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Portal: Prelude Icons

By firba1
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Here's a couple of icons for the newly released Portal: Prelude. Enjoy.

Update (12/1/08): I've updated the .zip file with icons compatible with both Vista and XP.
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Do you need to have a Valve game to play it?
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I believe you need Portal to play it. You can check on the website: [link]
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Nice job on the icons :D

Have you played Prelude? It's like regular Portal on steroids.
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I haven't played through it all.
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Now if you could restore the block icon without the shine - so that it looks like a larger version of the original - then I could finish off the wallpaper i've been putting off.
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I can do that.

If you send me your e-mail, I can give you the icon in any resolution. It's originally made of vectors, so I can make it as big as I want.
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You can also add me on MSN if you want to discuss ideas about Portal: Prelude projects.
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Well, I don't have MSN, so that probably wouldn't help.
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Fair enough, i'm almost never on.

Anyway, could you make an icon for a Portal Playground program?
It's a map for Portal and i'm trying to turn it into a mod. Badly.
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Sure, any ideas of what it should look like?
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I was gonna leave that to you, you being the icon designer and all.

However, I would like it to be something easily recognisable with Portal, but also representing the actual concept of the map - fun. So an amusing icon associated with portal that would fit together on the desktop and on Steam next to Portal and Portal: Prelude.
A couple of things to say about this game...

I don't know if Abby died. I couldn't take a good look at her since who-knows-who dragged her out of Aperture Labs.

All I know is I have been worried about her ever since the morality core started working. I want to know if she is ok.
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some believe that chell (who could be a part time employ) took abby out of the lab.
Now I can have an alternative! Thnx!
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The orb version is corrupt.
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Same here. It's not corrupt though. It just seems that the file is there but the icon (the picture content itself) is not.
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It works fine for me.
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Thanks for this! I would have never found out about the game :)
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No problem. You should check it out, it looks great.
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