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Hey guys!! Long time no see!!

I'm not as active on deviantART as I used to be, though I'm trying to remember to log in and post some stuff.

I had a couple of bad experiences posting some work and people choosing to attack me over it's content, and while that's not the majority of people who talk to me it did cause me to take a step or two back from here to regroup myself.

If you want to keep up with my work you can also find me at the following places, where i often post a lot of sketches and other fun stuff too.

Instagram @ fiona_create
Tumblr  fionacreates

I need to get my head back around the way dA works, and post some of the stuff I've made in the many many months since I last logged on. Thanks for sticking around if you're still here and following me!
I've had a few folks ask about the printing of the Bird Tarot into an actual deck.

At the moment I have completed the artwork for the Major Arcana only (publishing one per day) and should I finish all 78 as I intend to, I may look into doing a small kickstarter or such in order to be able to sell a published deck! It's not certain however. I mean I have to finish the artwork first!

So if you are interested, please bear with me, and enjoy the art as it comes.

If you can't wait so far I've released the Magician as a instand download pdf on my Etsy -…

Yaknow if you want some magician on your wall.

I took a timelapse of my most recent witch and delved into the recesses of my mind to remember how to video edit!


RavenWitchPhoto by FionaCreates Photo by FionaCreates

As a way to make prints of my work really affordable for all budgets, I’ve decided to sell Digital Downloads of my art removing all the expensive costs built up by postage and manufacturing!

Prints are only £5, or around $6.80 USD (depending on the conversion rate Etsy uses)

You will get a high quality PDF which you can download and print at your leisure. (Or just stare at digitally, I guess that’s up to you!) Prints are Non Commercial use only.…

For the moment I only have these 6 pictures up, but if there’s a picture of mine you’re just dying to have as a print just drop me a message and I’ll see what I can do!

Tumblrbluetits by FionaCreates
Swalloweg by FionaCreates Eg1 by FionaCreates Eg2 by FionaCreates

1 by FionaCreates
2 by FionaCreates
3 by FionaCreates
4 by FionaCreates
5 by FionaCreates

6 by FionaCreates

7 by FionaCreates

Reminder I am always open for private commissions. (Non commercial work.)

You can message me via note, or email me at if you’re interested.

If your commission is something I’m not comfortable with drawing I will turn it down. Porn, underage nudity etc.
By habit I never start a canvas that's smaller than 4000 pixels tall. (If I'm not dolling ofc) The large canvas allows me to be less fiddy with my marks because I'm not drawing details at the pixel level etc.

I have been doing this so long it's become just a fact to me. But today I was looking about at some stuff and people were talking about how they start their canvas "quite large" at 1000 px high. And I'm like O_O "you can't do anything with ease at 1000 pixels, you're making your job harder, whut people do this?!"

I guess I'm just being all oblivious again and something completely normal is baffling my tiny artist bubble.

What kind of canvas size do you work on? (If it's not pixel art... :P)

I can't be alone in the giant canvas can I?
Whut?! Deviantart is 17?! I swear it was only celebrating it's 9th birthday not that long ago!

*checks profile*

Whut?! I've been on this account for 9 years?!!! (Total 11 years including my dead account...)

Omg where doth time go?!

The Oldest piece of Art I have on dA (2005)

Valkrie by Morgana-Pyrochan

Some other old stuff
Twi-Lek Girl by Morgana-Pyrochan Bellatrix Lestrange by Morgana-Pyrochan

And the oldest on this account are all dolls

.:Mermaid:. by FionaCreates .:Eowyn of Rohan:. by FionaCreates .:Neo-Victorian:. by FionaCreates

Dammit now I just feel old.

I'm not even that old! I'm 28 dammit!
De682b50f74b0e4fad2af1278905274f Original by fionadoesadopts
So that reason I was absent at the beginning of the year is now on kickstarter! If you like board games/social deduction games and like my art defo check it out!!…

Here's samples of the art I did for the game. You can so tell its me :P

E28c21d19be74a4c5cdd973f8103c30a Original by fionadoesadopts

73f20642a957881e53f6af1bfcc47197 Original by fionadoesadopts

Digital Art and Perfection

Fri Mar 17, 2017, 5:36 PM

So if you missed my last journal I'm doing a massive game project for plucky robot games, which involves drawing a lot of card art.

