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Transwoman and cartoonist of fetish action smut comics.


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       Mistress Sixx brushed a stray lock of her brilliant red hair aside and took the last sip from a now empty coffee cup. She frowned at this and tapped her long red nails against the heavy wood table before setting the cup aside and giving the little service bell sitting nearby a jingle. From the other side of the table, Trina snickered.

"Don't you think it's a bit late in the evening for coffee?" the black-haired, pale-skinned Trina asked with a quirked eyebrow.

"Um, hello, I'm Michelle O'Carrol, have we met?" Sixx teased in reply while giving the bell another ring.

"Alright, alright." Trina flopped her hand dismissively. "Ask a stupid question..."

"Get a shiny red ballgag between your lips." Sixx finished.

"Wishful thinking." Trina feigned an indignant tone. "But seriously. With as much time as you've been spending at that cafe, I'd think even YOU would've had your fill.

Sixx's tone instantly shifted. "Well about that. You see, I asked you here tonight for a reason. I could use some advice, Trina. One Domme to another, as it were."

Trina failed to notice the shift in tone. "Oh? There a new blend you're unsure about trying?"

"In a manner of speaking, yes." Sixx continued, "This blend is called Laura Desilva. And after testing it for a few months, I'm pretty sure it's not decaf."

Trina quirked her brow. "Okay, just to clarify, we're not talking about coffee anymore, are we?"

A click of heels on the floor intruded upon the silence that was threatening to fill the air. The maid had arrived, bearing a fresh cup of coffee for the lady of the manor and a snarky tone that Sixx knew to be intentionally provocative.

"It's a girl." the maid said without a hint of concern for the reddening face of her employer. "M'Lady has a thing for a girl at the cafe. She wants to ask if you think she's ready for a fulltime sub, since a live-in maid doesn't count, apparently."

Despite her face now being as red as her flame-coloured hair, Sixx kept any hint of anger or displeasure from her voice. "More than a dozen applicants and I chose you. Remind me again why?"

"Because I was the only one willing to wear this uniform and these godforsaken heels day in day out." the maid responded with a hint of playfulness in her tone and a little twirl on her impressively high-heeled boots. Her high skirts swirled in a frilly display as light danced along the surface of the heavy rubber maidsuit. "Also my butt looks great in rubber. Your words, not mine."

Trina tossed a critical glance to Sixx, hearing this.

Sixx ignored the pointed look from Trina and reached out to take the fresh cup of java from her maid before nonchalantly adding, "Well. It does."

Trina examined the maid. She did rather like the uniform. A french-maid style affair, with a the short sleeves and too-high skirt trimmed with white lace. Matching, wrist-long gloves that also were trimmed in frill and a pair of painfully high-heeled black boots that locked on via a strap around the ankle. Beneath it all, a green, glossy catsuit to compliment the maid's dyed green hair and emerald lipstick. But liking a uniform was not liking the form itself.

"I believe a demonstration is in order." Trina said to Sixx, while her eyes remained fixed on the maid.

Sixx smirked behind her cup and gave an instructive gesture of her hand. "You heard the lady. Present booty, maid."

The maid gave an overly dramatic sigh. "Yes Miss, of course Miss, anything you say Miss."

With this, the maid turned on her heel and bent over at the waist. She reached down with her gloved hands and clutched at her ankles while keeping her legs firmly together. An impressive display of her limberness. The hem of her skirt slid up to expose a very shapely posterior sealed beneath a transparent, green-tinted rubber layer from with the outline of a pair of panties could clearly be seen beneath.

Trina knew Sixx well enough to know that the panties, also green, would be rubber as well. And possibly include a plug insert. She also now knew that Sixx was right about the maid's backside. She pulled her eyes away from the display and looked over to Sixx.

"I must concur, Michelle."

Sixx took a long sip from her coffee. "Yes, I thought you might. And what do you say to your superior's appraisal, maid Ginger?"

The maid, Ginger, stood fully upright once more and turned to face the two Dominants. She slid easily into a low bow at the waist. It was formal and sincere, yet the maid's tone maintained the blatant sarcasm that Sixx had come to expect when the maid was angling for punishment.

"Thank you, oh thank you Mistress Trina." the maid spoke as if reading from a cue card, "Your praise is truly all that I, a lowly maid, could ever desire."

Sixx made a mental note to stop rewarding the girl with punishment.

Trina turned a critical gaze to the maid, then to Sixx. "Still in need of discipline, I see."

Sixx focused her green eyes pointidly on her maid. "I think she may need a little less, actually."

Hearing this, Ginger's demeanor changed slightly, as did her tone. "I apologize for my shoddy performance, Madame and Mistress. May I resume my duties in the kitchen now, Mistress?"

Sixx waved her hand dismissively. "Yes maid, do so. And see your way to your room afterwards. There will be no additional training tonight."

The maid bowed low in a bid to hide the obvious disappointment from her face. She then hurried to turn away and depart for the door with a very subdued, "Yes Ma'am."

Trina watched the maid go with a hint of sympathy. Ginger had been in the service of the Sixx Household for almost a year now and Trina had come to understand, much as did Sixx, the little games she played to warrant the lady of the manor's attentions. She also knew when the anxious maid was truly crestfallen and knew this was the case.

Trina looked over to Sixx. "A bit harsh on the poor thing weren't you?"

"Not harsh enough. She'll be receiving a visit from the displeased lady of the Manor tonight, just after she's tucked herself in." Sixx replied.

"Oh?" Trina questioned.

"Indeed. After all, she foolishly scurried off without taking the used dishes with her." Sixx answered, with a gesture towards the empty cup of coffee from earlier sitting still on the table.

