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A group dedicated to the animal characters and species featured in Nintendo and Intelligent System's video game series, "Fire Emblem".

This varies from the Manaketes, to all the Laguz species, and even the Gods like Mila or Yune, and other class companions like a Pegasus.
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Fanart | Henry Skecht by Akobon
Robin by BBBrouillon
Henry by NeonCelestia20
[Fire Emblem] Zephiel - Guiniverse by Solchan
Feh the Owl
Marianne by AthomBoy
Manuela by AthomBoy
Sothis by AthomBoy
Byleth by AthomBoy
Sothis - Fire Emblem Three Houses by YogurtDollArt
Fire Emblem - The Dark Priestess, Idunn by leonmandala
My Fire Emblem Team - SPEEDPAINT by SpaceCinna
Shermie Robin by RayDango
Dragons and Manaketes
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Cat Laguz
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Wolf Laguz
Bridal Floof by Crescentia-Fortuna
Fire Emblem - Unflinching Eye, Nailah by leonmandala
Volug by Crescentia-Fortuna
Little Volug by Crescentia-Fortuna
Branded Characters
Easter Bunny alt Soren by Artemis-Yates
Valentine's Soren by Artemis-Yates
Moonlight Soren by Artemis-Yates
Soren Spooky Strategist! by Artemis-Yates
Fire Emblem: Panne's snack by ozkh
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Kitsune Kana by burningblaze9
Keaton by RedScarf045
IkeMarth Valentine/White day Exchange by Blaiddyddd
Twilight by BBBrouillon
Ashnard, Mad King by shellshock369
.:Collab:. Reina by Silvaze126
More Than One Species
chibi Kaden x Corrin by burningblaze9
Animalized Humans
its tearing up my heart when im with you by NoodleyEggCat
Writing and Comics
DWOAH: Corrin vs VolgaDeadliest warriors of all historyCorrin vs VolgaKnights of pure Draconic powerCorrin info:Height: 5 foot 2 (human form) 9 foot (Dragon form)Weight: 129lbs (human form) 830lbs (Dragon form)Weapons: Omega Yato, Tomes, Tooth and Claw, Dragon LanceStrengths: Is one of the most powerful and famous characters of the Fire Emblem series, Superhuman strength (With maxed out stats can cut through entire armies by herself, Can shatter the ground with a Sword strike, Her Dragon form gives her a large strength boost), Superhuman durability (Has survived countless attacks that would kill regular humans, Has survived a multitude of status ailments that should have been fatal, Her Dragon form gives her a large durability boost), Superhuman speed/reactions (Is far faster than normal humans, Reacted to an Arrow from being fired behind her), Is a military and tactical genius, Can fly via sprouting wings, Can transform into a Dragon at will via her DragonStone.Weaknesses: Being part Dragon Corrin suffers a weakness to any kind of Weaponry that is effective against Dragons, Using some Tomes/Spells can have negative effects on her, Her Dragon form is fairly small compared to others.Volga info:Height: 6 foot 8 (human form) 13 foot (Dragon form)Weight: 243lbs (human form) 897lbs (Dragon form)Weapons: Dragon Spear, Tooth and Claw, Dragon FireStrengths: As a humanoid incarnation of Volvagia Volga became one of Cia’s most powerful minions, Superhuman strength (Can cut through Hyrulian Soldiers and Gorons with ease, Can harm the likes of Link, Impa and Darunia), Superhuman durability (Can tank hits from the likes of Link, Zelda, Impa etc), Superhuman speed/Massively hypersonic reactions (Can keep up with the likes of Link, Zelda, Impa etc, Can dodge Lightning), Can breathe Fire in human form, Can partially or fully transform into his Dragon form at will.Weaknesses: Has little to no care for anything other than a good fight meaning he will happily cut down his allies if they get in the way of him getting a strong opponent, Is extremely single minded in his pursuit of strong opponents, Can actually be considered to be one of Link’s weakest enemies as he was bested by the Hero whilst Link lacked the Triforce of Courage, Has a weakness to Water Magic.Battle begin!Swinging her Sword with a battlecry Corrin effortlessly cut down another wave of Bokoblins sending their bodies flying before calling for her Soldiers to advance onwards to force the Goblin creatures back to keep them from overrunning Nohr’s Northern Fortress.Slicing through a Moblin that tried to side swipe her Corrin then staggered as a huge shadow washed over her, the large shape flying low enough to nearly knock her off of her feet as a huge crimson Dragon came crashing down to land a few metres away from her, sending several Nohr Soldiers flying as the Beast bellowed before suddenly igniting and shrinking until a red Armour clad Knight strode out of the flames.