One of the things I'm drawing is currency aka coins, which are round.

For the sketches I have used the ellipse tool but I chose to trace the shape by hand for the final art, it wobbles minutely but this is a choice I choose to keep because I feel it keeps the humanity of digital art. Or rather the Humanity of MY digital art.

I began my art life as a traditional artist and one of the things I exploited was the accidental nature of some mediums, their very lack of perfection was what I loved about working with them. I always hated my digital art because it was "too perfect" in comparison, and my strong rough sketches have the vibe I want to carry through in my work. I've since found a balance of the accidental and the control which works for me (such as using the geometric lines and shapes in the sketch and tracing for the finished thing).

I was wondering, what's your approach to digital art and do you want your work to be perfect and smooth and flat and wobble free, or do you embrace the wobbles or some other thing?

There's no wrong answer, there are some amazing artists who use the geometry fantastically, and don't lose the hand created humanity of their work, it's just not something that I seem to be able to do.

original drama llama by Quelfabulous

Why no Art?!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 28, 2017, 3:02 PM


I will admit, I'm not the most prolific of posters... but there has been a severe lack of art from my end, and for a professional isn't that a little odd?!

Cropped-plukyrbot-logo-png-1-with-tagline1 by FionaCreates

Well exciting shizzle has been happening. I've been beavering away on a BOARD GAME! Professional art n shit!! There's so many little drawings to do it doesn't leave a massive ammount of time for "fun" art or smaller commssions/adopts but I am making shizzle.

Plucky Robot Games is keeping up with what I'm doing on their site if you want to check that out!

The first released art sketches are on this post here…

And with this brief announcement... I am off... probably to keep sketching and drawing!! (Or being ill, damned winter, one or the other!!)

Hope you're all well since I haven't been around chatting away so much recently.

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$20 Bird Commissions! You know you want birds!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 12, 2016, 4:02 PM


Updated with even more!

A few years back I did some bird sketch commissions where clients named the bird they wanted and I ran with it and made them sketches. (You may even remember the madness that was the end of December 2012 and birds)

I’m reopening this with all my nuskillz, Name your Bird $20!

What do you get?

A digital bird drawing of the bird of your choice at print resolution for personal use only (looking for unique Xmas cards anyone?)

Magpie for themothworks by FionaCreates

Heron - for HeronDreams by FionaCreates Junco - for Phoneix1785 by FionaCreates Flamingo for Oddrang by FionaCreates Goldcrest by FionaCreates

What birds will I draw?

Any birds! So long as they’re real birds I can research, sorry no fantasy creatures at this special offer :(

How do I contact you?

Note me your BIRD!

How long will it take?

Once you send me the $20 I’ll try to get the bird drawn ASAP (barring sleep of course, I will let you know if there’s a queue!!)

So how about it? Who wants a bird!!?

Examples from 4 years ago. I can draw more than garden birds yaknow!

Bird Commish - Vanshira by FionaCreates Bird Commish - thebeetle by FionaCreates
Bird Commish - Kamiki 3 by FionaCreates Bird Commish - Phoenix 2 by FionaCreates
Commission - Kari by FionaCreates Bird Commish - thebeetle 2 by FionaCreates Bird Commish - Odyrah 2 by FionaCreates

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Ombre Hair Tutorial! + More

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 13, 2016, 9:33 AM


I've been adding a lot of Ombre hair to various character designs, and I've decided to share my technique for doing so! (Completely made up but method seems to work when I keep doing it so it must work!)

I hope you guys find it useful!!

And if you missed them here are a few other timelapse drawing work I've done.

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Journal Entry: Sun Jul 31, 2016, 9:35 AM


I've done some speedpaint type videos in the past and tutorials, but a vital step in the process has been missing, that being the drawing by hand phase.

