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Solaire of Astora

By FiragaShark
If Dark Souls was made into a 16-bit sidescrolling beat em up, what would it be called? Dark Souls: Fight for Fire? Something cheesy like that.

First up is our favorite SunBro, Solaire of Astora. Planning on doing more of these guys.
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Ah, just like a wonderful father. Awesome job!
Rekusha's avatar
Dat sun on his chest XD
Nobodyspatzy's avatar
Excellent pixel work, and I have to comment, because Everyone love Solaire!
MrAkton's avatar
praise the pixle sun!
Acid-On3's avatar
If only I could be so grossly incandescent!
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You could browse /v/ and ask for programming help, that is if you did all the spritework and stuff, hell you might have a really good flashgames or something (you dont have to make the whole thing, but more of a gaiden)
FiragaShark's avatar
That be such an insane amount of work lol
If you do the art then I will put it all together for you.
If you are interested then email me at
You have some real talent.
FiragaShark's avatar
Thanks for the offer. I'll think about it.
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Then you make some stock creatures, some bosses, a final boss, and some nice scenery. Then ask some people on /v/ to help with programming. A gaiden flash doesnt have to be long, just good and interesting.
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