Trina smiled. "Ah yes. Very negligent indeed."

"Although," Sixx added, "As she saw fit to volunteer my reasons for asking you here without my consent, she may find tonight's punishment less to her liking than previous punishments."

Trina had a silent moment of pity for the maid, then turned her attention to the topic now at hand. "So. This cafe girl. Who is she?"

"A touch curious, are we? You don't need to worry about protecting me, Trina, I'm a big girl." Sixx smiled.

Trina feigned a sigh. "Yeah, you're plenty big alright. In the head. But let's get serious Michelle. Who is this girl I've never heard of that you want to...  to what exactly?"

"Like I said, her name is Laura DeSilva." Sixx replied, "I met her a few months ago at the Wrightway Rightaway Cafe. We sorta hit it off after a few visits there and I gradually dropped a few hints about what sort of life I lead. Why my fashion choices are so... distinct. Where the money comes from."

"Burning questions, I'm sure." Trina responded, "And she seemed... receptive?"

"I believe so..." Sixx glanced down at her cup, "She's a touch shy and suddenly gets shy whenever I try to lure a few details about herself and her potential interests out.

Sixx suddenly lifted her green eyes to meet Trina's. "But they're there. I know they are. And so I thought I'd invite her over for dinner. Have Ginger serve us. Give a glimpse of what fantasy looks like when it's not just a fantasy."

The maid chose that moment to return to the table. "Oh it's a fantasy alright. Everything she could ever dream for and more. By the way, I could use a new toilet brush, Ma'am."

Sixx turned a seemingly annoyed look to her maid. "My, and thought we'd be afforded some privacy. Forget something, maid?"

"I know how quickly you tend to finish your coffee Madame, and I thought I'd make one last visit to the dining area here to ensure I... how shall I say... Come back in the morning to find a stained cup sitting out on the table as if that's entirely acceptable in a household with its own maid." Ginger said with a touch too much snark slipping into her tone.

Sixx raised a brow and resisted a smirk. "I see. Well. I guess there will be some additional training tonight after all. Care to join us, Trina?"

Trina faintly smiled. "Well I'm too tired to come up with an excuse on such short notice so I guess I'm in."

Sixx smiled in return. "I'm sure this comes as a great relief to my dear maid."

Ginger kept her smile hidden. "Mistress is correct. Your presence would make the situation... less painful."

Trina pushed her chair back and rose from her seat, coming over to stand before the maid. "And what makes you think it won't be more painful with me on hand?"

Ginger looked up at Trina, her stomach knotting with excitement.

"You're absolutely right, Madame Moriyama." Ginger's smile escaped her restraint, "I guess I'm really in for it."

Sixx smiled.
Collar6 Scrapped Light Novel
I found this poor attempt at what was going to be an illustrated story revolving around alternate versions of the Collar6 cast. I had forgotten all about it until I was searching for something else in my files and pulled this up. I don't remember it ever seeing the light of day anywhere so I thought I'd post it here and see what people think.
Collar6 #1059 Progression
Haven't posted one of these in a while. This is how my strips come together.
-Graphite pencils on regular paper
-Micron pens
-Photoshop flat colours
-Photoshop cel shading (primitive as hell method)


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WillKidnapforFood Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2018
thank you for the favourite! Coming from someone who's art I admire that means alot!
revbayes Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Been a fan for a while. Sad to see you scrapping C6, but I understand. 

Wish you would at least release a synopsis of what would have happened in the current arc if you had finished it...
Generalender15 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2018
Your drawings are beautiful and amazing!
LightsOfTheDeepSea Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Hi! Long time reader here, finally making my presence known. Love your work, for a number of reasons. Most notably because reading Collar 6 for the first time (about 5 or so years ago) played a part in both my acceptance of being a trans woman (specifically, it was the character of Alice, whose introduction and backstory had a rather big effect on me, what with her being the first positively portrayed trans character I'd ever seen anywhere), and in starting to properly explore and define my sexuality in regards to BDSM and other kinky stuff, by the means of extensive research and self-discovery.
Now, five years later, I'm on the crux of transition and know exactly what I'm looking for in a relationship. (Spoiler alert: a lot of it just happens to be very prevalent on your comic, which just makes me fall in love with Collar 6 all over again). Anyway, what I mean to say with all of this stuff: Thank you so much.

Also, good luck with your transition! May you be happy and satisfied with your life!
Fiona-Wallace Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018
This is the most wonderful comment I've ever received. I never imagined when I wrote Alice (who in retrospect was essentially my subconscious trying to get through to me) that the character would help anyone else. I'm further shocked to hear I was your first exposure to a positively portrayed trans character, although thinking back, I guess it wasn't a specifically great time for transfolk. But I'm starting to ramble. Thank you so much for this comment. It really does warm my heart and validate my efforts to know that my strip helped someone out <3

I'm so happy you were able to accept and take the steps to be your true self! I've been transitioning for a year now, and from my own experience, what you're about to undergo is nothing short of magical. (Assuming you haven't already started). Take pictures, record your feelings, because it's an amazing journey, and filled with personal discoveries~

Best wishes upon you, my friend! And once more, thank you <3
loopylara Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018
I'm so proud of ya progress ya taking with steps to be female and big hugs :)
Fiona-Wallace Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018
Thank you Lara! It's been a wonderful year and I expect more ahead! Big hugs to you also! <3
Bonro Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
what happened to the main page? It just redirects me to some adds.
Fiona-Wallace Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017 ?
It's working fine for me. Haven't had any complaints.
Undertook Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2017
Did you really need to change it? You've every right, of course, just didn't think that a screen-name needed to change too.
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