And so I've been working hard for the past couple of days to figure out how best to record this and there have been some blips in the process and some terrible recordings and although current recordings are on my phone it's looking pretty alright if I do say so myself XD

So the product of all my hard work, so far, is a speed sketch of a slightly wonky deer. Enjoy! (And maybe subscribe for more in the future!)

PS Will accept requests for what to draw and film next!

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Ask me -- Answers

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 10, 2016, 12:04 PM


Answers from my Ask Me journal. If you want to ask me a question feel free to leave a comment and I'll put up another journal some other time (in a day or so) with answers!

What's your fave food?

Cheese. Anything with cheese in it or on it.
And Tea.. but it's not a food....

What is the first thing you plan immediately in your head when you come to a new idea and are ready to begin?

I... don't plan in my head... the minute I have an idea that might be of some interest I go straight to either paper or GIMP and draw OR I go and do my research and build a moodboard if it's that kind of thing.

Like I may know I want something with a long flowing skirt but to keep it interesting I'll go build a moodboard of skirts from history, fashion shops and couture so I don't just get "a skirt" I get an interesting unique and fun skirt. I will then start drawing and building an idea from all these things on my moodboard. Which leads on to the next point...

Do you illustrate on memory or use reference?


I have a workable knowledge of human anatomy based upon experience so I can build a human but I research like it was going out of style. Sometimes I need a direct reference in which case I use my phone and take photos of myself (usually my hands) but most often I collect a lot of references and then build it into one drawing.

The only thing that happens when you draw entirely from memory is you create what you know. And what you know is minuscule in comparison to what you could make if you venture into the deep waters of what you don't know.

I could draw a horse from memory, or a shark, or a cat, and it would look symbolically like a horse or a shark or a cat, but if I actually looked at one of those things? All the details I forget are now accessible to me and what I can make is going to be a million times better AND more unique and interesting! Ergo more fun!

((I feel very strongly about the myth that drawing without reference makes you a better artist. It doesn't it makes you a more boring artist! /personal opinion))

What are your favorite details to focus on?

Flow and movement. I'm obsessed with the flow across a page. Usually this comes out in clothing folds and hair!

Favorite color tones to use?

Teal... or Coral Red... they both rescue me a lot.

Do you use many programs or just one?

GIMP mostly. When I need to do Vector work I reach for Inkscape and on the very rare occassion I need to open a PSD I'll use photoshop and then promptly transfer it to gimp.. XD

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Ask me Stuff!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 9, 2016, 1:18 PM


I did this over at my other account for adopts and thought it would be cool to open it up here too.

I don't use my journal much and I have all you wonderful watchers I don't talk to, I just throw art at! So I thought I'd get you guys to ask me stuff!

It can be art related, or personal (though I may not answer) or maybe something about how I make things or go about my research process or well I dunno I'm fishing for words now.

If I get some cool stuff to talk about I'll write another Journal later where I answer all the stuff! (Of course this could backfire and you could all ask me nothing and I'm left with an empty journal, ah well!)

Ask me things?

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Commissions open!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 3, 2016, 6:33 PM


Since I seem to have gained a tonne of followers recently (hello!) I'm once again doing the friendly reminder that my Commissions are indeed Open!

The cheapest is sketch portraits at just $20 up to full illustrations at a personal quote based on how much work it'll take for the background etc.

Check out the full list here

FionaCreates does Commissions by FionaCreates

And here are more examples of the full characters! Because I can't resist showing off and I rather like these ones. ($70)

[closed] Adopt - Seafoam Lieutenant by fionadoesadopts[closed] Adopt - Tangerine Sorcerer by fionadoesadopts

[Closed] Adopt - Coral Gothic by fionadoesadopts[open] Adopt - Mint Knight by fionadoesadopts[closed] Adopt - Nightshade Pilot by fionadoesadopts
[closed] Adopt - Carmine Knight by fionadoesadopts[closed] Adopt - Taffy Technomage by fionadoesadopts

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What order do you work on your drawings/art?

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 18, 2016, 9:45 AM


When working on a drawing or doll or tbh anything it is that you make, what order do you make it in?

