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just one out of a TON of backgrounds I painted for "Tangled the series", premiering tonight at 8pm on Disney Channel!! AAHH

I actually painted this in 2015 (can you believe), and all the episodes until episode 5 were done before December 2015. LOL

I'm shaking, I'm nervous

I won't upload all of them on deviantart, but most of them will be posted on my tumblr! I'll be posting new backgrounds with every new episode release:


~ Fiona Hsieh
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since you did so great on the throne room of Corona, may plz have back rounds on the Dark Kingdom?
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The series and this art is fantastic. :)
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Omg this is fabulous! *w*
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Linked to you here.

You work on the show? Well, you and the rest of the crew have done an amazing job! I'm in love with the show's style. As for this piece in particular, I love how inviting and open the throne room is, and the color scheme works together perfectly! The lighting/shadows look really complicated with all the light sources and reflections, but you nailed them.
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thanks very much! 
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You're welcome!
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hold the bus,,,,,
I've just started the series and I'm loving it already! I didn't know you did the backgrounds omg I. Have so much more love for it all now lmao <33 they look amazing!!
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These backgrounds are looking insanely good, dude. Always an inspiration seeing your environmental work.
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I love the art style. I also watched the series and loved the backgrounds and art style. Now that I know that you did them makes it 10 time better.
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thanks so much!
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You're in charge of the backgrounds to the series? That's awesome :D 
You did a good job :clap:
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Me and 3 other background painters do all the establishing shots and any detailed shots! Thanks!!
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You guys are doing a good job :clap: 
And you're welcome :)
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Oh my, YOU are creating backgrounds to this series? This is getting better and better <3
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YEAH!! Me and 3 other background painters do the establishing shots and any detailed shots :'D 
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Praise the sun!
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Oh wow i had no idea there was gonna be a tangled series! I just set it to record xD Excited to see it : 3
This looks gorgeous <3
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hope you liked it so far! hehe
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ah I really did : D I'm excited to see more! My little brother liked it a lot too xD
I got so excited every time i saw a background by you lol
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