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. Ancient .

today's landscape painting ..

I feel like I need to practice more on waterfalls and I always wanted to draw a scene with colossal trees... SO I COMBINED THEM TODAY. :noes:


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I love your landscapes :3
What program do you use?
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thanks! : D 
I paint in Photoshop for all of my paintings. I use a really old version at home, so it's a little crappy LOL. I recommend the newer CS versions :P
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Yeah I have pse 9 but I can't find any brushes that look like real paint and it's really bothering me heheh
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this is stunningly beautiful. I'm speechless
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What a dream!!!! :la:
N4trs-pR1d3's avatar
This caught my eye and im just like WOAH i wish i could do this!!!
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The deep forest, tall trees, and waterfall look so peaceful. If I were there, I'd actually imagine it to be very quiet, even with all that falling water. A lot of sound can get lost in a place like this :O This piece captured my mind for a very long time, thank you (:
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This is so serene and beautiful! How did you get that texture feel to it?
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I paint with some custom brushes that have texture =P
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Ah neato! I'll have to find some of those for myself to experiment with someday (:
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Oh, the atmosphere is so quiet - except the ship which is going to sail down the waterfall xD
fireleap's avatar
Gorgeous scenery. I love the lighting as the water rushes over the edge. It's just really beautiful, great job!
Mondlichtfalter's avatar
what a nice place to be.
at first it reminded me of Princess Mononoke with the trees and the water but now.. it's definitely different.
the mini-boat is cute :)
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O-O i so jelly man.
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ohh wow... thats sooo awesome!
WarrenLouw's avatar
Oh wow.... Love the colours and technique here. You got skill!
MyrhiumsDesigns's avatar
lovely, i like the watercolor effect. The light is placed very nicely and has a nice tone to it :)
rapturedoni's avatar
ancient and majestic.
lnfinityArts's avatar
Great use of depth/layers and colors
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