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My Engagement Ring

My engagement ring that my fiance (now husband) had designed just for me! I love it so much. My husband took his idea to a local jeweler who made his vision reality. The jeweler who created it is on DA as well and has even better pics of it. [link] Be sure to visit his site as he is a very talented jeweler and deserved a lot of praise. Be sure to fave him as well!

EDIT- HOLY CRAP! My ring is all over the place on the Internet! How crazy!

I notice many of you wonder why in the world I would want a Decepticon symbol as an engagement ring, since the Decepticons are nothing but a bunch of lying, thieving crooks hell bent on destroying humanity. Doesn't quite sound like something to base a marriage on does it.
Well in honesty it was my choice. My husband KNEW I loved Decepticons so that's why he chose the symbol. I just love Decepticons because they are so much fun to watch and they all have such great devious personalities. I just find them to be WAY more interesting than the Autobots and find myself always cheering for them.

Our local newspaper even did an article over the "viral" status of my ring and we let them post our proposal online.

Watch here [link]
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that is very cool!

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Way cool!!! I would love one as well!!!
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I'm featuring your ring on my website. It's really cool. The most untraditional engagement rings > [link]
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Cool! Thanks for giving credit to the jeweler as well :nod:
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This is a beautiful piece of work!
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That's just beautiful
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Actually there's a link to the guy who made it in the husband just came up with the idea for him
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Aww it's amazing. Your so lucky! I would so want this to be my engagement ring :D
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Lucky girl. I want that to be my engagement ring.... but the autobot sign instead.
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megatron would be proud
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:) Thanks! Hopefully that means we'll be spared
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he probably would do that (with us all decepticon lovers as pets[but hey we would live])
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I guess that would be an all right gig...get fed, petted, don't have to go to work or pay bills...yeah the pets have it made (that is if Cons care for pets like we do ;)
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megs is the only decepticon who offers humans to survive as pets
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that's one awesome engagement ring! how long did he have to mine for the diamond? but seriously that's cool.
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I want one! I love my ring but wow - I love yours! I told my husband I wanted it and he thought I was joking... nope, I am a nerdy-bird!! Congrats! Kudos on the creativness!
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I want one!! I love my ring but man-o-man! I told my husband and he thought I was kidding! Nope, I am a nerdy-bird! :D Congrats!
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Oh wow! This is so sweet!!!
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I'm not even a Transformers fan and I want that ring! It's just so beautifully nerdy and unique and romantic!
I wish you and your new husband many happy years together.
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