This was inspired by a video I watched where the artist said they painted the eyes in last because they were their favourite thing to do, whereas with character work I put the face in first because not only is it my favourite, I find the whole character is supporting the face as that's the core of them as a being and i dislike when outfits overpower the face so if I do it first I know when to stop with the outfit.

In general I work back to front, as I work on one layer, so I do anything that's going to sit behind something else first like an old school painter, so backgrounds etc then put the figure in and the topmost details like jewelery n stuff last.

So, do you leave your favourite bits til last? Do it first? Work back to front (or do you solve that issue and actually use layers... XD)?

Well I'm going to assume you do the sketch or designs first but question for when working on the final art... XD

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Journal Entry: Mon Jan 4, 2016, 5:05 PM



I made an account to sell predrawn character adoptables!
Character Adopt -  Seafoam Knight [closed] by fionadoesadopts

So maybe I did something crazy but I'm loving it... so far...

It had suggested to me before that as well as commissions I offer up premade artwork as adoptables and as I was looking through sketchbooks  over Christmas I found many character designs just abandoned.

I thought I'd try out drawing some up and seeing if they sell. I've had fun so far doing them properly, though I did make a different account for it to avoid clogging up this one for people who just aren't interested in adoptables.

If you are into adoptables check out fionadoesadopts for fun things to buy and see and if you're not into adopts you can still check it out and see me draw characters like giant dolling!

Character Adopt - The Lady Raven [closed] by fionadoesadopts Character Adopt -  Coral Rock [closed] by fionadoesadopts

I will still be making illustrations and drawings and dolls and posting them here, but I can't pass up the opportunity to selfishly indulge myself in doing something with all my abandoned character ideas!

:iconfionadoesadopts:  :iconfionadoesadopts:  :iconfionadoesadopts:


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So apparently this is a thing now...

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 31, 2015, 8:56 AM


I've been surprised (pleasantly) by the volume of attention my recent dolls have got, especially Ms Spectra and i figured out that somehow my work now gets on the front most popular page of deviantart!! Wtf!?

I want to say a huge thank you to all my watchers who have supported me for a long time, and hello to all my new watchers I've picked up!

i feel flattered at every comment and favourite and its been a fantastic year so bring on 2016! 

Hope you're all doing something fun for new year whatever fun may be for you! 

Happy New Year!!

my first and last deviations of 2015

Ruthless Philly by FionaCreates  Ms Spectra by FionaCreates

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Digital Dolls Contest! - Closed!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 9, 2015, 1:51 PM


And the contest is closed!

Thank you so much for all the fabulous entries! you can view them all below. I hope to get them judged shortly and will notify you all of the results in hopefully not too long!

So as you're probably aware, where dolling is concerned I'm the first to go "yay baseless!"

But for this contest, I'm going old school, you MUST use a base! One that you didnt make, and one that as far as you are aware is not traced! It can be any base any size though most non traced are smaller but if you can find a large base thats not traced, go right ahead.


The theme for the contest is "historical fashion" but I'm taking the theme very loosely. It must be pre year 2000 inspired and as far back in history as you want. It can be pure historical, fantasy historical, sci fi historical, punkified historical, but there must be some clear connection to a historical fashion era. Be as creative as you like, as crazy as you like and have fun.

But remember, there must be a base that is not yours underneath it all. (And please read the basemakers terms of use carefully :D (Big Grin) )


The winner will get one custom doll made by me, on a base of their choice (provided it is not traced and allows editing). And depending on number of entries I'll hand out a 2nd and 3rd award and maybe some cool things like best hair.

I will be the sole judge of this contest, but I will judge as fairly as I am able.


Please click through to see the entries properly, some of them can appear a little blurry using the thumbnail feature. :(

Digital Doll Contest entry by O-Cholz
Victorian Pink by Ashuri
16th Century Lovin' by Artzygrrl

This isn't rock and roll by bcboo
50's Gal for Digital Dolls Contest by FoxyRepublic
1915 Lady by Elaitea
Junihitoe by Elaitea
Snow White by Breebles

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