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This group is dedicated to FireAlpaca, although we will also take questions about MediBang Paint (which also has a group over at MediBangPaint).

It's a place to share your FireAlpaca art, tutorials, brushes and other resources, to ask FireAlpaca-related questions, and to help other FireAlpaca users.

Please read the Submission Guidelines before you join and follow it. You will not be accepted until you've read it.

Please post questions and problems to the Questions and Problems thread to avoid cluttering up this main page.

Other useful FireAlpaca resources:
The fire-alpaca group - we'd still be there, but that group's founder and moderators have gone quiet, and the submissions folder for original art is full.
FireAlpaca Brush Scripts
Tumblr: EverythingFireAlpaca and FireAlpaca tutorials and brushes

Gallery Folders

Fashion Statement 2020 by KittyKittyKittyzz
I belieeeeeeeeeeve by krypto100
Caught in the Rain by boundlessb
Rain in Maine (FireAlpaca Bi-Monthly Challenge) by JoyofCrimeArt
Original Art
Kneeling Kween~ by Minnophee
My Body Is A Cage by Altairrr
Let it happen by Altairrr
Will He by Altairrr
Elinor High #131 by JoyofCrimeArt
Destiny - Pickup Battle 4 by Beginneratart
Sky - From Past to Present by Beginneratart
Elinor High #119 by JoyofCrimeArt

Mature Content

Ryan Didn't See Red Vent (smh) by Minnophee

Mature Content

Hot Damn~ by Minnophee

Mature Content

Another One Bites The Dust~ by Minnophee
Sky - Closed for Maintenance by Beginneratart
Hot Boi (Animation) by tenables
Wink Wonk [GIF] by Firefly-8
Froggo [gif] by Firefly-8
blackberry reforming gif by melodyHQ
WIPs, Tests, Sketches
Wendigo by Evansoftbo
Artdump 3 by Oriquo
Feeling witchy this fine october night by boundlessb
Art for Others
Art Request: Sarahsukuna by Reina-MintChip
Art Request: Mariabutterflyxd by Reina-MintChip
[C] DnD - Siras from The Arcane Gate by Beginneratart
[C] DnD - Amarok from The Arcane Gate by Beginneratart
Memes, Icons, Stamps
Art vs Artist 5.0 by Beginneratart
2019 Summary of Art by JoyofCrimeArt
All Toon'd Up by Beginneratart
2019 Summary of AHT by Beginneratart
Tutorials and tips
[Medibang Paint Pro] How to draw hair TUTORIAL by euphoriadOll
hit me with a bat by Nakad
[Let's Draw] AoS - About the Escape Pilot... by Beginneratart
Brushes and Other Resources
Medibang Paint Custom Brushes - Pack 6 by euphoriadOll
Brush pack 6 |(Firealpaca/Medibang) by 123abcdrawwithme
Free Blob brush for FireAlpaca/Medibang by Nuubles









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The challenge for this month is foreshortening, which is a bit more functional than the previous challenges. If you don't know that that is, it's basically an art technique that gives a picture depth by showing an object sticking out into space or into the picture. Here's a helpful tutorial on the topic: There are many different ways to use foreshortening in a picture, so it's a good skill to learn and practice.
If you're already familiar with foreshortening, then you can just show off!
- Draw a picture that shows foreshortening somewhere.
- Make sure you submit it correctly
How to Submit:
-Submit your art to the Featured folder! This is where all the event-related submissions will go.
- In the picture description, mention the group. You can title the picture however you wish.
-The deadline will be on July 1st. I don't really care so much about time zones, so don't worry about that.
-All pictures drawn for the challenge will be featured in a journal like the last one!
Feel free to ask questions below!
More Journal Entries


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Thank you for your time on this matter.
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What's new in 2.2.4?
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Is it possible?
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