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Drew this ages ago for pride and kinda very much forgot to post it. I can totally draw cute characters in love?

Happy very belated Pride?!

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The first rainbows signaled peace and promise to never flood the earth again. Now, it flies sadly over the lust for human desire and sinfulness. Opinions are subjected to be as equal as truth when the in the reality no one wants to aknowlege, the two are far apart in power and priority as far as can be. Sadly, This prism of wander is by human lust, squandered. I always like rainbows. I very much so don't like the disrespect and unfair symbolism my kind has chosen to dub it with. I choose to show my colors the right way: my way.
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At first love was a way to how much you mean to each other - no matter the gender. Sadly, some people are to close sighted to see that these people are just trying to fight for their love. There was proof of Roman men having male significant others, how have we gone backwards from then?
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Actually, the first rainbows were bridges from the heavens to earth, allowing humans, gods, and the dead to travel between the two places, for a variety of purposes.
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