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Peter and Tink - Up to no Good

light pink heart The details almost killed me but it's finally done! light pink heart
The one idea I've always liked about Peter Pan is a boy having his own fairy. Otherwise, it's not really my favorite fairytale... I did not read it as a child, but I don't think it would have helped if I had, my taste hasn't changed much. ^^ Recently I saw Peter Pan in "Once upon a Time" and thought, oh, he's finally pictured in a halfway honest way. About time xDD Still not how I see him, but at least turning him dark is the right direction.

This picture is more a mythological representation of an actor I like and who I think could be the only one to turn the tables and make this character interesting, magical and cool for me. It's not the one from OUAT, but it's a close call. :heart:

Since OUAT I also have begun reading the original and realized that most of the adaptations completely ignore the fact Peter's outfit is not only made with leaves, but also red sap, because him and the Lost Boys sleep inside of trees. I turned the sap to amber to give it more substance and to point out how long he's been around. Adds more sparkle too! Sparkle Rainbow 2016 NaNoEmo - #1 Imagination Sparkle Rainbow

Media: Digital painting in Photoshop

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his hair soo fluffy Icon - 012 Kyuto (Sparkle eyes)

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AHHH I love this! great job! Such luscious hair <3
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Thank you! :heart: I like drawing cream dollop hair xD
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It's funny how no one has ever captured that on film just yet.
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I thought so too ^^ My favorite outfit from another adaptation is the one from OUAT so far.
The one from the movie with Jason Isaacs as Hook was designed somewhat more interestingly and added more nature, but overall it was just a bit too skimpy. xD
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Let's not forget how it all started when someone played Peter Pan on stage. :XD:
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