My Umbrella ella ella eh eh by otas32 by otas32
  87. It's a Small World... by otas32 by otas32
  88. Drop In the Stream by phoenixsansfyr by phoenixsansfyr
  89. Waiting for summer by pqphotography by pqphotography
  90. Mackie special by pqphotography by pqphotography
  91. by RawPoetry
  92. Drop by RawPoetry by RawPoetry
  93. Falling by RobinHedberg by RobinHedberg
  94. Drop II by RobinHedberg by RobinHedberg
  95. The Matrix has you by Rosse-San by Rosse-San
  96. blue from black by ryanwaff by ryanwaff
  97. end of the world... by Saffella by Saffella
  98. Mother love... by Saffella by Saffella
  99. B r e a t h e by SarahJPhotography by SarahJPhotography
  100. Precarious by SarahJPhotography by SarahJPhotography
  101. Rain by Seans-Photography by Seans-Photography
  102. :thumb203518321: by AngelaMontgomry
  103. Ocean full of Tears by SimLuna by SimLuna
  104. Play of Colours by SimLuna by SimLuna
  105. :thumb201220760: by SongsOfLost
  106. :thumb254135746: by SongsOfLost
  107. Tears of Dawn I by Toxikomani by Toxikomani
  108. Morning Tear by Toxikomani by Toxikomani
  109. Wintersun I by VoidIndex by VoidIndex
  110. Drop by VoidIndex by VoidIndex
  111. Rain on grapes by DCfotografie by DCfotografie
  112. Rain drops by DCfotografie by DCfotografie

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