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Peach Girl

Full view please! ^w^

-----About the art:

Momo from the manga/anime series Peach Girl.

I just felt like drawing her in my own style, so I did ^^ (The lineart's straight from the pencil sketch by the way, so excuse the messiness XD) Her huge lips didn't come out so huge in my style XD XD Ah well.

Oh, and I think she only had this hairstyle for a small part of one episode in the anime *hasn't read the manga* but I really liked it >w<

OC is so much easier to use XD XD My trial ended, so I did the picture in one sitting, then copied a screenshot into Photoshop to save XD XD

Eh...I'm not very good at tanned skin either *shot* ><

-----A bit of rambling:

I wasn't going to be posting up any art lately because I had a challenge with :iconhayliliz: that either she took the pins out of her shoes ( they make an annoying clicky noise D': ) or I wouldn't show her my art. Then she said she wouldn't show me her art until I showed her mine. Which meant that until she took the pins out of her shoes, nobody was seeing any art.

But school's out, and to be honest, I'm just getting bored of it now. So I decided to be mature about it, and let it go. :3 Besides, I wasted all my stubborness with a little fight I had with my mum today. (It's all good now) XD XD And since I tried to be mature about that one, I thought, what the hell!


It's series like this that make me wonder about the fact that I have natural red hair. If I ever went to Japan would they think I was a playgirl who bleached it? XD XD I doubt it though, since bleached hair usually goes really blonde, right? And besides, I may as well be dead with my skin colour. XD

-----Technical stuffs:

Open Canvas 4.06 plus
Wacom Volito2 Tablet
Roughly 5 hours
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