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The Loo
Many cities I've seen as a sightseer.
Many countries I've already travelled to.
I could not understand all tongues I did hear.
Travel does broaden the mind - That sure is true.
All the people in the world are vastly different.
Where one laughs out loud, another one may bawl.
That which keeps you may have driven off another,
But there is something that does unite us all:
The loo!
The loo!
If you have one, you are happy!
If you have none, you are blue!
The loo!
The loo!
Everyone is glad to have one.
Every bottom sure is too!
No one can get by without one.
There you answer nature's call
Whether you are big or small.
Many things have been in my possession.
Many things I'd dreamed of years-long night and day.
Once I had them, they were straight away forgotten
And just in some distant corner stowed away.
What do we strive for, what is really important?
There is much without which life smoothly proceeds.
Neither jewels nor expensive watches matter,
But there is one thing that everybod
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