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Know Your Worth

even when others may not recognize it. stay true and always value yourself higher than others do.

(C) Fiona Hsieh
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© 2018 - 2021 FionaHsieh
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Nice work! your style reminds me of Tyrus Wong the guy who did the artwork of Bambi BTW I've got his art book & it's beautiful! ^^
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I love the natural glow that emanates from the unicorn. The sweeping colors really bring your eye straight to it. Beautiful work. <3  
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very nice style you got going on very nice!
Shalladdrin's avatar
This is so lovely... reminds me of The Last Unicorn. 
Lolliangel00's avatar
Incredible work! So beautiful :heart:
Weidenlied's avatar
Lovely scene. It reminds me of The Last Unicorn, with its gloomy atmosphere and
the bright, hope-bringing unicorn in the center.
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the colors and illumination in this are phenomenal!
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Lovely artwork, I especially like the circular composition and the blue-green color scheme with contrasting golden-white. Also love the wispy quality of the grass and trees around the unicorn, it gives me the feeling of an uncertain, chaos environment, but in its middle the mythological creature sits proud and relaxed, and this, for me at least, truthfully represents the visual version of your written comment about staying true to oneself and valuing oneself higher than anybody else does.

So thank you very much for reminding me of this important truth, means more than I can express into words for me personally, and for sharing this wonderful life attitude and your version of its visual representation with us.
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you described exactly what I was trying to portray as I painted this, and I'm really touched someone else felt it. thank you so much! 
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My pleasure entirely Fiona, I'm just really glad I could see your beautiful art and, if I understood its message properly, I'm sure it's also your merit as an artist. Thank you for that and the message itself.
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Amazingly done.
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a lovely motivational unicorn!! thank you for sharing +o+
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Beautiful. Thank you for this. <3
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You have such a great style !
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Lol it reminds me of a scene from the movie Legend. Really well done!
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God I love this <3
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Those trees and the atmosphere remind me of the Bambi concept drawings by Tyrus Wong, it's lovely!
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