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Near the Spirits

By FionaHsieh
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AHHHHH just uploads this anyway even though it's a late monday night 8__8 WATEVER

I listened to a romantic chinese song on loop and this painting blobbed out. I felt very emotional and magical when listening to the song though.

and this white wolf that seems to appear in all of my drawings should just be considered a placeholder now.... just magical white animals

varying my style every drawing because why not... ENJOY. =)

(C) Fiona Hsieh
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this is amazing! do you mind us asking what the song was that you listened to while painting this?
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unfortunately I dont remember, it was so long ago ;; thank you! 
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I'm curious to what the romantic Chinese song sounded like to inspire such a marvelous painting!!
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Amazing i really really love your pictures 😍😍😍😍
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I really love the serenity of your art <3 Good luck and keep it up~
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There's such lovely depth and lighting in this piece. Well done. 
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Something about this reminds me of Princess Monoke
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A wonderful atmosphere :)
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Woah this is so so SO amazingly done!!! Beautiful mood and atmosphere. So eerie!
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I love this!! So beautiful. Always love a magical white animal! 
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Simply awestruck! Beautiful price of art r really talented :)
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beautiful work here. well done
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I'm just going to say first that I love your username.

Second, I had to add this to my favorites because it is a very beautiful piece of art.

And, Third, I will definitely be checking out your other pieces.
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I love the colors used~
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Oh wow, this truly came out so beautifully!
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Beautiful, I love the smooth flow of the colors and your artwork is just so settling to look at. good work!
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