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Started today in-stream in Picarto ^^ and finished off-stream.
There is an artwork that I'm making, loosely based on Peter Pan and Tinkerbell (after reading the original book), and it's not yet finished. So I got impatient and made an extra picture for Tink :heart:
I like her design and since she's pretty tiny in the picture with Peter, I wanted to draw her in a larger size.
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i hope you're having a blessed day, and are doing great.

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She's so pretty and sparkly. I love how you've drawn her. :aww:
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Glad to hear that, thank you very much :heart: drawing fairies is always a good excuse for sparkles =D
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Darling! I so love the bright golden yellow shades so very cheery and her face is so sweet, the cutest ears ever as well :heart:
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Thank you so much :heart: it was really fun coming up with my own design for her  little vanilla and leafs l 
I love the way she seems to be bursting with energy.  The tiny lace wrapped around her one ankle was also a nice touch.  I think you made a  good choice giving her her own, larger pic; she looks nice in the image with beside Peter, but it's fun seeing her close up.
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Thank you very much :love: She started out as a character sheet to figure out some details, and I thought she deserved some more spotlight ^^
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She looks absolutely adorable! I really love that dress ^^
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Thank you :heart: sorry for the late reply...
Merry Christmas! :santa:
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No worries, I'm not quick with replies as well :P Anyway, you're most welcome! And a happy new year to you in advance :)
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Oh my goodness, she's too cute.  =]
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Thank you very much :heart: I'm happy too she turned out well! =D
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She looks like a golden bell with wings! :D
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Thank you ^^ golden bell was pretty much the look I was going for =)
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You're welcome. :)
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