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IM 16 YEAYEYEYEAYEYAEYEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
last day of being 15, it was fun! going from 15 to something better.
hey guys did u kno that uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this weeks my bday? cool as heck info to know abt, jus sayin
i lov mfriends so much !!!
new month, a fresh feeling
hel lo evryone, how u guys been??? hopefully good.
my da has been 3yrs old... wow
whos ready for an art dump of vent art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bc i sure am
honestly this is such a depression song, love it
i got too excvited now my tummy hurts ghghhhhhh whyyhy am i like this

*This Is The Life playing in the background, except the "this is the life" part never stops playing and im crying*
i love summer so much!!!
i think i might make my stay a little bit longer than to leave at the end of summer... i might idk!!! im still upset abt thinking abt all the shitty comments i made on here when i was like 12..... and someones gonna trace it back to me and thats the end for me i guess?!??!!??!?!  im sorry
3 years
tfw ur havng  a panci atackk and the person knows thsi and is tryngi to make it worser??? hahahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway the beach was so Good!!!
im not uploading art here anymore starting the end of this month, will i upload some before then? maybe
ive just sorta lost interest on here, i like it here but it ranges from: me getting TOO MUCH attention, to no attention and ughh!!! it doesnt make me rlly comfy??????????????? uhh??

anyway thats whats gonna go maybe(maybe), im still going to draw what i owe ppl, but when that ends i jus rlly dont know what im gonna do here!!