“So you are the one who leads this paltry army?” Volga spoke effortlessly catching a Nohr Soldier by the throat as he tried to attack the Draconic Man, Volga then easily snapping the man's neck with a flick of his wrist before tossing the body aside “maybe you can actually give me a challenge” he then stated raising to point his Spear at Corrin who readied her Sword in turn.Spinning his Spear Volga then leapt at Corrin with a battlecry, launching himself into the air before throwing his Spear with the force of a Ballista shot, the Spear impacting against Corrin’s Sword with such force that it actually shunted the Princess away whilst the Spear struck the ground hard enough to crack it.Landing Volga grabbed his Spear tearing it out of the ground before swinging it horizontally at Corrin’s neck to which she deftly dodged and clashed her Sword against it, sparks flying from the clashing metal as Volga’s Spear barely moved from being struck by Corrin’s Blade.Breaking the Weapon clash Volga started to thrust his Spear at Corrin in short sharp lunges to force her on the defensive before jutting forward and opening his mouth to release a torrent of Flame from the pit of his stomach at her.As the Flames swept over Corrin Volga noticed them starting to part until it was revealed that the Princess had pulled out her Tome and was forcing the Flames back with a Wind Spell, dispersing his Dragon Fire until the Wind Spell reached him and made the Dragon Man stagger.Putting her Tome away Corrin then utilised a Water Spell, splaying her left hand out and conjuring a ball of Water in a Dragon Fang Shot, firing the Water ball at Volga to which it formed into the head of a Dragon mid air.As he recovered from the Wind Spell Volga noticed the Dragon Fang Shot just as it was about to come in contact with him, the Draconic Man backhanding it away causing the Water Spell to burst upon contact, his arm smoking heavily as the Water burned him but the pain seemed to only spur him on, a borderline Demonic grin gracing his features as he threw himself at Corrin again to clash his Spear against her Sword.With each swing of their Weapons Corrin and Volga sent Minions and Soldiers of each others armies flying as their fight took them through the battlefield, Corrin eventually out strengthening Volga’s Spear thrusts to knock the Weapon away and leave him open for an upwards sweep of her Omega Yato knocking him further off balance and opening him up for a flurry of Sword slashes.Moving in a blur Corrin struck Volga from all angles bringing him to his knees before leaping high in the air, aiming her Sword downwards to impale the Draconic Man only for Volga to shoot his left hand out, transforming it into a huge burning Claw to grab the Princess around her body squeezing her with crushing force “you’re going to have to try harder than that!” he growled as his Talons started to cut into her Armour, bringing Corrin close to his face as Flames began to rise from his throat again.Just as the Flames began to leave his mouth his hold on Corrin was broken as wings burst from her back, forcing his Claw back into a humanoid hand as she converted her left hand into the Dragon Lance, the Princess launching herself forward with both her Sword and Lance aimed for Volga’s chest forcing him on the defensive.Blocking both the Omega Yato and the Dragon Lance with his Spear Volga dug his heels into the dirt as he was pushed back, sparks flying from their Weapons as he started to push back against Corrin, his strength slowly proving to be superior as he forced both of her Weapons away before breaking the Weapon lock, making Corrin stagger before thrusting his Spear forward at her midsection.Luckily for the Princess her Armour proved dense enough to make the impalement just a shallow wound, Corrin knocking the Spear away with her Sword as she swapped her Lance for her Tome to cast a series of Lightning Spells upon Volga at close range, blasting him back as torrents of Electricity coursed through him “I won’t surrender!” the Princess exchanged as she blasted the Draconic Man, Volga exclaimed as the Spells burned his flesh to the point his body ignited.The Flames didn’t come from her Spells however as Volga’s body erupted in transformation taking the image of Volvagia, the Dragon bellowing loud enough to shake the battlefield around them as the flare of his Wings sent more Soldiers and Bokoblins flying.Readying herself as Volga crashed down on all fours and roared at her Corrin then rushed at him, flaring her own wings as she took to the air, her body