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VI - The Lovers

VI - The Lovers - Puffins

Bird Tarot
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First off, let me just say this had an immediate impact on me! I loved the look of the art, and it drew me in right away from both the take on what looks like a tarot card. It was also the looks of the birds themselves, as well as the title. The one thing I noticed was the bird on the right - near the chest/belly, looks a bit disproportionate to the other puffin. While both are different birds and would be individual a bit, the chest looks a tad too flat on the second one to me. Although this doesn't really take away from the overall look of the art itself and it really looks beautifully put together as a whole. Nice work!
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Lovely work!  I think the lack of blending works well here to create a unique, clean style.
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i love the colors so much
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I really love the look of these Puffins! <3
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Thanks! It's one of my favourite cards.
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I just wanted to say I am absolutely loving this series! Both the art and the choices of bird are wonderful!
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Thanks! My main goal was to not worry too much or think too hard and just work with what came to mind :) Though this is one of my fav cards I drew I must admit.
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Are you doing all the cards?
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Currently all 22 Major Arcana are complete, and I'll be working on the other suits in groups so I can release them 14 at a time. I hope to do all 78
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That's awesome, can't wait to see them all!
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