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One of the most common problems with FireAlpaca has to do with tablets. Some don't get the cursor aligned, some don't have Pressure Sensitivity, some don't even work. Many of these problems can be solved, so I'm creating this post to compile all the tricks that users have found to make their tablets work correctly.

If you want to make a review of a brand (PROS/CONS system), please comment below! I only have experience with Wacom and Huion so far. Please comment if you have a solution for a particular model or brand of tablet, and I will update this post! :hug:


The most common solutions to tablet-related problems are:

1- Update FireAlpaca to its last version.

2- Update your tablet drivers to their last version.

3- Go to File>Environment Setting or press Ctrl + K and check that you are on Professional Edit Mode. Then check that you have Tablet Coordinate, not Mouse Coordinate.

4- If all this fails, sometimes unplugging and plugging your tablet with the program open may help.


PROS:The most widely used. They range from simple and small like Bamboo to display screens like Cintiq. Good quality and reliable tablets that are the role model of the industry.
CONS: Prices can be considered high for the more advanced models.

Tricks: Usually the trick with Wacom tablets is keeping the tablet drivers updated AND uninstall other Wacom tablets before installing a new one (Windows users only).


PROS: One of the several Wacom alternatives, they unite good construction quality, cheap prices, and excellent customer service.
CONS: Sometimes design choices make no sense, and the software can give problems if you don't follow certain installation steps or tricks.

:bulletgreen:GT-220 pen display trick by kotori-chan
This model is basically a very decent Cintiq alternative. However, when I first installed it, I had no pressure sensitivity on FireAlpaca and I found several problems with other programs. This is how I fixed it (Windows):

1- Install the latest drivers (from the website, or contacting the staff by email or facebook) BEFORE plugging the tablet.
2- When installing, I had 2 errors concerning wintab32.dll on system32 and SysWOW64. This controller is super crucial for the system and is used on a variety of programs, which can also block its access by new installers. You cannot simply skip a problem with this controller. After making sure I was having problems, I uninstalled the driver (PenDisplay) and restared my computer.
3- I located the .dll files and attempted cutting them (Ctrl + X) and copying them on a different location for safety reasons. This way, you can always go back to your previous controller if anything goes wrong.
4- One of the controllers appeared to be blocked by Dropbox. I closed the program and waited a few seconds for its process to shut down. Alternatively, you can also shut down the process manually from the Task Manager.
5- Once the two controllers were cut from their folders successfully, I installed the tablet driver again. It worked like wonders and now I get pressure sensitivity on FireAlpaca and CloudAlpaca.
Extra: PenDisplay has a default option called Tablet PC support. DON'T TICK THIS. It gave me endless problems.

GENIUS review by obtusity


PROS: Inexpensive tablets (Genius is known for inexpensive hardware), lots of different models.
CONS: Judging from members posts (I don't have a Genius tablet myself), there seem to be problems with the driver software included in the box for many models. More recent driver software (2013 or 2014), downloadable from the manufacturer's website, seems to have fixed the problems for many users.







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Does this worth for MediBang Paint Pro, as well?

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Hi! I have a Bamboo Pen & Touch (Wacom) that works fine with every program - except FireAlpaca. Pen pressure is fine, working as intended, but for some reason I can't move away from the top of the screen with this program? With every other program or on my desk, I can go everywhere on the screen with the tablet (it's a small one, but it doesn't matter there), but on FireAlpaca I'm stuck. Both the programm and the tablet have their most recent versions / drivers, and I tried to unplug/plug it to different port, it just refuses to work. I did put the program on Professional Edit Mode, and it's on the Tablet Coordinate setting, but still no results :/
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So my tablet is a Huion and my zoom in button on said tablet doesn't work on the program. It works on say, PaintToolSai, but not FireAlpaca, which I use to make animations. My zoom out button works on the program, just not my zoom in. Help/suggestions?
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Mine is a Huion tablet that lags for a second whenever I draw on firealpaca. I'm not sure why this happens, as it works fine everywhere else.
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I'm also having a similar problem.

