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Red Hood And The Outlaws

[ Red Hood and The Outlaws - DC Comics - New 52 ]

Models and Cosplay:
• Me [Whitelemon - Jillian - Florencia Sofen Muir] as Koriand'r - Starfire
• Jonathan Duran - Clint Redfield as Jason Todd - Red Hood
• Victor Castaño as Roy Harper - Arsenal

Special Thanks: Our lovely Nane ♥

My friend Jonathan and I opened a new facebook group dedicated to our work into cosplay world. Just take a minute to watch it ;)

Link to Facebook.

Thanks for all your support! :hug:
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EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
Anyone who cosplays Starfire's Outlaws costume is super brave. Kudos. 

Also, you're a real beauty. But we knew that already!
Hermione-Cullen-18's avatar
this is a fantastic cosplay!! You don't see a lot of these on here.
jeffroell8's avatar
Eeesh, I knew that Jason and Batman's relationship was bad, but not THAT bad
renegade-chevy's avatar
Absolutely Brilliant! :D RHOL makes me so happy and this is perfect!
Ameute's avatar
That is so awsome and yes the graffiti
Wildave007's avatar
These are some great costumes!
NightshadeLies's avatar
Ha, nice graffiti.
falcona's avatar
Who was the photographer on this?
ShiftingShadowsArt's avatar
How did the costume stay on???
ChasehaWing's avatar
True threesome love.
SkinnyZach's avatar
I still can't believe Starfire, who comes from planet built on love and compassion works with these two has-been badasses.
ChasehaWing's avatar
Hey, her badass-ness is more then worthy to stand among these two. She is the SHIT no matter who she works with, goes to, and teams up with. I love Kory XD Don't underestimate her; she's the rock in the relationship.
SkinnyZach's avatar
No, you misunderstand me, I'm saying Kory is to awesome to be among these to has-beens. Green Arrow's ex-sidekick that he fired(For kind of bull sh**t reasons but still). And Red Hood.....who is just a generic "Angry at heroes" anti-hero who is only really interesting when involved in a Batman story. Please don't get me wrong, I love Starfire she is like one of my favorite superheros. She funs, loving, quirky but could kick your ass in a second. Especially Jason and Roy.
ChasehaWing's avatar
Hey... *likes Jason...Roy is "eh" category* The guys are cool, but Nothing beats Starfire, you're right. *grins* She will kick ANYONE's Ass if they face her...but I LOVE her friendship she has with Jason and Roy its just...lovely. *smiles* They can't be bad ass all the times. so when they relax, I'm glad its with each other...they're becoming a great team.
SkinnyZach's avatar
JonathanDuran's avatar
It really is not batman symbol: [link]
red hood: [link]

but wearing it for a reason, wearing a red bat, color of blood, to remember who is to blame for his death.
Take the red helmet to remember that blood and death is always in their memories.

Read a little more
SkinnyZach's avatar
It looks like a Bat, He was a Robin, therefore Bat Symbol, therefore the costume re-designers are stupid :)
JonathanDuran's avatar
yes, is a but, because batman "kill" him.
Whatever, is dick grayson's armor..y el diseño es casi igual que el otro.
Ven con fundamentos la proxima vez,anda.
SkinnyZach's avatar
Mwen regrèt, ki moun ki te di ou sa a?
Skywise783's avatar
i'm sure star would
gamera68's avatar
Awesome, love it!!
Bracey100's avatar
How do you get the Starfire costume to stay on? Great costumes all around though!
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