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Opposites Attract


(excuse my clicheeee title :P )

AND SO I swore to myself that I would never draw DRAGONS AGAIN. :noes: Because I WAS SICK OF DRAWING DRAGONS

But THE DARK ONE is more of a .. black blob. Thing. :ninja: So he gets out of "DRAGON".

.. THE WHITE ONE.. Is more of a fluffy feather ball than a dragon. :paranoid: So HE GETS OUT OF IT TOO.


AHEM. aaaanyways, aside from SUPER BLACK BLOB and his best friend THE WHITE BLOB, hope you guys enjoy~ :heart:

I listened to EPIC MUSIC COMPILATION (lolwhy) while drawing this :o LISTEN. *demands*…

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*both change in those forms*
{What do you think, bro?}
[I'm not very sure about this. It doesn't really fit my perosnality.]
{So you're saying you prefer to turn into a bookworm or something?}
[Well...Nevermind then.]
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Nice two blobs you have right there XD. what program did you use?
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lol, thanks =) I use Photoshop Elements 8.0... an old program, but it works!
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pfft ahahah! your comments are so funny!
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You are such a great artist, I look up to you.
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looks like it would be from the comic Off-White O: coooooool
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I see the resemblance.~
Anyway, wonderful job. You're an amazing artiest.
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What an amazing contrast in beings! Their essence seems to flow and collide with each other in a violent yet pleasing manner! This is a wonderful piece.
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This is amazing. Just simply breath-taking. You are extremely talented with what you do. I just LOVE your art. Please, continue the excellent work you make. Its is just epic. Simply Epic.

(Also, I thought these were Zekrom and Reshiram, Two Dragon Pokemon. xD)
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Aah, thanks very much! ^-^;
LOLyeah, I got a lot of that on this picture :nirvana: eep!
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Oh wow, this is intense! I like the way SUPER BLACK BLOB's eyes and mouth sort of...bleed...across the rest of his face, neck and body. THE WHITE BLOB is pretty cool too, of course, but my love is all for SUPER BLACK BLOB.

(Oh man, I feel so awful for thinking they looked like Zekrom and Reshiram.)
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Wow, this is amazing.
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Epic. Just.. Just.. EPIC.
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woah, epicness much? i love it. Insta-fav and Insta-watch. :3
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OMG this is soo awesome! Awesomeness
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Sweet~ Love the Feathery design and that lovely blue-cyan color on the white one.
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yeah, it does look like those two! It'd be a cool tribute piece.....or maybe it's just a realllly odd coincidence.....

Anyway, really fantastic!! I love your style and the way you don't use lineart, but merely paint your pics. Very epic. :iconlaaaplz:
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