So far some solutions I've heard, but haven't worked for me personally are the following:
-Update your tablet/stylus drivers
-Revert to a previous version of Windows
-Switch to "use mouse coordinate" or vice versa
-Turn correction off
-Disable Windows Ink
-In FireAlpaca, go to File>Enviornment Settings>Edit Mode and select Professional
-Reinstall FireAlpaca

None of these have worked for me yet, but let me know if you find the solution!
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Mine worked alright after I updated my driver, but I'll be sure to tell you if I find out something that can help!
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my tablet is a wacom device i dunno the exact name but... it works fine with clicking on items and all that... it just doesnt draw on the canvas at all
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My tablet pen is too sensitive to the program, I hover above my tablet and it keeps drawing. It's really frustrating! Any advice?
FoolyGooly's avatar
same idk what to do
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Okay so I have 2 screens and it happen that with firealpaca (and only with that) I can't have my tablet to match with 1 screen. It match fine with everything else but as soon as I select FireAlpaca it reset to match with the 2 screens.

Maybe firealpaca ise not set to be use with 2 screens? :/
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i updated fire alpaca and now no matter what i do i cant get pen pressure to work, ive restarted my computer, restarted drivers ,changed settings, the works. i'm hesitant to delete and reinstall things cuz im not that great of a computer whiz. (even tho it seems like you kinda gotta be to use a tablet lol)

im wondering if there's someway around that... i'm using a wacom intuos pen and touch small on windows 8, not sure if this last bit will help at all but normally when i restart the drivers wacom desktop service pops up, it hadn't been these last few times so i got curious and opened it manually and it says that nothing was plugged in... 

uhh anyway there's probably an obvious answer i'm just a bit slow... thanks in advance!
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this is happening to me to ugh
WaxyDoll's avatar
Did you ever figure out how to fix it? I kinda gave up lol
RitoDog's avatar
l had to uninstall and reinstall everything
WaxyDoll's avatar
Aw okay i guess ill have to buckle down and try it
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I have an issue with my firealpaca. Every time I open a new canvas it automatically zooms out and the loading icon keeps appearing. Also, when I go to the environmental settings, they change just by lightly running my mouse over it.

I've already restarted my laptop, reinstalled new drivers, etc but it still hasn't changed. I really want to try this program out but I need it to run properly.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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Uh, I have a stylus and tablet mode for my computer... help?
Does anyone have a solution to pressure for that?
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So I got a new Huion tablet (I think its a 580?), and I really really wanna use it; Only problem is, the pen pressure does not work with any of my painting software (Firealpaca and Krita). The tablet came with its own little program solely for testing the pen pressure, and it worked fine in that, but when I open my art programs, the pressure doesn't work. I have no idea what to do. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my programs, and they still don't work. Please help me!!!!
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How do you make one of the pen buttons map to move the screen around? I set it to "pan/scroll" but it just sometimes zooms out, and I depend on being able to easily get around my drawing. For now I can use touch commands, but I'd really like to be able to use my pen.
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ok, so i recently messed up something on accident while fixing my mousepad. i'm not sure what i did- so i can't fix it- but there's something wrong and it's really annoying because i want to draw.
i have a huion tablet, and it used to work PERFECTLY fine with firealpaca, and i had been using it for a little under a year. it recently has stopped working with firealpaca, and it works fine with every other application on my laptop (even other drawing programs) but not with firealpaca. i can't click any buttons with the tablet pen (for example: the file button or any other buttons along the top, any tools, etc.) but i can click it with the mousepad. i can move the cursor around still, just not click. when i try to draw, it just uses the eyedropper tool (there's a separate button for that on the pen)
i've done all i can to fix it, but i still haven't been able to.
i've deleted and reinstalled firealpaca 3 times, and i've reinstalled the tablet driver twice.
please help me ;W;
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Theres a problem with mine where threse a GIANT area in which I can't draw on (Literally I press down and move but it doesn't draw. at all.) and I have a Huion tablet, I dont know how to fix it and I am not keen on uninstalling drivers unless they are online.
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Is there a way to turn on/off pressure sensitivity on FireAlpaca?
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yes !! just double tap the brush selector on the brush that you'd like to use, and deselect the box that says "size by pressure". hope this helped !!
BlazeFlames15's avatar
thank you holy cinnamon roll
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