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Fabulous Stand ! I can easily imagine it into Jojo manga :p

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Awesome, i'm obsessed with elephants like ganesha since a pretty weird trip in acid. Why i saw an elephant god?. Anyways outstanding art.

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This artwork is just amazing , i loved it . Great details and it's so smooth and hiding a story in it . great work 
This is an amazing piece of art. I really love the Character Design.
Fokus, Willpower, Tranquil Contemplation i can feel it.
stuartpierce's avatar
Wow, this is amazing.
EvilPhoenix007X's avatar
Dude this is such a badass piece of art. No words can describe this. :D
JazylH's avatar
What a spectacular piece of art!
Man this is crazy good! I seriously love badass!
AslansTraveller008's avatar
Absolutely incredible. It's the type of art I love, you know there's an entire book in just this one image.
TheDarkHeretic's avatar
It looks really hypnotic and surreal! Congratulation on the DD very deserved, - very well done :) Clap !
P-Graner's avatar
I have no reaction or even words for your painting 
YemaYema's avatar
epicness emanates from this
The-Golem-Armada's avatar
Wow, I just love everything about this piece. The detail is just awesome and the colors form a really excellent palette for this piece. Great work!
CharlieRadosna's avatar
wow, I'm speechless. the head ot the beast looks fantastic. 

there is but one thing I wanted to mention - somehow I cannot get rid of the feeling that the body should be a little bit smaller so that not to distract the viewer's attention from the head to the body's heavy massive. also somehow I would love to see the end of the trunk.

even so, the picture attracts attention with its intense energy flowing through the screen. you can sense this enormous power of the moment. absolutely amazing, thank you so much for this piece of art.
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Beautiful, it reeks of intense power. The way the environment is held contrary to the laws of physics without the impression of dynamics gives it that feel. The Gnesh-like sentient has an almost alien visage with his face devoid of emotion. combined with the recognisable feeling of concentration.
The soft and bright sunlight lights up the jewels and adornments excellently and thus contrasts well with the blue-grey of his skin.
At the same time the human at the bottom looks almost curious with his active concentration, he's so dwarfed both physically and thematically by the Gnesh, and his attire suggests he's almost of a lower order.
I love the great swathes of domes on the buildings in the background. The really place the scene.
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This is just simply amazing!! I love the concept, and your details are fantastic! Background is beautifully done, you are so very talented, so thank you for allowing our group, :iconsharpenededge: to add this to our gallery.
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its ganesha?
so cool!
Deborah-Valentine's avatar
So many things to see It is hard to take it all in
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

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BADASS.. Amazing work.
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