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.:Tool Shaded Doll - Hair:.

For those of you who are unsure what tool shaded digital dolling is, it is a cross between pixel dolling, and digital painting. Think of it a miniature digital painting if you will.

The gallery is under customisation -> dolls -> tool shading

This tutorial is a basic insight into how I work on my tool shaded dolls. The base is my own though you can use any base you wish to make your own dolls provided you use proper credit.

I will perhaps be doing other tool tutorials soon but I thought I'd start with hair. Knock yourselves out.

Feel free to note me or comment here with any dolls you may create where this has been useful.
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Thank you for the Tutorial! :-)
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thank you! this was immensely one of the things I struggled with!
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I'm fine with it tradiontally, but when it comes to digital painting and dolling, I don't get hair.
it just doesn't make sense, :D.
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try working in reverse, instead of drawing in the dark strands leaving the light free, like you would do with a pencil, start with a dark solid colour and draw in the lighter strands. It seems to work better this way with dolls.
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hmm. I suppose that makes sense. I'll try it, thanks.
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This helps out a great bit. Thanks!
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No problem glad it helped :D
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Great tutorial! :'DD
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you do the best pixel art ive ever seen o_o
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this isn't actually pixel art but tool shading, in which I use the photoshop brush to create miniature digital paintings. Still difficult, but not pixel by pixel.
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Thanks for the tut. I already have a technique of my own, but thanks to this I think I can find a way to improve that technique. :thumbsup:

If you don't mind my asking, do you happen to know any good tutorials for minor base edits?
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I don't know any particular tutorials as I just alter what I want, move pixels change colours etc as and when I need them.... I rarely use tutorials so I don't know many good ones.
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tbh you don't need a tutorial, all you need is the confidence to just do it. you dont like the eye, draw the eye how you want it. (make sure the basemaker allows edits mind you.. XD
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Yeah, the confidence thing is what I have trouble with. -_-'
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just do it.

if you fuck it up, do it again

and again

you will learn far more by teaching yourself, than by relying on someone elses step by step,
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I teach myself a lot of stuff, but I'd like to see how someone else does their base edits.
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I have a vid on youtube. I cut off the head of the base and draw in my own.
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Wow, this may just revolutionalise(sp) my hair shading, seeing as I'm still using the dodge and burn tool :o.
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