glowing as she used her Dragonstone to transform into Dragon form as well.With a roar of her own Corrin slammed into Volga forcing him onto his hind legs as she Clawed at his body, both Dragon’s snapping at each other as they wrestling and Clawed, their sweeping Tails sending more of their troops flying as Corrin clamped her Jaws around Volga’s neck.Roaring as Corrin’s Fangs dug into the scales around his throat Volga spat Flames in all directions before focusing them down on the smaller Dragon, engulfing Corrin in flames to the point that her body was barely visible through them until he felt her release his throat.Moments later her Dragon Lance emerged from the Flames as it was revealed that whilst the Flames hurt they did nothing to put the Dragon Princess down, Corrin then thrusting the Lance forward straight into and through Volga’s abdomen making him bellow in pain and stop his Flame attack.Wrenching the Lance out of his stomach Corrin then repeatedly stabbed at him with it, dragging the larger Dragon to the ground as she did so whilst he writhed and thrashed, his body igniting again as he shifted back into humanoid form.Shrinking down to human form Volga became small enough to escape Korrin’s grasp, Cia’s general rolling as he hit the dirt before standing and holding his Spear forward with one hand whilst grasping at his gaping stomach wound with the other, utterly refusing to stand down despite the hole in his abdomen holding his Spear at Corrin whilst the Dragon Princess prowled towards him.“To think...I’d be a mere child...playing at being a Soldier…” he spat as Corrin then shifted back into human form and advanced on him with her Omega Yato poised and ready “maybe you were the challenge I have been craving for so long” he then grinned as blood began to run from his mouth.Uncaring about the savage mans ramblings Corrin simply rushed in to attack again, swinging her Yato to block and deflected a Spear thrust from Draconic Man before taking aim and ramming the Sword straight through his chest and out of his back, getting about half way before her Blade started to slow making her to have to put more effort into the impalement until her hilt touched his chest Armour.Coughing and gagging as blood spurted out of his mouth and entry and exit wounds Volga give Corrin one final feral grin, as if congratulating and thanking her for a good fight before his head slumped forward and his Spear fell from his grasp, the Princess slowly pulling her Sword out leaving Volga’s body kneeling in place, gracing him with a small nod of respect before moving on to finish the battle.Winner: CorrinWell after finally getting into the series after playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Blue Lions for life) I finally did my first Fire Emblem match up.So why does Corrin beat Volga?Well apart from strength and possibly age as it is unknown how long it had been between Volga coming into being and Cia forcibly recruiting him into her army Corrin has the advantage in nearly every category, the primary factors that aided her being her far greater militaristic mind and higher skill in combat whilst Volga relied purely on his sheer strength and brute ferocity to win his battles so when he finally met an opponent he could match him and could fight with a cooler head things would quickly turn against his favour.
Fan Characters
Forever by beyondfantasycosplay





:rose: Welcome
This group is a group dedicated to the animals of the Fire Emblem series! So if you've are a fan of any of the animal characters, then feel free to join the group!

:rose: How To Join
There shouldn't be anything to do to join except hit that "Join Our Group" button! Anyone can become a member of the group!

:rose: Contributing Artwork
All artwork should be able to be accepted into the group when you submit it, but if there are problems, do let FALCHI0N know!

:rose: Submission Guidelines
All artwork needs to be put into the corresponding folder that it belongs to. If you are unsure what goes in what folders, look at the descriptions I have in each folder.




At long last! Beast/Bird units are being added to Fire Emblem Heroes! This is a proud time for the fans of these characters!

The characters that are being added on the 10th (11th for me!) are:

:star: Tibarn
:star: Reyson
:star: Leanne
:star: Nailah

There's also a Grand Hero being added! That's gonna be Naesala! How exciting!

Good luck to all those that plan to try and summon for these characters!

Here's their intro video if you wanna see for yourself!

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