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Please read this before joining the group!


You know the drill. Please be respectful towards the members of this group! Bullying, harassment, and discrimination will not be tolerated. If you feel targeted or notice another member is being targeted, please inform one of the admins. 

Mature content is allowed only with a mature content filter. This is for very gory, bloody, and violent submissions, or very provocative and NSFW submissions. Remember that there are members of different ages here. Please be considerate! 

Tamer submissions (eg: cuts, bruises, making out, etc.) without a filter will be allowed. If you don't know whether your work requires a mature warning, think whether you would show it to a 9 year old kid. 

Don't forget: ALL submissions must be made using FireAlpaca or Medibang Paint! That is the point of this group, after all. Mixed-media is allowed (eg: colouring a traditionally drawn sketch using MediBang Paint). Please read the submission guide as well! This saves the admins and you a lot of time.  

In addition, please watch the group for journals and blog entries! Don't worry, we will not spam your inbox. We just need a way to contact all our members at once for important announcements and group events! 

Submission guide:

This folder is only for group event submissions! Do not submit anything here. 

Original Art
For FINISHED original art which includes original characters. Collaborations go here too! 

For BOTH original and fan comics here. 

For FINISHED fan artwork AND fan characters about another franchise OR another person's original project. 

For BOTH original and fan animations created using FireAlpaca/Medibang Paint. Do NOT post individual frames unless submitted in one deviation (eg: a grid-like format). You can use this to animate them. 

WIPs, Tests, Sketches
For unfinished works, tests/experiments, works in process, very rough works/drafts, etc. 

Art for Others
For commissions, art trades, requests, adoptables, prizes, contest entries, and gifts. Basically artwork that aren't original or fan art. Art Fight entries go here as well!

Memes, Icons, Stamps
For art memes, icons, and stamps created using FireAlpaca/Medibang Paint. 

Tutorials and Tips
For tutorials and tips that must be applicable to Firealpaca/Medibang Paint. 

Brushes and Other Resources
For brushes and other resources that must be applicable to FireAlpaca/Medibang Paint. 

Please send the keyword ALPACA along with your join request! If you don't send a keyword or send the wrong one, your request will be declined. This is to ensure that you've actually read the guideline. 

Thank you for reading, and happy drawing!

Please post questions and problems to the Questions and Problems thread to avoid cluttering up the main page.

Note: the admins are volunteers and fellow artists, we are not official support or associated with FireAlpaca in any official way. We have nothing to do with FireAlpaca development.

Other useful FireAlpaca resources:
Tumblr: EverythingFireAlpaca and FireAlpaca tutorials and brushes
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